1. Hey Swipe Helper!
    Thanks a lot for this very useful thread.
    Would it be possible that you please tell us why would we re create a tinder account with a Facebook since just a phone number only is enough to create a Tinder account.
    Also, using a new fb account might not be the best since Tinder might notice it’s a fully new account with almost no activity on it … :/

  2. Hello,

    I uninstalled and deleted my old Tinder account, which was linked to my FB account, about a year ago. Back then, I was getting a decent amount of nice matches every day. About a month ago, I reinstalled Tinder and connected it to my phone number but did not start swiping.

    After that, I think I might have fucked up bad, guys – here’s what happened next:
    1. Travelled to another city and started swiping.
    2. Came back home a few days later and stopped swiping for about a week.
    3. After the week of non-swiping, I bought a six month subscription of Tinder Plus. Right-swiped a lot, may have fucked up the Elo.
    4. Thought there was a bug related to me travelling and decided to reset my account.
    5. Made a new account, linked it to the same phone number, restored the old Tinder Plus subscription to the new account and power-swiped away, probably fucking up the Elo once again.
    6. Cancelled my subscription since I wasn’t happy with the service I got from Tinder support about the believed bug.
    7. Swiped for about two weeks, got almost no matches at all – maybe two per week.
    8. Contacted Tinder support again and asked if my account was shadow-banned (thus exposing myself) and got the answer that nothing was wrong – did not know then that shadow-banned accounts doesn’t get likes at all.
    9. Sitting here, seemingly bug-free, with the shittiest Elo score in the world, getting no likes and am afraid to reset my account again.

    Two questions:
    A. If I reset this phone-linked account and create a new one that is connected to my Facebook like my oldest, well-performing account, will that save the situation?
    B. If A = no, is there something else that can take me out of my misery?

    Best regards,


    • Hi David

      A) No, you’ll have to provide your phone number anyway.

      B) The only thing that seems to be guaranteed to work right now is the abstinence method. Delete your account, leave Tinder alone for 3+ months, then try again.

  3. So you say that with restoring your purchase of Google Play “You still get a blank slate in terms of matches though.”
    Is this information still up-to-date?
    I do not mind retaining my old ELO score, but I want to reset who swiped left on me.
    Switching to e new Google account seems to be the hardest part of a full reset since I have other purchased apps on my phone and my email goes through that account, etc.

  4. I can affirm that the abstinence method works. I deleted my account for 90 days and when I came back, I got the noob boost and all my past information was gone after I did a data request.

    I will say though I am convinced with this blog author that the female Tinder user population is on the decline. I live in a very rural area. With Gold, I would passport to a “metro” of around 200,000 people. Last time I swiped through it, it took me three or four days to get through all the users. This time, I was through it the first day. Similar results to other “larger” areas nearby.

    I am convinced my profile is better than ever and I use better photos (thanks to Photofeeler) than I ever have. The match rate is still less though. And I think we all know why. Tinder is in trouble and I think it’s only a matter of time before MTCH Group has an unexpected terrible quarter. Probably Q2 or Q3 of 2020.

  5. I got banned…so for me to come back I’d need a new phone number to use/fb, can I still log in with the phone that I was banned on/apple id, or do I really need a new phone?

  6. Hi I was using my previous tinder account for more than 6 months and it worked awesome with almost 600 matches. But then from no where one day in last month. Tinder banned my account idk for what Reason even when i didn’t do any such activity.
    So I created a new account with my different mobile number and email ID, so I created a account but on that I didn’t get even a single match after swiping so many profiles …which is can’t be the case if my account is working normally… I created new account more 3 times but still it’s the same …no matches on it … IDK whats the problem and what should I do ? …
    Your help will be appreciated….

  7. The sorting of the comments is totally confusing as they are not Dörtes Boy date.. today I registered at tinder again after more than 3 months of abstinence so I used the same mobile number and the same mail address than I used for my former Account but using the same device and the same Apple Id. And my Account was NOT reset. Tinder welcomed me saying I am entitled for boosts which is not correct. They still remember that with my old Account I once had a Gold subscription (which is already more than a year ago). So seems like the abstinence Method does NOT work at least for Apple Users. I have now requested my saved personal data and I am very curious what it will contain. Tinder is lying to its customers…

  8. Hey
    There is something i don’t understand, last month i made a new account with new phone number and new google account, got many matches the first week etc. Then i made a new one recently, new google account, new number, but got almost no match, so what s the problem?

