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If you have been using Tinder since before Tinder Plus was introduced, you will remember the glory days of Tinder companion apps.

There were location-spoofers, auto-swipers, auto-messengers, and everything else needed to make your online dating life easier and more efficient by only spending time on people you already matched with and who already responded to your automated first message.

Maybe you were like me and never really wanted to take shortcuts, preferring to keep complete control. Maybe you were an avid user and heavily disappointed when all of those apps stopped working with the introduction of Tinder Plus and a restrictive change to Tinder’s API.

Well if you’re in the latter group, it’s time to rejoice! There are cracks in Tinder’s +10 monopoly armor and clever individuals have been able to breathe new life into old tricks, bestowing upon us a new generation of auto-likers.

One such companion app, and probably (one of) the most advanced of which is Swiperino. Combining all the popular features of extensions of old, and packing them in a sleek, modern design is impressive, but best of all: It works.

Important: Keep in mind using such bots is against Tinder’s Terms and could get your account banned.

Swiperino Features

At the time of writing, Swiperino exists as a chrome extension for Desktop, and therefore has to be used with Tinder’s web version. There is a workaround for Android, allowing you to use it on your phone. An iOS app is coming soon.

Tinder’s web UI, with the Swiperino panel to the right.

As you can see, Swiperino comes with quite a few features, so let’s get started with the most important one:


The app’s main feature is of course its customizable auto-liker. Just choose the time interval between likes and the right swipe quota, and lean back (or do something productive with the time you’re saving). Actually, you might not want to watch at all (see “Drawbacks” further down).

Swiperino will randomly like and dislike profiles, according to your settings, and every once in a while take a short consideration break of a few seconds to appear less robotic to Tinder.

Recommended Settings

Speed: Go with what feels natural to you. Too short of an interval may seem suspicious, so I chose over a second.

Right Swipe Percentage: In order to maximize your matches your instinct is gonna be to set it to 100% right swipes. Well, don’t. Swiping right indiscriminately is behavior Tinder’s Algorithm really doesn’t like and your score will be lowered to the point where your profile will be shown to hardly anyone as a result.

I’d recommend a maximum of 70%.


To further increase your chances of evading the ever watchful eye of Tinder, you can set multiple routines for different days, giving Swiperino time frames during which to swipe (as opposed to 24/7 or manual control).


Once those matches start rolling in (assuming you’re following the first two rules of Tinder), you might want to further optimize efficiency by not spending any time on writing first messages to people who may or may not be interested enough to respond.

In this case, Swiperino has you covered as well.

It will automatically send a customizable first message to any match you get while the auto-swiper is running.

Location Spoofer

This one is a bit tougher to evaluate. On the one hand, it works. You can choose any location you like and Tinder will think that’s where you are, just like Tinder Passport, a feature of Tinder Plus. Well, a little less convenient in handling, but with the same result.

On the other, if you’re using an auto-liker, you probably already have Tinder Plus, as it wouldn’t make much sense to use one with the 100 like limit of basic free Tinder. In which case, Tinder Passport is more convenient and much less risky to use.

But maybe you want to use Swiperino just for this feature, and why not, it’s free after all. In which case I’ll shut up about what I think you may or may not want (take a hint, google) and instead just tell you how this feature works:

Simply hit the “Set Custom Location” button and enter your desired coordinates. Not so simply first find the desired coordinates by opening google maps, clicking on your desired location, and copy pasting those coordinates into the Swiperino Custom Geolocation window.

If there is a way to simply click on the map to select a location, I haven’t found it. But fine, it works. Just be aware that you need to enter the coordinates in decimal form, as you’ll get questionable results otherwise.

Only numbers are understood.

Another thing to keep in mind – and Swiperino warns you about that as well – is to not skip around the globe too much, or your Tinder account may stop functioning, i.e. you might get banned as a bot or exploiter.

This happens automatically and relatively quickly. In my case, after three jumps in 10 minutes.

Swiperino Pricing

Swiperino comes in a free version which includes all features, but has a 200 auto-swipe daily limit. The paid version lifts that limit for $3.75 a month (with annual billing. $5 with monthly billing).

Not too bad compared to Tinder’s $10 to $30 per month, but it is in addition to that, assuming you want to make use of the limitless swiping.

Drawbacks and Risks of Using Auto-Likers Such as Swiperino (Opinion)

Personally, I would not use any apps like Swiperino, but that has nothing at all to do with the functionality of the app, which works beautifully. It’s all about mentality.

You see, I don’t want to miss a great match because she fell through the cracks of the auto-liker, or rather auto-noper, as it were.


You may call it FOMO, you may call me a hopeless romantic, but while using Tinder (and online dating in general) my goal has always been to find “the one”. (Success :-))

The thought of missing out on what could have been would never let me leave the decision of whom to like or nope to random chance. I need to keep control of the situation.

The other thing is that swiping on Tinder has always been a fun pastime to me, so I never felt the need to automate the whole process before messaging away.

If your goals are very different and Tinder is a number’s game to you, then of course this doesn’t matter in the slightest and is not a relevant concern.

Finally, there is the risk of your account getting banned because Tinder might recognize you as a bot, or as using software violating their Terms of Service, section 6.


If your goal on Tinder is to get as many matches with as little effort as possible, effectively automating all steps before receiving a reply to your first message, and if you’re neither worried about missing out on anyone the program decided to nope, nor about getting banned by Tinder for violating their TOS (keeping in mind resetting your account successfully may not be possible, or only with huge caveats), then Swiperino is the Tinder Companion App for you!

It does all it sets out to do, and does it well while looking dapper. Give it a try.