1. Hello. I’m trying to reset my personal ELO after turning my tinder into ad page. Can I just possibly reset using your basic free login reset with new number or do I also need to delete/add Google account as well? Also can’t I just uninstall Facebook if I’m using login only?

  2. i did a reset for a gold subscription as mentioned in the advanced post, i made a new account, but when i go to the tinder gold page from my new account, it gives me error that my subscriptoin is linked with another account, i dont have the option to buy a new subscription so can have a brand new ELO score. please let me know what i can do to pay for a new subscription while resetting the ELO completely.


  3. I tried to reset following the instructions for gold users. But it doesn’t seem to have worked entirely. I received 3 likes within the first 30 minutes or so, but then it was back to nothing. Maybe it’s because I only changed the Apple ID associated to the AppStore when I redownloaded the app, instead of changing the Apple ID that my entire phone is associated with, but if that was the case, then I don’t think I would’ve even gotten ANY right swipes.

    I think Tinder is using facial recognition, and it just took a while to process my accounts original score, so by the time it went through, I managed to get those few right swipes.

    The noob boosts I have gotten in the past were definitely much more significant though. At least I was able to use the app back then. Now I just swipe until I run out of right swipes, or until I’m too depressed to continue, and I never have any matches to talk to or anything. I don’t even know what I did for my score to end up so low.

    It’s really frustrating, because I’ve even paid for the app’s supposed “premium” experience, yet I feel completely alienated from the community.

    • How many likes did you get on your previous account once the noob boost ran out? Have you considered that the reset might have worked, but the only way to get more likes is to create a more attractive profile? People are getting less matches in general since Tinder Gold was released, and also since boosts were introduced.

  4. What happens in this scenario:

    You use a new device + new number to make a new account and the reset is SUCCESSFUL. You start getting a good noob boost.

    You login to your main device (already known to Tinder that had unsuccessful resets). Do you lose all of your benefit from the successful reset from the alt device? Does your account then become throttled/shadowbanned?

  5. I didn’t get one thing though: do I have to download the app with a new Google account and then I can switch to my old one or do I just have to always use a new Google account with my phone? That wouldn’t be feasible for me at all

    • You don’t actually have to download it with a new google account, but you have to be using the new google account every time you use tinder IFF you subscribe to plus/gold.

  6. Hey SwipeHelper,

    A few days ago I began the reset, without consulting the internet. Why did I reset? Because my messages weren’t sending/receiving and ‘no’ matches. I assumed it was not just a bug, but instead the ELO thing people keep talking about, which I don’t know why either..

    Okay, so take into account I had been using this account for a month, on my original FB (where I have never entered my number). I activated this account with a number (I acquired online) and passed verification.

    After I deleted the profile through tinder proper, and off of my og fb’s settings.>apps, I thought to give it a day to re-make tinder. I began the process again, and used a different number (since there’s a timeout with these generated number things). I even bought a month sub of tinder plus this time with this attempt to ‘reset’; two days of smooth sailing. And then: another verification window popped up, a cell-phone one, again! A problem because I no longer have access to the number used a few days ago during ‘reset 1’.

    Avoiding entering any number, I am now consulting the internet. I will likely use my g voice number, as I will have access to it. I’ve been banned off my real number with an account before, which after this sequence events (after subscribing, I took off of my apple ID and replaced with voice number, in anticipation to using voice).

    There’s a part in my 2nd verify dialogue **eyeroll** which links to a faq page on tinder of “what happens if I don’t have the same number?” — and it asks the user to log into tinder on the desktop version and request an email to be sent to the email associated with the account.

    Here’s the catch; I haven’t set an e-mail to the account, and am not sure if it would be wise to set up the e-mail to the original one that I have used for my original fb. I get some access to my account and my messages/matches casually and on/off, otherwise it’s the dialogue locking me out (it acts glitchy; almost like it doesn’t want to be there). Do you advice I enter the same e-mail, or what would this amount to– defer to my past ELO? I’ve defied the odds of the reset resistance by part of tinder, given that I used the same Facebook, as outlined here NOT to do. Maybe I can get off with using a totally new e-mail ? Or maybe this opportunity is granted to me only because this time I’m paying… thoughts?

    Thanks in Advance!

    • This one’s a doozy.. I’m sorry, but I can’t think of any way to recover your new account under these circumstances. Maybe someone else has an idea?

      • Thanks for the speedy reply! I also posted this to r/tinder to no avail, which was comic able as they’re just concerned affirmations about pointing other users of the app out, and not actual problems. I’m trying out new/e-mail/ number (that I have access to).

        I chose going with a number I have access to now, in case they pull this again– it will be more convenient. Otherwise if this happened again on a one-time number, I would have to log-in on desktop version and use a different number. Let’s see how things go after my month with ‘plus’ expires! I will update you in the future, as I’m sure tinder will police me once again.

        • I’d definitely recommend going with a permanent number, yes. Do keep us updated 🙂 I’m just sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  7. hi, swipe helper. I created a new throwaway email (proton mail) on different phone and facebook using that proton mail. then I used new google play account by creating a new gmail. I logged into tinder using a friends number that is not currently on tinder. I did this all on wifi using a burner phone. Once all this was setup, i deleted the facebook app on my phone, uninstalled tinder, reinstalled in the new google play account and logged in using the protonmail. Then i got a popup for tinder gold being on sale so i proceeded to buy, it had a paypal option which was linked to my old google account. I dindt realize this and bought it instead of using a different form of payment under the new google play account. When i looked on subscriptions, its under my old google play account. I have yet to get any matches if i do its fake. I requested tinder to refund the tinder gold prescription but not sure if it will happen. My questions are this
    1. After creating the accounts on the burner phone and logging on them in the new phone ; does this create a issue?
    2. Since it used paypal on my old google play account, does this also create a issue?

    Those are the only reasons I can think of why I am not getting matches. Ive had my profile reviewed on reddit and no issues.


    • It’s definitely because of the old payment option. Tinder will not help as they do not have to and don’t have an incentive to. I’m sorry, but you botched your reset with this and will have to start over if you’re not getting any matches.

  8. I purchased a Tinder Gold subscription the other day and foolishly enough have reset my account multiple times on account of getting less matches. I reused the same phone number(no FB login used) for login, Google ID(android) etc. and now I don’t seem to get any matches at all. I did use boost as well still no likes on my profile which is quite strange. My questions are these:
    1. If I am shadow banned (which I am sure of), how long would it take for my account to be up and running again?
    2. If I use an older version of Tinder,say earlier than 9.0.0, can this algorith of shadow ban for resetting the account cease to work?
    3. I am also using another Tinder account on a different device linked to the same Google account. Will this also result in a shadow ban?

    • The only question I can answer confidently at this time is 2. – No, this doesn’t happen client side Your app’s version doesn’t matter.

  9. I use bluestacks (virtual android phone) on the pc, thats the only thing I do differently. I can’t for the life of me reset my tinder profile. I follow the instructions exactly. Sometimes, it already has the boost button and replay button, other times it has me unlock them. But no matter what, it gives me infinite likes and I never get a match. It’s like I don’t exist in the app. I can spam like 10000 times and nothing. I used a new number, new FB, new tinder, and uninstalled beforehand.

  10. Not sure whats going on. Im on an android. Unisntalled tinder, reinstalled. deleted old account. Deleted google play account, made a new one and used a new number. Tinder acted like I was on a fresh account…as in, it let me unlock replay and super like….but I got no matches after hours and it gave me infinite likes, it didnt cut me off after a certain amount for 12 hours. It’s like my account is invisible or something and my likes don’t work.

  11. I used a friends cell number who has never used tinder till my subscription got expired now I don’t be know the friend of mine who I used now I cant restore purchase i

  12. I’ve been on Tiner for a few days. It’s not bad, but I have much better photos now, so I’d like a reset. I never bought anything on Tinder and I have never linked Instagram or Spotify. I have an android. I plan on making a new Facebook account and using my sister’s phone number to register.