  9. Nice video, I am a pro user since 2014. I got shadow banned roughly 3 months ago. I created my profile as usual and retrieved my gold member. and I got stuck with 4 ~ 6 matches for days.

    Before I get into brand new sim and apple id. I had to switch around my new/old sims, apple ids due to apple security reasons and I needed my notes, bookmarks, updates, etc

    New sim, new id, express vpn on/off same network, same phone, same pics/videos but I cropped a few pixels, and an identical bio. I felt the noob boost so I went ahead and purchased 6 months plus with a new apple gift card. I did all this in Starbucks WiFi. My likes maxed out at 9 and lasted 1.5 days. So I passport to shanghai and I just got 3 more likes in 30 mins and it’s morning.

    1. Device IP
    2. IP address
    3. Facial recognition
    4. less active users
    5. simply showing less fancy pics


    There were a few times I accidentally tapped “ purchase “ while logged in with my old apple id. It will prompt “ purchase with this [email protected]? I clicked NO of course. Do you think this might already linked to my old apple id account? It takes 2 ~ 3 seconds to load.

    Also, I think with insta, and Spotify on my phone. When I open the app, I don’t think it affiliates with tinder unless I connect it manual in the app? I don’t think running all these apps in the background does any difference.

    Hmmmm maybe it will shadow ban again

  10. Thanks for your amazing article. Could you please help me in a related issue?

    I switched my actual account that was created with phone A and phone A mobile number to another phone, let’s call it Phone B. I’ve also updated my phone number from A to B.

    Now, I want to reset. I hadn’t linked any Fb, Instagram or Spotify account, I’ve only bought 2 boosts so far with Google Play Coupons.

    If I reset and create a new account with phone B and phone B number, will Tinder detect? Thanks in advance

  11. Hi! Quick question, so I have used the “The Abstinence Method” and it has been exactly 90 days. If I had Tinder Gold in the past, would it matter as it already has passed 90 days? Do I just need to make sure that I don’t restore my purchase or don’t activate Tinder Gold anymore? (Afraid of them knowing that it’s me and get shadowbanned). Would I need to get a new Apple ID when I re-download tinder? Does it matter if I use the same photos when I used tinder 90 days ago?

  12. Can i get a new account for Noob Boost purpose, while keeping my old account not deleted(but just logout instead) ? as i want to keep my matched list and the chat history. I will then only access my old account at third party platform at computer, but never at my phone anymore.

    I plan to do in this sequence:
    – Logout my old tinder account at iphone (but not “delete account”)
    – Logout my Fb at Safari (but not unlink tinder from Fb, preserve setting for my old Fb account, for future access at computer) (p.s. i don’t have Fb app)
    – Uninstall the Tinder App
    – Create new Fb account and new email account
    – Log in new Fb account (should not have tinder linked yet i suppose)
    – Reinstall Tinder. 
    – Open Tinder and sign up an account, with a new phone number

    Do i miss anything? For Noob Boost of new account, and keeping my old account at the same time?


  13. I have something for you about the image recognition. This will not of course 100% prove anything but very strongly suggest that Tinder is taking serious actions to prevent people from successfully resetting.

    So a week ago I made a new account ’cause the old one was shadowbanned. I used a new number, new Google account, new pictures and did not connect any of my social medias. I also only used the desktop version. I got plenty of matches and successfully messaged with them. Then I came across my friend, matched with her and we joked a little about being on Tinder, using the Tinder chat. As I was chatting with her, I decided to upload a new picture, one that I also used on my old account. I’m not sure if it was the exact same-way cropped version, because I screenshotted it from my Instagram to make sure there was no EXIF data or filenames the image recognition would be familiar with.

    Instantly, boom! The very same minute, my friend messaged me on Whatsapp and was upset about me unmatching her, which I did not do. She couldn’t see me anymore. Since then I also haven’t got any responses from my other on-going Tinder conversations, any likes, or any matches. We tried to play around a bit, and noticed that I can still see her profile updates, for example if she changes her bio or pictures, but from her perspective I have unmatched her. We both tried to log out and back in, restart the app etc. with no success. Based on this I’m 100% sure I’ve been connected to my old account and thus shadowbanned, again. I’m also 100% sure I did not do or say anything that could be considered to be not allowed on Tinder.

