Last updated on 2020-12-30

As discovered by a user of SwipeHelper’s very own subreddit, Tinder appears to be working on a new subscription tier above Tinder Gold, dubbed “Tinder Platinum – A first-class dating experience”.

Update: Tinder have since made Tinder Platinum Official.

According to the user, they created a new account in the web version of Tinder using an incognito tab and (accidentally) denied supplying location information. When they opened the account page, they were presented with this new offer, but were unable to actually purchase such a subscription, triggering an error upon the attempt.

It stands to reason that this new ultra mega premium Tinder is not a renamed version of the upcoming “Tinder Concierge“, as said announced but not yet released service looks to be a one time fee deal with a very different (assumed) offering.

And the offer in question?

Tinder Platinum – The New Premium Premium Premium Tinder

Tinder Platinum offer screenshot taken by Reddit User u/El_Goat

(Probable) Features

  • All of Tinder Gold’s features, plus:
  • “Message before Matching”, i.e. the Ability to attach a message to super likes. This one is actually a bit annoying, as I had planned a similar feature for my super secret, still under development, massively superior online dating app, and now people will think I got the idea from Tinder. I should probably run a bug sweep of my apartment and finally move away from Android to be safe, as there is literally no conceivable way they could have come up with this on their own, separate from my idea (/s, kinda).
  • Prioritized Likes. A.k.a. a built in permanent boost, the magnitude of which is yet to be determined, a.k.a. “Pay to win, not even thinly veiled anymore”.
  • See who likes you… … …wait, what? Déjà vu. This is Tinder Gold’s original feature, i.e. the only feature Tinder Gold launched with. Are they moving it up a tier? Because I don’t see a difference to the Tinder Gold version of the feature. Unless they actually mean either:
    • The Platinum version will automatically match anyone who likes you (which is terrible but fits the description)
    • The gold version will no longer offer the “Likes me” window which will now be reserved for Tinder Platinum, and instead only show you if a user already liked you while you swipe, perhaps with a gold heart attached to their card. (See the different wording in the below screenshot).

Update: It would seem “See who likes you” will remain a Gold feature and Platinum offers only the first two listed features above Gold.

  • Update: As teased during the Q2 2020 earnings call with investors, Platinum is supposed to offer more than the currently leaked features, though no specifics have been named.

(Probable) Price

As per the above screenshot, the price is currently set at £14.32 per single month for British users, and $17.99 for American users. Note that this will vary depending on your age and location. Some users have to pay ~$30 a month for Tinder Gold at the moment.

(Estimated) Release Date

There are currently no estimates. Tinder may already be testing the feature secretly, or just playing with the idea. They may also be primed to launch and counting on bloggers like me to start a free viral advertizing campaign first by picking up on this “accidental” leak and reporting on it.

It seems relatively certain that they will roll out Tinder Platinum sooner or later, as unintentionally letting users see the offer page would indicate they are relatively far along in at least the concept, if not development phase, but estimating a precise date would be futile at this time.

Based on absolutely nothing concrete, my gut feeling is that we will see Tinder Platinum sometime later this year, though the current situation may delay a release to a more opportune moment.

Update: Tinder have listed Platinum as an official Premium Tier, but not all users have been presented with the option to subscribe yet. There has not been any real announcement or press release either.

Update 2020-12-30: Tinder Platinum is widely available to US users, but not consistently everyone and not world wide. It also seems rather buggy at the moment.

(Probable) Release Locations

As mentioned earlier, users who try to purchase Tinder Platinum at the moment are presented with a location error. One user however has gone above and beyond and experimented with different zip codes, some of which did not present this error. The following locations, among others, therefore seem likely as testing locations for Tinder Platinum:

  • Arlington, VA
  • Boston
  • New York City
  • San Francisco

How to trigger the Tinder Platinum offer

Trust but verify, you say? Here’s how you can see for yourself:

  1. Using Chrome’s incognito mode (With Firefox it didn’t work for me), go to
  2. If possible, already deny location information to the Tinder website at this point.
  3. Create a new account. If you already have an account and don’t want to risk getting shadowbanned, you may want to reconsider, or be extra careful to not link the two accounts in any way (for example same IP).
  4. Deny location information if you haven’t already. Ignore the browser popup.
  5. Go to your profile.
  6. You should see Tinder Platinum above Tinder Gold now.
  7. Profit.

Tinder Platinum – Preliminary Review

As of the end of 2020, Tinder Platinum still hasn’t really launched and while the offer seems to be available to many US customers, it does not appear consistently to everyone and is not available world wide.

User reports on the effectiveness of the features vary. To some, it restores the visibility / match rate they were used to years ago in the free version, before Tinder started monetizing (before the match group took over). To others, it seems to make hardly any difference.

Many users are complaining about bugs, including the paid for subscription basically vanishing from their app. There are also conflicting reports on the price / payment structure, as for some people, the already paid for Gold or Plus subscription is not being subtracted from the upgrade price.

Recommendation: Hold off, unless you don’t care about the money and want to give it a try.


I hope you found this post helpful. Do you have something to add? Have you also come across this offer, in a different location perhaps? Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. See you there ?