Seeing as Tinder Gold is its own subscription tier above Tinder Plus, and comes at an extra cost, we will only be looking at those extra features to determine whether or not Tinder Gold is worth the money.

Tinder Gold Cost

  • $15 per month ($5 on top of a Plus subscription) if you’re under 30
  • $30 per month ($10 on top of a Plus subscription) if you’re 30+ years old

Tinder Gold Features

Currently, a Tinder Gold membership buys you access to:

“Likes You”


somebody-new-likes-you-tinder-notification With the introduction of Tinder Gold, came a new button enticing you with the number of people who have already liked you and whom you have supposedly not seen yet. What this little golden-hearted button does, is pretty much what we would expect from it. It takes us to a new tab of the app, where all the users that have already liked you are displayed in a grid view. You can then like or dislike those people directly from that screen, or delve into their profiles. Only, is this something worth paying for?


Even before Tinder Gold, I have never quite understood the great popularity of the (then free) apps and tricks that would tell you who liked you in advance. Why would I need to know, let alone go through any effort to find out? Tinder already puts the people who liked you at the top of your stack. Plus, getting a match “at random” and finding out somebody who’s mug you like also likes your mug was always half the fun of using Tinder to me.

In my opinion, it shouldn’t influence your swiping decision to know whether or not someone already liked you. Either you like them, or you don’t.

The one use case I can think of for this is to keep score of how many people liked you, either for testing purposes or to inflate your ego. Then again, people who egt a lot of likes don’t tend to be the people paying for Tinder.

It should also be noted that – as I’ve recently learned from my biggest experiment yetTinder Gold shows you profiles you already swiped left on! Provided they like you after you noped out on them, that is.

More on Tinder Gold from back when it released.

Top Picks


Released in September 2018, Top Picks is the second feature of Tinder Gold, alongside “Likes You”. Here is an in-depth review written by yours truly at the time. For the short version, read on.

What  Top Picks promises to do is to give you a curated selection of profiles, “picked just for you”, that are supposedly the needles in the haystack you were looking for. No need to spend valuable time swiping in your regular queue.

The way it works is you set the new slider atop your deck to the pick symbol, and just swipe directly in the grid of suggested matches. The keywords you will see on some of them are supposed to highlight a character trait of theirs so you’ll know they’re an “adventurer” without opening their profile. You can also buy more picks if the ten daily suggestions weren’t enough (lol).


She’s a “scholar” because she went to uni, I guess.

So how does Tinder know who is a great match for you? What is it all based on? Absolutely nothing, it seems. The profiles in that window appear to be on the more, or even most attractive side of what you would usually see, but otherwise quite random. And what about the traits/keywords?

Well… The above “scholar” was a little bit questionable, but have a look at this gem:


Lindsay here (let’s call her Lindsay) mentions in her bio that she is looking for someone to run errands with. I guess that affinity for running errands makes her an “Athlete”. Maybe it’s the epic gym shorts she’s wearing that are giving her +10 athleticism.

In actuality it appears Tinder are employing text recognition in conjunction with Amazon AWS image recognition and the new version of the Tinder algorithm to guess who your type is and whose type you are. Tinder Picks would work in the same fashion then, and serve as an example of how well this system works (lol).

You also don’t get a higher chance of matching with these people, nor free super likes to use on them, as you might think based on the little super like buttons on their thumbnails and an understandable confusion with the seemingly abandoned “Super Likeable” feature. And you can be damn sure you will not be one of their suggested “Top Picks”.

At least the highlighted keywords are comical in their origin.

So is Tinder Gold Worth it (yet)?

In my ever so humble opinion: No; absolutely, unequivocally not. Both extra features are questionable in their theoretical usefulness at best, and lackluster if not downright malicious in their execution.

  • You will not get more views or likes
  • You will not get better match suggestions (unless you count “Top Picks”)
  • You will see people you already swiped left on in your “likes me” list

If you want to know how many people liked you (people you haven’t deemed worthy of a right swipe yet, that is), be it for testing or ego-boosting reasons, and it’s worth the 5-10 bucks to you, then sure, go for it. Otherwise I see no reason to pay for Tinder gold.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Thoughts? Criticism? Praise? Something to add? Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. See you there 🙂

This post was first published on 2019-10-20 has been overhauled on 2020-03-12.