Tinder Gold Features Explained – Are they worth it?

Tinder Gold Features

This is in no way meant to endorse paying for Tinder Gold, nor is it meant to deter people from it. The aim is to explain the features, so you can make an informed decision on whether it seems worth the price to you personally.

Currently, a Tinder Gold membership buys you access to:

“Likes You”



The “x Likes” button does pretty much what you would expect. It takes you to another tab where all the people that have already liked you are listed.

This way you can make your swiping decision based on already knowing they are interested in you. Should this influence your decision? Is this feature therefore valuable to you? That’s for you to decide.

It should be noted that – as I’ve recently learned from my biggest experiment yetTinder Gold shows you profiles you already swiped left on! Provided they like you after you noped out on them, that is.


Top Picks

Released in September 2018, Top Picks is the second feature of Tinder Gold, alongside “Likes You”.

What it promises to do is give you a curated selection of profiles, “picked just for you”, that are supposedly the needles in the haystack you were looking for. No need to swipe your regular queue.

tinder-picks-sliderThe way it works is you set the new slider atop your deck to the pick symbol, and just swipe directly in the grid of suggested matches. The keywords you will see on some of them are supposed to highlight a character trait of theirs so you’ll know they’re an “adventurer” without opening their profile. You can also buy more picks if the nine daily suggestions weren’t enough (lol).

So how does Tinder know who is a great match for you? What is it all based on? Absolutely nothing, it seems. The profiles in that window appear quite random, and there’s no benefit whatsoever to swiping in “picks” rather than your normal queue. In my opinion.

In actuality it appears Tinder are employing text recognition in conjunction with Amazon AWS image recognition and the new version of the Tinder algorithm to guess who your type is and whose type you are. Tinder Picks would work in the same fashion then, and serve as an example of how well this system works (lol).

At least the highlighted keywords are comical in their origin.

For more a more in depth description and review, see the relevant post about Tinder Picks.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Thoughts? Criticism? Praise? Something to add? Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. See you there 🙂


  1. I was just wondering. Is does turning your discovery off & then back on push you to back of the card stack? Or do you appear right back where you originally were. Debating on whether or not it’s worth doing or if it’ll actually hurt me in the long run.

  2. I think the answer is no. Gold features will not solve the biggest Tinder’s problem: the users. Just take a look at the profiles or app store comments, most are complaining about getting no matches or matching people who don’t talk. We know there’s a high percent of guys/girls using Tinder just for ego or to increase Instagram followers, also the number of inactive user is increasing. I really don’t know why Tinder removed that “last viewed” feature, but for me, this could be the key to make Tinder “a better place”.

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