    For everyone resetting: DO NOT use any of your old pictures, even if you cropped them again or removed the EXIF data. Take completely new ones, as the image recognition seems to be clever enough to connect them, even if the other was a low-quality rendered Instagram-version with different EXIF data.

    Luckily, they do not seem to have a working face recognition. YET.

    • dude, you are a saint! I just asked a week ago if people were using the same pictures on their botched attempts… looks like it you do need new ones. thank you so much!

      by the way, at the time you uploaded the picture you used already, has it passed 3 months or no?

  14. I used tinder for about 6 years and always got many attractive matches, not to be full of myself but i’m quite attractive so I know that the reason I’m getting 0 likes from anyone is because my card isn’t being shown to anyone. After being banned on both my mobile and Facebook without any explanation from tinder and then using second number apps but having terrible elo and getting 0 matches. I bought a new phone with a new sim thinking this would finally work. But it hasn’t at all, after creating the new account on my new phone, I got like 2-3 matches in 2 weeks and they were only matches i superliked, which I think gives you more of a chance of your card being seen and I know my card isnt being shown to anyone because i get no likes in the gold section. The only reason I can see that this new account hasn’t worked is it’s maybe tracked my pictures, or the same bank details maybe. I created the account with just mobile data on so it wasnt the ip address, tho I did sign into the wifi and back out before creating it. I don’t know, I feel like just giving up at this point, it’s a real shame because I met many people on tinder and formed some relationships but I just don’t know what else to do to fix it

  15. Hi SwipeHelper! Great guide and community here!
    I am due to get a new phone under a new contract/new number/new SIM card.

    Going to delete my current tinder, unlink from Facebook and start again under my new number with no Facebook attached. Only going to log in using my 4G signal also rather than my WiFi.

    Also going to set my new account up in a different city.

    Will also be adding all new photos too.

    This should be good for a reset?

    • Glad you like it.

      The only thing to add would be a new google or apple account if you ever had an active subscription, or if you want to take extra care. Other wise you should be good to go.

  16. Actually my account is from philippines since I lived in the Philippines. So, I used my Philippine number to sign up for tinder account. Then last month I migrated to Bahrain and a few weeks passed by, my account suddenly crashed. What should I do to get my account back? Can you please help me? 😭 thank you.

  17. Great help Swipehelper. I used to get loads of matches, now I am lucky if I get 1-2 a week. I still get matches from time to time, but I want more. I’ve considered re-setting for ages but I don’t want to damage my ELO score any more than it already is.

    Is it possible to hide my account and log-in using a different phone number? Or would Tinder remember me and harm both ELO scores due to the IP address used?

    • It seems to be possible, but I would not guarantee (or indeed risk) it at this point, as the declining match count is most likely a systemic issue and not one unique to you.

      • Do you have any advice for that to do? I’m a Gold user and my radius is about 22 miles. I’ve had my tinder account for about 4 years now on and off without deleting it. I used to get 20 matches per boost, now I’m lucky to get 1-2. Similarly it seems girls only like me during boost, but usually the girls that like me are not the girls I would go for (but our ELO scores are probably similar). It’s been this way for probably a year now.

        I’m not sure whether to just spice my account up with new bio and pictures as have tried that before and never really worked.

        • New bio and pictures couldn’t hurt, but this is most likely because Tinder’s male/female user ratio is out of whack, or because they’re pushing their paid boosts.

  18. What exactly does it mean to “use a different Apple ID”? Do I need to set up my entire iPhone from scratch or is there a way to just download Tinder using a different Apple ID and then go back to the old one?

    I was banned. Got a new phone and phone number, just worrying about the Apple ID now. Would really hate to reset all my apple devices. Didn’t ever make a purchase if that matters, only used tinder free.

    • You can’t go back to the old one, at least not while using Tinder. If you had premium. Which you didn’t. So it shouldn’t matter.

      • SwipeHelper, I’m trying to keep track of the updates here.

