The turn of the year has been a very busy period for SwipeHelper and I’m proud to announce both my first eBook, and the SwipeHelper Insiders membership model!

“The Ultimate SH Guide to Tinder” eBook

“The Ultimate SH Guide to Tinder – 2021 Edition” represents SwipeHelper’s complete knowledge and advice, condensed to an easy to understand, step by step guide to being as successful as possible on Tinder, right from the very start.

The first few chapters are available for free in the post series of the same name, and the entire series is available to SwipeHelper Insiders, who also get a discount on the eBook. More on that later.

Theoretically, you can read all the freely available material on and get the same depth of information, allowing you to form the same conclusions and derive the same strategies outlined in the book. So why should you read it anyway?

IF you want to improve your Tinder results and don’t know how to go about it, OR if you’re completely new to Tinder or online dating in general, AND IF you are looking for at least some kind of connection with your matches, then I honestly believe my book represents the best guide towards a better online dating experience. You will get all the information you need about how Tinder works and what rules you need to follow, without going into too much complex detail (which you still can access if you want to dive deep). You will also get guidance on profile creation, messaging and on-app behavior.

Basically, it’s the most help I can provide without individual coaching (coming soon).


Currently, the book is available on either SwipeHelper’s own shop in the open ePub format, or on Amazon for their Kindle.

SwipeHelper Shop Amazon (Affiliate Link)

SwipeHelper Insiders

Writing a popular blog and keeping at it presents a writer with one dilemma in particular: How can I invest enough time into coming up with and writing original and relevant content while also working full time, or how can I earn enough from my blog to scale back the day job to a level where I have enough time to write, but without impacting user experience negatively?

The easy choices for monetizing a blog basically come down to display- or affiliate advertizing.

Display advertizing is what everyone, myself included, hates, which is why ad blockers gain more and more popularity, which in turn lowers income from display advertizing.

Affiliate advertizing is when bloggers get paid for sending a business (often Amazon) customers, which more often than not leads to subpar content that is tailored around keywords instead of around information and only exists to promote a product so the writer can earn commissions on it. See also: 90% of comparison posts and reviews, where I would be shocked to learn the blogger actually held the product in their hands at one point.

So if ads=bad, how should bloggers be compensated for their effort, allowing them to put more time and effort into their writing in the future? The only other solution I could come up with is the good old subscription model.

If people don’t like ads and block them, but would mostly agree that whoever wrote the guides they found useful should not have to work for free, then the logical conclusion must be that people want to pay to read content. So, with no further ado, I present to you by popular demand:

The Subscription Model of SwipeHelper Insiders

What you get for a modest fee is a completely ad free experience, which also means faster load times, and no google analytics trackers.

Additionally, as a thank you, Annual and Lifetime Insiders get discounts on all SwipeHelper products and services, as well as dark mode, which turns out to be a lot more work to make look non-shitty than you would think.

For a limited time, SwipeHelper Insiders will be available at reduced rates as part of its Early Access model, while I am still fine-tuning and adding content and features.

Fore more- and up to date details: