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While preparing your pictures and bio, armed with the knowledge of how Tinder works behind the scenes, you might already want to familiarize yourself with Tinder’s premium options and decide whether or not, or what tier may be appropriate and/or beneficial to you.

Premium Considerations

For a complete run-down of the features of each of the premium tiers, please follow the link to that tier’s own SwipeHelper guide posted at the beginning of each section below. For the sake of efficiency, I will only highlight what I believe to be the key features of each of the tiers and whether or in which situations I would recommend considering paying the subscription fee.

Tinder Plus

[Complete Overview]

The original premium Tinder subscription, Plus comes packed with a lot of quality of life features that – even though you might argue may as well have been part of the basic Tinder experience if not for the desire to sell a premium version – can certainly be useful, some might even say essential.

Without Tinder Plus, you are limited to 100 likes per day, for example, and you can’t take back an accidental swipe in the wrong direction. As such, Unlimited likes and “Rewind” alone are reason enough for me to always pick up Tinder Plus.

Other features include the ability to pretend you’re swiping from somewhere else than you really are, for example to prepare for a trip(but not really, because they still see the real distance between your profiles), to fine tune who can see your profile (“Only people I’ve liked”), or getting rid of ads.

Though not all the features are useful (“Sort by recently active”), Plus brings enough to the table to make me shun the free experience. If you don’t care about mis-swipes and ads, and don’t mind the 100 right swipe limit per day, you may do well sticking to the free version though, because rumor has it that once you show Tinder you’re willing to pay, they lower your visibility to entice you to pay for things like boosts. Something to consider.

Tinder Gold

[Complete Overview]

If you’ve been following SwipeHelper, it will come as no surprise that I’m not a big fan of Tinder Gold, and not only because everyone’s visibility took another suspicious hit shortly before Gold was announced, (allegedly). I simply don’t think its features are worth paying for, but you can make up your own mind about that.

Those features: “See who likes me” and “Top Picks”, on top of all the Plus features.

Basically, you get access to a separate tab, where you can see and directly swipe on users who have already liked your profile. To me, this takes the fun and surprise out of swiping, and whether or not someone already liked me doesn’t influence my decision of whether or not I like them. Many users like this feature though, so it depends on your preferences and whether it’s worth the price to you.

Top Picks on the other hand shouldn’t find many defenders. Its purpose is to show you users you should theoretically like based on your previous swiping. Users who fit your type taste. What it does is demonstrate how spectacularly bad AI still is at this and allow some insight into how well Tinder’s new type based algorithm may be working for its users.

So, recommended if you really want to know who already liked you and are willing to pay for it, otherwise I’d stick with Plus.

Tinder Platinum

[Complete Overview]

Though Tinder’s marketing department would never phrase it in such a way, Tinder Platinum’s primary draw is restoring the amount of likes and matches you get to a semblance of what we were used to before they started monetizing and selling visibility boosters left and right. Only this time it’s not the free basic Tinder of 2014, but a $18-$36 monthly subscription, depending on your age.

How? By simply placing your profile card in front of non-platinum members in users’ decks. You can imagine what this does to the visibility of free, or even lower tier paying customers.

There’s also the option of attaching a message to your super likes, but I don’t think anyone is paying just for that.

Tinder Platinum is also not yet fully rolled out, not available to everyone, and seems to come with a lot of bugs, including randomly vanishing from the user’s app, going back to Gold features for example.

Recommendation: Give it a try if you get the option and don’t care about money, but don’t expect a smooth experience.


The thing about Boosts is that they do tend to work, but with diminishing returns. They also seem to be designed to be addictive. I, and other users have noted, for example, that after using the free boost included in premium subscriptions, normal daily likes received tend to plummet. It would appear that once you’ve shown Tinder you’re willing to pay for matches, and once they’ve demonstrated the effectiveness of boosts, they try to hook you by only letting you have matches if you pay for them from now on. A little bit like an online casino that lets you win at first, but only at first. Or a drug dealer, giving you your first hit for free.

On the other hand, many users swear by their effectiveness.

My advice would be to try getting by without them, not even using the free one, unless you’re comfortable with paying for more every time you’d like to get some matches.


So much for Premium considerations. I hope I could help you with your decision. Once everything is ready for your profile, move on to Part 4: Profile Creation