        Is it true that you need a new appleID each time you reset /and/or make a new account?

        I know of late 2018 that you could use the same one and change the other methods up i.e. fresh e-mail and number, fb, etc. But it seems like there’s new updates, such as only numbers working once again to set an account up.

        I just made a new account with new information earlier tonight. The only possibility I see now of getting me shadowbanned (which I think I am as I haven’t got any matches and I’ve had the profile for 5 hours) is having the appleID I used in my last profiles and maybe using the same photos/vids unaltered. No I didn’t restore a purchase, because each time I get banned I immediately delete the subscription (which I recommend everyone do).

        Is this something you’ve gone over? Note there hasn’t been a reset, but I will log out and back in and try to begin a reset.

      • Did not work. New phone number, new phone, new photos, no facebook or other social media connected, old Apple ID. Shadowbanned from the first minute. Has been days now, still no luck.

  19. Kept resetting my account, and noticed that with each time, the likes kept dwindling in numbers.

    Created a new account on my iPad, just to be safe. Created new email, new facebook (though wasn’t linked), new Apple ID. Linked the same payment card to it. Created the account, simply connected my iPad to my iPhone’s 4G network, instead of wifi. Did not purchase Gold. Within a few hours, had 10 likes. A few more the next day. And then I decided to purchase Gold and see who it is who liked me. Since then, and this was Saturday, no more likes. It’s only been a few days, and I’m not exactly a 10, but come on now. I don’t think I can claim entirely that I’ve been shadow banned again given how few days have passed, but …

    – I used the same pictures, even added a few extra ones. Took screen print of them before, so I uploaded entirely new files. If they use facial recognition, then … I don’t exactly have an endless supply of what I think are my best pictures.
    – I used my iPhone’s 4G network when making the account. Sort of. I connected to the Wifi to be able to send a message to my phone number, and as soon as I had it, and switched back to my usual sim, connected to 4G at once to finish the registration.
    – I did mistakenly use regular Wi-fi when purchasing Gold. But that would be absurd …

  20. I reset a new account with a new iPhone, phone number , email, pictures and I’m still shadowbanned and not getting matches (I have 21 likes and no matches)

    Can it possibly be because of the Apple ID email that downloaded tinder was the same one with the banned account I had?

    Please help I’m about to start crying . I’m handsome and I know I’m missing out !!

  21. Hi, I am also one of the Tinder users and after I have used tinder succesfully few days, I couldnt get any matches and also not to send or receive messages. I have deleted and reinstalled with a new number. It worked one day. I got alot of matches like 100 or more, it can be the reason they block me? If I buy a new card with new phone number but I have an old buying for a Tinder plus aquisition and try to recover this, they can track me again, though it? Should I subscribe new and purchase all new? thank you!

    • If it worked again after reinstalling, I’d just continue as normal now. If it stopped working again, you could try resetting, but you’d need a new apple ID/Google account, and everything else in the guide and no, you can’t restore your old premium account.

  22. Just tried resetting my android tinder account. I deleted my google play account made a new one downloaded tinder again, tried to make an account with a second phone number from an app I’m using and it came up that I have been banned from tinder. So I guess that they can somehow track your phone or ip address now.
    I havent had tinder for months now, it was the only way i could really talk to women and go on dates, its really annoying. I dont think theres a way to overcome this except maybe getting a new phone

  23. Is it possible to “buy” or transfer a tinder gold account?

    I.e. my friend has tinder gold but doesn’t want to use it any more. I don’t have it and would like to buy from him.

    Is there a way for me to get it on my account, or him change the details on his account to my details (email address / phone number / whatever) so that I can log in and have tinder gold?


  24. What if I follow the steps of creating a new facebook account and using a new phone number that’s not mine, and then, after a few days, or even instantly, change the phone number for the one I use for future verifications?

    • I would imagine it wold recognize you and stick you with your old score plus penalty, but I haven’t tried that. Let us know how it turned out for you if you give it a shot 🙂

  25. Hi,

    Great article thanks.

    If you’ve been liking to many people but stop doing this, how long does it take the algorithm catch up?

    I’ve tried resetting my account but I wanted to restore my Tinder Plus purchase so I don’t think it’s done much.

    Cheekiky they promote Tinder Plus as having unlimited likes. They actively plug you should do this.

