1. Tinder noob boost is now gone.Tinder removed it because fake accounts abused the living shit out of it.Source: i was one of the million fake accounts.

  2. so I’ve reset a couple of times and I thought id share this to help others not fail the reset.(don’t make the mistake I did)

    new phone
    new sim/new number
    new email/new google play account
    new wifi(used phone data on new phone)
    used google play card for tinder purchase
    –and my reset still failed–

    and here’s why I think
    I screenshotted the photos I wanted to keep (to wipe the photo data so tinder would not track me) and use it on my new account.

    but I did not delete my old account before I uploaded new screenshots to my new account.

    so I think tinder must use location and match identical photos(around current location) even if IFXA data is wiped
    I think if I had deleted my old account first and waited a day or 2 this wouldn’t have happened.(just a theory)

    so my reset failed and I followed every step.
    I will not be using the same photos again and suggest other people do the same. Even if you really like the photo!!! just take new pics as painful as that can be to get one you like lol.

    I know my reset failed because I got about 15 matches that day.
    To give some context I’ve gotten about 100 matches with a propper reset in about 2 days(used boost both times at the same time 9pm).

    Hope this helps 🙂

  3. I did a reset a month or so back that hasn’t worked (I know why, too close to my last one and linking spotify) – the likes I’m getting are off people who are not even fit for my mate, and he’s got zero taste. I paid for a subscription this time to see the likes. Even changing my location to massive cities still results in dregs. I know there’s a penalty being applied…the question is, does this penalty lift after a period of time or am I heading for a clean reset again?

  4. If you use the same phone number and don’t get the noob boost, do you at least get a reset on potential views (people who swiped on you before can see you again, i.e., their account won’t have a history of you)?

  5. Yo man thanks for the great content!
    A question: if I wait for the 92 days since I deleted tinder and everything, and use the same apple id as well, will it remember me? You reported that Tinder should have “forgotten” your phone numnber and so on but not sure about the apple id.
    Also wondering since the subscription will run out a few days before the 92 days (checked on the subscription list in the apple id, you get a bit paranoid after reading of all the allegiations, wonder if it would affect the day count?). So probably the safest bet would be to change the apple ID as well I guess?
    Thanks in advance and keep up with the great work 🙂

  6. Tried absolutely everything except a new phone. So, I signed up through a new facebook, email and phone number, new apple ID, new photos, new bio, new date of birth. Also used mobile data instead of wifi. Yet it still shadowbanned me right away as I’m getting no matches. The only things I have left to test are all of the above but with a new phone, or wait the 3 month period. Has anyone took 3 months off and confirmed it works?

    • Update: tried all with new phone, seemed to be working ok for the first 2-3 days, was getting a couple of matches, nothing much though. The only thing that remained the same was my name, which surely they don’t track, but the only thing they then would have to track is facial recognition even though I used new photos. However since then they seem to have flicked a switch on me as I haven’t got a single like or match in over a week. Looks like the only thing left is the 3 month wait. Has anybody done this?

  7. Hey,
    Thanks for the article.

    How bad is the shadow-ban?
    I’ve been doing lots of resets and using 2 different Facebook accounts and some numbers in 2018. Recently I was using one Facebook with age 28 but since I couldn’t change age on my FB anymore.
    So I did an “unclean” reset to use my other FB (which had already been used) just to change my age to 26, paid for Tinder Plus and I got 9 matches ad 10+ likes (in Chengdu China which has very few users).
    But the problem is I’m still getting 0 likes and matches in some other cities/countries I started to swipe a few hours ago. Does it take time to reach to them, or is my score just crappy? Would it recover?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. You’re doing God’s work here. I’ve come back to this thread multiple times over the last couple years.

    1) You mentioned that Tinder might retain user data if you’ve been banned “with a notice.” I think I was banned but never received an official notice by email, nor was my Tinder Gold sub cancelled. I got a ‘303 Error’ which I gathered meant banned. In this case do you think they will they retain my data past 3 months?

    2) I’m on Android. Will I need to use a new Google Play account, temporarily or permanently, even with a new Facebook and phone number if I don’t plan to restore any purchases?

    3) Can I buy boosts in the future with the same credit card information whether with the same or a new Google Play account?

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi

      1) At least as far as their policy goes, they can only keep the data after an official ban, or if law enforcement is interested in you.

      2) If you had a subscription in the past, yes, as the app will try to restore any on its own.

      3) Theoretically yes, but with a new play account.

  9. I believe it is Google. New phone. New email. New phone number. New FB.
    Sim that never used for Tinder. It didn’t work again.
    Does anyone want to try exchange account? contact me.

  10. 3 questions: (resetting to avoid a shadow-ban)
    1) If I buy a new SIM card to get a new phone number, must I have this SIM card inserted in my phone at all times, or just insert it when Tinder wants to send SMS codes (initial login and future verification checks)
    2) Can we confirm IMEI is not being tracked?
    3) Is stripping EXIF data enough? Or we *need* new photos. Maybe different croppings and Instagram filters help?

  11. Needing advice for a reset on iOS. I think I’m shadow-banned, and probably because I stupidly had two accounts I switched between on the same phone (using different FB logins, same pictures and I *think* same phone number supplied to both). I can create a new account but ZERO matches. Assuming I’m shadow-banned how can I start a new account so Tinder doesn’t recognize me? Can I keep my same phone? I live in Ukraine, so getting a new SIM card is dirt cheap, but wouldn’t getting a new facebook account be easier? The steps in this guide don’t seem specific to shadow-banned users so I’m unsure how to proceed. Thank you for the amazing guide!

    • I think following the guide is your best bet. New FB alone doesn’t help because you still have to give them a phone number anyway.

  12. I got shadowbanned too, but I think I’ve fixed it, I got 8 likes for about 1 hour, so I think I’m fine now. These steps helped:
    1) I removed exif data from photos.
    2) Registered new google account.
    3) In google play store I downloaded tinder using new google account.
    4) Removed tinder app from facebook and signed out from it on my phone.
    5) Registered in tinder using new phone number.
    I can confirm that another device is not necessary for resetting tinder account. I tried another device and used new photos, but with the similar exif data and tinder somehow understood that I’m shadowbanned me again. After that I tried to register a new account on my laptop using private browsing in safati. I successfully registered it, got 2 likes and after that I signed up using my phone and likes disappeared and I got shadowbanned again. So tinder uses only google account/apple id, phone number, exif data and email and does not use emei, phone id or any other device’s id. I hope this info will be helpful. Have fun!

  13. so did a reset with a new number, goog play account and email.i linked old credit card to new google play? does this matter? i used the credit card on my old account but through Paypal. with new tidner i used it through google pay with the new google account.

  14. My matches seem to have completely dried up. I have had the same Tinder account for 4 years now, used to get loads of matches as a paid user especially and was always getting a nice steady feed. Now I barely get any matches with boosts and all the girls that I can see have liked me are all whales. There was a time I would use boost and get 30-40 matches, now I am lucky if I even get 1.

    What do you think I should do here? First try restart and see if I get matches again after an account refresh? Obviously I have some new photos so I would be hesitant to use these if we think Tinder is using our photos. If this doesn’t work my option is to delete the account, wait the 90+ days. In the meantime I have a spare phone I have access to.

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