The SwipeHelper Affiliate program lets both SwipeHelper Insiders and pure affiliates share in the profits Swipehelper generates by recommending the its subscriptions, services and products to others.

New Insiders are signed up automatically, while existing Insiders and outside Affiliates may sign up here.

Profit Share

Unless Otherwise agreed upon, affiliates may earn the following commissions:

  • 33% on subscriptions
  • 20% on recurring subscriptions (that is, 33% for the first, then 20% for each recurring payment)
  • 10% on products and services* (*Some products may have higher rates, or be excluded from the program).


  • There is a minimum $10 payout threshold, to reduce the impact of payment fees.
  • Affiliates are credited for a sale if the customer purchases something within 30 days of using the affiliate’s link, and hasn’t clicked a different affiliate link since then.
  • Commissions for cancelled orders are revoked.
  • Payments are held for45 days after a commission was credited to allow for any cancelled or refunded orders to be subtracted from the total.

Special Deals

Do you run a very popular website/IG/whatever and think you can make more than 100 affiliate sales a month?

Contact us and we’ll see about working out a special deal involving higher commissions and/or discount coupons for your followers.