    • It doesn’t really catch up. I haven’t seen a punished account ever recover.

      I mean, it is unlimited likes and they don’t “plug” you unless you only swipe right, or swipe so much it shouldn’t be humanly possible (while still actually taking note of the profiles you’re swiping on. In other words, unless you behave like a bot. I can understand that logic.

      • Thanks.

        The thing is I was swiping right on pretty much everyone for about a year and started getting no matches, so deleted my Tinder and signed up with a different email address but the same number.

        I did change the phone but not at the same point, a couple of weeks earlier.

        I’m now wiping properly now and am getting matches again. I requested my data and it only starts from the date I re-created the account.

        I thought maybe it wouldn’t because I didn’t realise to use a different number. I’m not sure I’d say I got any boost in likes though.

  26. So i have been an old user like many others doing the whole “swipe everything right” and now im looking to reset. From what i understood i can still use my old device? BUT

    -Delete tinder,clean cache/info from the phone/tablet
    -Log out and delete the google play account from device. (basically use a throwaway account anyway on my tablet).
    -Make a new google account.
    -Only use this new google account to interact with tinder
    -New phone number (In my case a new sim) but i can still use my old device/internet connection?
    -No insta/spotify etc linked.
    -Is facebook required to create a new account if using number only or can i skip the hassle with the facebook?

  27. I used a brand new phone and number. It works fine for now but I wanted to get gold and get boosts. I was wondering if they track the card that was used on your account. It was connected to my Apple ID but now I have an Android. I was able to get in using some of the methods of before but I think they added something. It seems to be retroactively banning accounts with the new 500.5000 error.

    • Not quite sure I understand. Do things work fine now on your account or not? What do you mean you were able to “get in”?

      But no, I don’t think they track credit cards if you didn’t use the card directly as payment before.

  28. Something very interesting happened to me. My gold subscription just expired. I was one of those who when I first downloaded Tinder over a year ago, I had virtually no bio and maybe one or two bleh photos. Over the time I had gold (about eight months), I frequently updated my bio and messed with photos time and time again (I am impressed with what Photofeeler helped me realize).

    Anyways, I live in a highly rural area. Within my free 100 mile radius, I can swipe through everyone within 10 days. If I go swipe elsewhere for two weeks, I will come back and swipe through 10-15 profiles and it will be back to no one. Half of those profiles are usually on the interstate that is just at the tip of the 100 mile range. This is with a 17 year age range for matches.

    As you can imagine, being back down to a free account became very boring very fast. Thus I e-mailed Tinder and explained my situation. And how I can’t even reset my account to try again.

    Well, this evening, about 24 hours after the e-mail was sent, suddenly there are tons of profiles available in my area. Tons as in I could still swipe through all of them in 10 minutes. However, it’s not just the sporadic one or two like I am used to. I think they reset my account for me. Either that or maybe I had a shadowban (not sure about this… was still getting 2-3 matches per week with gold and occasionally a fairly attractive one) that was lifted. Just some food for thought. Maybe if you politely ask Tinder for a reset, maybe they will actually do it?

    • That is indeed interesting. Based on your description, I don’t believe you were shadowbanned before, just in a low density are and doing pretty well for that.

      I guess it’s possible they reset your account for you without confirming they did, but did you notice seeing many profiles a second time now? Maybe there was just a coincidentally timed convention in the area or something ^^.

  29. Let’s say we do the abstinence method and decide to restore our purchases with our Apple ID will the ELO score benefit have been made void despite the break?

    • If you have never been banned (officially) and the subscription ended more than 3 months ago as well, it should work according to their own privacy policy.

  30. So, I was having 1-2 matches per day, which was acceptable, because i swipe right on like 20-30 people per day. Was writing with 6 matches consistently every few hours, then i changed my profile picture and all of a sudden all the matches stopped writing me and for 3 days i had zero new matches. So i changed back to my old profile picture, but nothing changed – 2 Weeks now and no match whatsoever. I have no idea what Tinder decided to do with my account and why…

    So I just made a new account – new email and new phone number, same PC – old pictures where i had a consistent flow of 1-2 matches per day.
    3 days no likes at all, no precious “Noob Boost”.

