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The point of SwipeHelper is to answer all questions you might have about Tinder and other online dating apps, and explain how they work behind the scenes.

Knowledge is power, and with the knowledge of how these apps really work, what their algorithms value, and what secret rules its users live by, you can give yourself an edge and get more matches!

Read or free guides, become a subscriber to get access to our ad-free premium section with more content and additional perks, or get expert help with your profile and messaging:

The Levels of Swipehelper Care

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SwipeHelper Basic


The original SwipeHeler site, containing all of the basic guides you need to understand Tinder and other dating apps. There’s tons of good advice here, and the only real downside is the ads, which in turn are necessary to keep the lights on, assuming people prefer reading this content for free.

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SwipeHelper Insiders

All the content from SwipeHelper, minus the ads and much of the trackers, plus:

  • members-only premium content; advanced guides and nifty extras
  • 20-50% member discounts on our and our partners’ offered services and products
  • members-only help forums with guaranteed responses from SwipeHelper (as opposed to Reddit)
  • Dark Mode, and more…


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SwipeHelper Profile Review

Get your Tinder profile reviewed and optimized by SwipeHelper!


Endless Options Tinder Coaching

Endless Options provides various levels of Tinder coaching, from free advice, to profile and texting coaching and support, to a completely hands-off experience.

Why not start with their free advice for first messages, see if that’s working out for you, and then discuss how else they can help?

Endless options has my fullest confidence and I believe you’re in good hands with them.


Full Service Dating Coaching

If you can’t make any headway on your own, if you need some assistance along the way, or even if you’d simply like to hand the whole cumbersome procedure before getting to the the date over to professionals: We’ve got you covered and we’ll work out the plan and level of involvement best suited for you together.

The only thing we can’t do for you is to go on the actual dates. Of course we could, but you wouldn’t want to pay us for that. Right? Right.

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Announcement: Introducing the SwipeHelper Insiders Affiliate Program

The SwipeHelper Affiliate program lets both SwipeHelper Insiders and pure affiliates share in the profits Swipehelper generates by recommending the its subscriptions, services and products to others. New Insiders are signed up automatically, while existing Insiders...

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Before the grand opening of your Tinder account, you might want to already prepare one or two prompt answers to show in your profile. (See UTG pt 2.) To help you with that, I've already looked through all the possible prompts Tinder will present you...