1. 3 questions: (resetting to avoid a shadow-ban)
    1) If I buy a new SIM card to get a new phone number, must I have this SIM card inserted in my phone at all times, or just insert it when Tinder wants to send SMS codes (initial login and future verification checks)
    2) Can we confirm IMEI is not being tracked?
    3) Is stripping EXIF data enough? Or we *need* new photos. Maybe different croppings and Instagram filters help?

  2. Needing advice for a reset on iOS. I think I’m shadow-banned, and probably because I stupidly had two accounts I switched between on the same phone (using different FB logins, same pictures and I *think* same phone number supplied to both). I can create a new account but ZERO matches. Assuming I’m shadow-banned how can I start a new account so Tinder doesn’t recognize me? Can I keep my same phone? I live in Ukraine, so getting a new SIM card is dirt cheap, but wouldn’t getting a new facebook account be easier? The steps in this guide don’t seem specific to shadow-banned users so I’m unsure how to proceed. Thank you for the amazing guide!

    • I think following the guide is your best bet. New FB alone doesn’t help because you still have to give them a phone number anyway.

  3. I got shadowbanned too, but I think I’ve fixed it, I got 8 likes for about 1 hour, so I think I’m fine now. These steps helped:
    1) I removed exif data from photos.
    2) Registered new google account.
    3) In google play store I downloaded tinder using new google account.
    4) Removed tinder app from facebook and signed out from it on my phone.
    5) Registered in tinder using new phone number.
    I can confirm that another device is not necessary for resetting tinder account. I tried another device and used new photos, but with the similar exif data and tinder somehow understood that I’m shadowbanned me again. After that I tried to register a new account on my laptop using private browsing in safati. I successfully registered it, got 2 likes and after that I signed up using my phone and likes disappeared and I got shadowbanned again. So tinder uses only google account/apple id, phone number, exif data and email and does not use emei, phone id or any other device’s id. I hope this info will be helpful. Have fun!

  4. so did a reset with a new number, goog play account and email.i linked old credit card to new google play? does this matter? i used the credit card on my old account but through Paypal. with new tidner i used it through google pay with the new google account.

  5. My matches seem to have completely dried up. I have had the same Tinder account for 4 years now, used to get loads of matches as a paid user especially and was always getting a nice steady feed. Now I barely get any matches with boosts and all the girls that I can see have liked me are all whales. There was a time I would use boost and get 30-40 matches, now I am lucky if I even get 1.

    What do you think I should do here? First try restart and see if I get matches again after an account refresh? Obviously I have some new photos so I would be hesitant to use these if we think Tinder is using our photos. If this doesn’t work my option is to delete the account, wait the 90+ days. In the meantime I have a spare phone I have access to.

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