  31. What if you just delete your FB account and come back just one month after (1 month is the period that FB keeps your data until your account is completely deleted) with a new FB account but with same email? Will that reset your score?

  32. I followed this guide, but I have a question stuck in mind.

    I have removed my main google account, cleared the cache and data of Google Store, uninstalled Tinder, and created a new google account to follow all these steps.

    When I was done with creating Tinder account, I had to login to my old Google account seperately (my new account is still the main option in google apps) to reach my contacts.

    I am wondering if my extremely low ELO is back because of this.

  33. Hello! Do you know if abstaining from Tinder for a while (I mean 2 or 3 weeks, not the whole 3 months) or deleting your account and then come back like 1 month after will have any postive effect on your ELO even if they still keep your data? Thanks for your help!

      • well I don´t know about Tinder´s algorythm in relation with your ELO score but maybe inactivity has something to do with it(don´t know if in a positive or a negative way)… just wondering

        • Well it does, and as mentioned in the algorithm guide, your visibility is reduced more and more as you stay inactive, but pops back to its old spot once you come online again.

    • They do, but not in the way you’re thinking. They use amazon’s services to figure out what is going on in an image, not to search for one face in a billion other images.

  34. I deleted my account back in early January but haven’t deleted access from my Facebook until yesterday. When will the 3 months (where it’s safe to recreate your account) be over?

  35. Hi swipehelper,
    I think you are missing some information they dont admit they use on tinder.
    I have created a new tinder – I used phone that tinder has never been installed at , got new Apple ID, got new email, used my sister phone number to create new facebook, used VPN to prevent IP adress tracking, and still I am shadowbanned.
    I unfortunatelly assume they use image recognition, there is no other explanation for this 🙁

  36. My recent experience: I think I’m shadowbanned, superlikes are not working, 0 matches and something interesting, Tinder Places has dissapeared for me.

    Had a log-in problem in november 2018 (facebook + tinder issue), lost prosperous matches so I had to start over, saddly. Made a noob reset, matches where pretty low in quantity and quality and I barely found 1 of my previous matches. Send her superlike but didn’t work so I chose deleting the app and set my mind.

    January reinstalled the app and the results where the same, very poor, so noob-deleted again, reinstalled but this time using an one-month tinder gold suscription. First day I got 68 likes, matched with 3, 1 worth.

    1 week later done the same noob-restart, but this time I had a lot of trouble getting the code, so I deleted the account many times. Got the code, but now I’m not being able to use Places and even the likes are null.

    Will try the old share profile and like with a new account+number+phone acording to this guide.

  37. What happens if I reset my account with a brand new, Tinder untouched mobile number but from an IP that can be foun in their system?

  38. Restarting with new FB + new phone number will work even if I’m using the same Google account in the device?

    I’m confused about how far goes the Google account tracking… I did not add any payment method, not purchased anything, no IG linked…. Only that I donwloaded the app from play store

    However I would like to reuse my pictures, is it risky?

    Thanks for everything

    • If you were not explicitly banned, then it has to. They leave open a justification for law enforcement reasons to keep your data longer. It’s a bit fishy.

  39. He Swipehelper,

    Last time I got a new phone number and facebook it did track me down somehow. I suspect it was the google play store account, for all my previous purchaches where still there on my “new” account.

    I’ve went to the phone store to change my number, tomorrow I’m going to put my phone back to factory settings to avoid device ID detection and make a new google play store account. Obviously I will be using a new facebook and email adress with it. I will do all of this at my school library, where I have a different IP. Will this work?


    • I suspect so, but you can leave out the factory reset. What Tinder stores as “phone ID” is your phone number not device ID. Just don’t restore your purchase and keep logged out of the old google account.

      • I don’t think they automatically retrieve your phone number, only if you explicityly tell them.

        Because I checked the Android app permissions and it is not there.

        Can you confirm?

  40. I’ve been using a “fake” facebook account for my Tinder for the last 4 months or so. My matches have dried up, and I’m looking to potentially resetting with newer photos. I went to retrieve my tinder account data from my “real” facebook account using the link you provided, but when I tried getting data from my “real” facebook account it says that my account was deleted. Since I haven’t used my “real” facebook account for my tinder for over 3 months, do you think it be safe now to use it for the reset? I’m just using basic tinder, with no gold subscription (although I used to have a gold subscription when I was using my “real” facebook account). Thanks!

