1. The Ultimate 2021 SH Guide To Tinder – Part 0: Super Basics
  2. The Ultimate 2021 SH Guide To Tinder – Part 1: Understanding Tinder
  3. The Ultimate 2021 SH Guide To Tinder – Part 2: Preparations
  4. The Ultimate 2021 SH Guide To Tinder – Part 3: Considerations
  5. The Ultimate 2021 SH Guide To Tinder – Part 4: Profile Creation
  6. The Ultimate 2021 SH Guide To Tinder – Part 5: Settings
  7. The Ultimate 2021 SH Guide To Tinder – Part 6: Swiping & Behavior
  8. The Ultimate 2021 SH Guide To Tinder – Part 7: Messaging & Beyond

Assuming you’ve made the recommended preparations in Part 2, this stage of your Tinder journey should be trivial. I would still recommend reading through everything before starting the signup process, so you can be as quick as possible about it and not waste valuable noob boost time.

Setting up Your Tinder Profile

Downloading the app and following the on-screen instructions to create your Tinder account is so simple and basic, I will not insult your intelligence by describing the process step by step.

Just in case you were curious: You can change both your gender and the sex you’re looking for later on, for whatever reason. You’re stuck with your age and name, though.

Photos, Loops, and Prompts

As for creating your profile, simply add the images and video clips you’ve prepared to their respective slots by tapping those slots and uploading them from your gallery.

The sign up process changes constantly. Currently you have to add a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 6 pictures from your gallery as part of the process, before you’re allowed to edit your profile for real and get the option of filling 9 slots with pictures, videos, and prompts.

To make the process just a bit more annoying, you won’t be able to choose a folder in your gallery, or a different gallery app than your factory-standard one, it just defaults to the main camera reel and doesn’t let you switch. So maybe just choose two random pictures now and then quickly change them to your prepared ones as soon as you have access to your full profile.

As of 2020-12-30 and Tinder version 11.30.1, the current, (yet again) new implementation of the profile photos picker seems to be slightly broken on android, as it refuses to upload any selected pictures from any other gallery apps than google photos. Prompts and even videos (“loops”) work though. So to be safe you may want to strike the above for the moment and add all your prepared pictures to your google photos if possible.

Smart Photos

Ever since this feature came along, people have been wondering what, if anything, it actually does. For a long time, it was clearly completely broken. Now, years after its introduction, I can say with relative confidence that it has absolutely no discernible beneficial effect on at least my own profile.

The way it is supposed to work, is to show each of your pictures to potential matches individually, measure how often they receive right or left swipes, and then use your most attractive picture as your main. Now even if it did work, I would prefer to set the order of my pictures myself. Also because the order is important for context, and my third picture wouldn’t make sense as my first, even if it does get slightly more right swipes when presented individually without context.

Anywhoo, I have never noticed an increase in likes with Smart Photos enabled, but feel free to experiment. It doesn’t seem to hurt either (apart from wasting your limited likes on other people’s test mode pictures).

Bio / “About You”

Insert the prepared bio, or whip one up on the fly. See Part 2 for tips.


Depending on the current version’s sign up process, you probably already picked these. If not, you can now choose your five favorite activities or interests from a prepared selection. This appears to have replaced the shared Facebook likes from previous Tinder versions.

Job Title, Company, School

Depending on how comfortable you are with sharing personal information with everyone on Tinder, you have the option of declaring these details. Personally, I’ve always left it at the job title, and I’ve never come across anyone who would swipe left on a card because it doesn’t list the person’s company or alma mater. These are completely optional, but the job title may help as a lack of one is automatically suspicious and unemployment is just not sexy (unless you’re a student).

“Living In”

If you really want to, you can tell people what city you live in, but nobody you would want as a match will judge you if you don’t feel comfortable disclosing that information. Of course it can be helpful, for example if your commute is long and you want people near your work to know you don’t actually live there. Just keep in mind that once you provide your first name, job title, company, school, and city, it becomes extremely easy for someone determined to track down your full name and home address. That’s just not something I’m personally comfortable with, and something I feel you should give some thought to.

Connect Instagram

If you already have an Instagram account, and you’re proud of your submissions, connecting it to Tinder can be a great way of adding some more personality to your profile. I wouldn’t start one just for Tinder, as it’s not that much of a boon, but connecting an existing one definitely doesn’t hurt your chances. The only thing you should be aware of is that once connected, it will be another thing by which Tinder can identify you, so you won’t be able to add it again to a future account if you choose to reset later. See the Reset chapter later on, or our proper reset guide for more information.

Connect Spotify, “Choose your Anthem”

You can choose any Spotify track as your “anthem” for Tinder, with or without connecting your own Spotify account. An “anthem” is simply a 15 second long part of the song you selected that will be played for visitors of your profile when they tap the anthem button. Unfortunately, you do not get to choose which part of the song is played.

Similarly to connecting your Insta account, you can add yet another layer of personality marinade to your profile by connecting it to Spotify, if you’re not ashamed of your “top artists”, that is. Also similarly to the above, this makes resetting later harder.

“I am Man/Woman/More, looking for…”

I am Man and my name Tarzan.

As mentioned earlier, you can change your gender, sexual orientation and the sex you’re interested in whenever you want. The “looking for” part is actually in the Settings, not Edit Profile section, but I’m grouping these anyway as there isn’t much more to say about it.

“Control your Profile”

As a Tinder Plus member, you get the option of hiding your age and/or your distance to the viewer.

Both of these options are shady as hell, but the age is more noticeable and there is no scenario in which hiding it will be beneficial to your match rate. I could see fooling some people while using Passport (Swiping in a different location, also a Plus feature) into not noticing you’re actually 10k miles away, but that just leads to sticky situations later on, so what would be the point. I’d never use either of these.


And that concludes profile creation. Stay tuned for Settings Tips and beyond.