Whether you’re new to Tinder and not happy with your results so far, or a “veteran” seeing your match rate drop further and further recently, one question about Tinder is probably asked more than any other:

Why am I not getting any (or such few) Tinder matches?

There’s a myriad of possible reasons (and combinations of reasons) for not getting as many matches as you would like, one of them being as simple as misguided expectations. The following usual suspects should help narrow it down and offer the opportunity of making some changes to get more matches in the future, or being more content with your number of Tinder matches.

1. You might be a man (and not a combination of billionaire playboy and supermodel.)

This is obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that men do much worse on Tinder than women. A problem that has been endemic to online dating since the dawn of time, but has been exacerbated on Tinder and other similar swipe-style apps over the recent years. Here’s a breakdown of the root cause: The Vicious Circle of Tinder.

If you’re curious how big the difference between male and female matches on Tinder is, you may be interested in this piece of “research”. You might feel a lot better about your own number of matches after reading it.

2. You might not be following the 5 basic technical rules of Tinder and ruining your chances.

There’s a set of rules to using Tinder effectively, but unfortunately they don’t come with the app. Instead, you have to figure them out as you go along, or read guides like this one.

These include swiping right on everyone, swiping too much, too fast in general, being age-inappropriate, and many more. For the short list of technical rules, see this post.

And why all of this? Basically Tinder’s algorithm rewards some behaviors and punishes others. Partially to try to weed out bad behavior, partially to weed out bots. Of course there’s much more to it, but that would break the scope of this short overview. Feel free to browse the guides on this site. I think you’ll find all the information you need.

If you’re getting 0 (literally zero, in the literal meaning of the adverb “literally”) matches, you may have already bricked your account by getting shadowbanned for violating these rules. See here for how to reset your account properly to start over with a clean slate.

3. Your pictures might suck.

Of course there’s also the unofficial first two rules of Tinder, which are “be attractive” and “don’t be unattractive”, but you don’t need me to tell you that attractive people get more matches. You might need me to tell you that attractiveness is not all about your looks and that presentation can make a huge difference.

See this guide for a complete, gender-separated list of ground rules for Tinder profile pictures, as well as tips on how to get better pictures.

You may also get your profile reviewed by strangers on the internet, such as the subreddit community of r/swipehelper.

4. Tinder is not really free anymore (except for women.)

Assuming your account isn’t shadowbanned and you’re getting some matches here and there, even if it’s just bots and hookers, the problem might simply be that you’re not paying for platinum.

Yes I know it sucks, but being cynical about it alone simply doesn’t solve the problem. We live in a cynical world, and just like so many “free” offers, there’s a catch to the free version. In this case it’s that due to all the visibility enhancing premium features that have been introduced to Tinder over the years, free users have been edged out more and more, to the point where not paying for a Platinum account means regular guys will have a hard time getting any good matches at all.

If you’re a returning SwipeHelper reader, you already know I’m not a fan of the Match Group (Tinder’s owners) and their business practices, but the simple matter of the fact is that if your account works normally, a platinum subscription will significantly enhance your match rate and quality.

5. Tinder might simply not be for you.

It takes a certain amount of effort to create a really good Tinder profile. It takes a certain quality of pictures to attract interested matches. It takes certain very specific social skills that differ from real life conversation skills to maintain someone’s interest when they’re being figuratively inundated with hundreds of daily matches and messages.

These are all skills you can work on, though some of the requirements, like high quality pictures and premium subscriptions also require a certain budget.

But the question is if working hard on improving these factors is worth it for you, because it’s just a fact that some or all of these things are much more difficult for some people than others. Especially if you have an online dating handicap, so to speak. That is, a feature, condition, or characteristic that makes it harder to connect with people if the medium for making those connections is absolutely and completely superficial.

So if you’ve given it a good shot, read all the guides (on here), applied what you learned, and it’s just not working out – then try out other platforms, or try “real life dating” as opposed to online.

See: The Ultimate Guide to Tinder series

Bars are the Tinder of the real world, better suited to some people’s social talents, certainly less manipulated in terms of who even gets to see you, and arguably cheaper than paying for boosts all the time.

Special interest groups and clubs remain some of the best places to meet like-minded people and form attachments from which fulfilling relationships may evolve. A caveat to this is that you shouldn’t join these groups with the sole intent of finding someone to mate with, as that will be painfully obvious to everyone and you’ll just come off as a creep. You should join because you want to share in your hobby and make some new friends, potentially meeting someone special.


Whatever you do, don’t let a lack of Tinder matches get you down. You’re definitely not alone. I do hope you found some good information here that will improve your experience.