    • Should be safe if they don’t have any data on it and it’s been deleted for over three months. The problem is they will go by your phone number, not facebook account. So if you use the same number, the reset probably won’t work.

          • I’m confused. Why no? Isn’t that what you said above? I’ve been using a “fake” fb for tinder for about half a year now. So based on what you said above (unless im mistaken), I could now use my old/actual fb once again for tinder as long as I use a phone number that i haven’t used before on tinder. Am i missing something?

          • Sorry, I was missing the context of the question and thought you meant using the same FB account as before. Yeah that should work.

  41. Great guide thankyou! One question – if I do the entire new sign up on the desktop version with a new phone number, and then once the account is created I login to it on my phone, would I need to be using a new apple ID? Or would I only need to use a new ID if I was to make any purchases? (in this instance could I just make any purchases on the desktop version anyway rather than creating a new ID?) I am a previous tinder plus user. Thankyou!

    • To be safe, you should get a new ID if you had subscriptions in the past, but certainly if you have a running subscription. Creating the account in the browser version and switching to your phone does not offer any benefits, but be aware that Tinder has a tendency to spazz out when logging into a “browser-account” from your phone, for example pictures might not load or changes not stick, or the bio just vanishing.

  42. So how confirmed is it about whether or not they track your old photos ? And is anything more than a mild cropping needed to get around it, short of using new pictures.

    • It’s not confirmed at all. Imo it’s the result of grasping at straws, trying to find a reason for not getting matches. The next step is attributing it to facial recognition.

  43. I think Tinder must have shadowbanned my account from a long period of inactivity. I dont get matches anymore. Ive tried resetting using new FB accounts/google voice numbers, but they dont seem to be working (not getting nooboost matches). One weird thing is that I switched to both men and women just to see if id get matches from the other gender, and I got a bunch of matches. What can I do?

  44. I just signed up for Tinder again yesterday, swiped until i had to wait 12 hours, then 12 hours later I kept swiping and i wasn’t running out so I swiped right like crazy trying to hit the limit, until it said “check back later for new people.” I thought it there was a glitch so I deleted my account, uninstalled the app, reinstalled and remade my account using the same phone number, and I think I got shadowbanned. I’d see the heart and the X buttons, but no pictures would show. I deleted my account and uninstalled the app again, going to wait a couple days and see. Do you think that’ll work? I’ve had an account with the same phone number before, a few months ago.

  45. Hello and thanks for the guide. You recommend using a different device and phone # to create your the new account, but do you have to keep using it on this phone afterwards?. If I use a friend’s phone to create the new Tinder account, can I then log into the new Tinder account on my OLD phone (using the new FB account) without risking getting “caught” and making the reset fail? Also, if my friend has his own Tinder account linked to his phone number, will this pose a problem?

    Thank you and good luck with the site 🙂

    • Different device may be overkill. I would just go with a different number first. But no, you can log in from any device after that.

  46. So how is it realistic to suggest you get a new phone number for a tinder reset?
    how do you even do that?
    just basically start a new life, new phone plan and tell all your friends and family to add your new number? doesnt seem realistic to me.

    • New life may be a bit of a hyperbole, and you don’t actually have to use this new number i.e. make it “your new number”. One option is buying a burner sim, but before you get there, you cold use your work phone, or friend’s number, etc. As mentioned, actually.

  47. After a big break, I decided to try Tinder again and as a surprise, the game is working fine again, even using the same Facebook account and phone. I also tried to recreate my account, several times, and NoobBoost works as expected. But I’ve noticed “people who liked you”, after some time, acts weird… For example, when I start the app, I have 10+ “likes”. So I just give an X to one person and then, it goes to 3+. Anyway, now I have to figure out how to deal with the ones who match me and don’t talk… 🙂

    • And now Tinder has another issue… In the last few days, we’ve got “Loops” here in my country, also more photos fields and the photo size increased. Ok, so after a while, I decided to reset my profile, adding 2 “loops”. Perfect! But then, after closing and reopening the app, the new features are gone! My loops became static photos and I can’t see profiles with these anymore. Do you have the same behavior in your country?

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