    Here’s my question. If I follow the above advice and I do get a proper reset and the noob boost.
    Do I need to keep my new facebook account logged in on my phone everytime I want to use tinder? Or can I just log back into my old/current facebook account and just use the new Tinder account after I have made a new account? I want to be logged into my current Facebook account after the reset.

    Would it be wiser to make a new Tinder account without Facebook and just use the new phone number to register, if the above-mentioned option isn’t possible?

    Thanks a lot for the answer.

    • You might consider just riding your new pictures until your score improves on its own, given how often resets fail for many people nowadays. But if you’re set on resetting, yes you would have to be logged into the new FB account every time, and Yes it would make more sense to just go with a phone number now that you need to provide your number too when logging in with facebook.

  13. Hey, any update if linking Instagram actually remembers your ELO? I feel that having my insta on my profile makes it look better

    • It’s just a logical conclusion since they remember you by so many profile details now. It would be weird to not use linked social media. You can try and update us 😉

  14. I used to swipe right on everyone and now realize that that has tanked my Elo Score. I created a new account using a new email, a new Apple ID, and a new phone number. I re downloaded the app and subscribed to tinder gold with the new Apple ID. I did not connect to any facebook or social media. It seems as though nothing has changed though and I am not really getting many matches even though its still within the initial 24 hours. Could it be that I signed back into my regular Apple ID on my phone after I paid for the new subscription? Would that automatically connect it? After I did so, I selected purchase super likes to see if it asked me for the password for the new Apple ID, but it asked me for the password of my regular one. I did NOT, however, process the payment, or hit restore purchases or anything while my phone was logged into my regular Apple ID. Could it be that it recognizes my phones IP address, or my wifi network?

    • If you used tinder while on your old apple ID that would make sense as a culprit. The IP address doesn’t make that much sense as it’s likely not static.

  15. Hello, I read your guide. I have tried resetting using land line numbers, while the verification works it still feels like Tinder remembers me. It seems the only real way to reset now is getting a new SIM with a fresh number. Has the land line method been tested and works? Thanks.

  16. Hello guys

    Regarding using a new phone number, I’m using a new Apple/iCloud account now

    Does that mean I have to use a new sim card inserted into the original phone and registered with the new apple account while logging in? or just another sim number inserted in another phone?


    • You don’t need to use a new sim card in your phone, but you need to use a new phone number. This can also be a landline. You’ll just need access to that number in the future, to log in.

  17. I had my old Tinder account for 4+ years and recently decided to just delete it and remake it. I didn’t see this article until now so I just deleted my account and used the same Facebook and phone number to create the new account, which has most of the same pictures and bio. However, my new account is getting way less matches than before, and the majority are delayed matches which leads me to believe that Tinder is just severely limiting my account visibility for some reason. I think I still got the noobbost because initially I got a decent amount of matches and I would say about half of them were instant matches. However, at first when my account was probably being “recalibrated” I didn’t really send/respond to messages and I was fairly picky and only swiped right a few times. Do you think I actually did reset my account and just fucked myself over by giving myself a bad ELO score this time around by engaging in some bad behavior the first few days? I can’t think of anything else other than that or Tinder remembering me and punishing me for resetting my account by just giving me lower visibility now. Is it worth trying to do a proper reset now? I’m thinking of overhauling my profile anyways but I’m afraid it’ll somehow remember me by AppleID/ IP address or my device since I’ll be using the same phone.

      • I was thinking of putting my current reset account on pause and then giving it a few days to a week for Tinder to filter it out of the stacks completely (if my visibility is a low as I suspected in the first place it shouldn’t take that long for my profile to completely disappear) and then making a completely new profile with new pictures, a new appleID, a new gmail and using a google voice number and no Facebook. That way if the proper reset doesn’t work I could always go back to this old reset account which isn’t great but at least is linked to my Facebook still and has some matches. My only question is, do you think this would work if I used the same device? I’ve been reading other people’s comments and it looks like some people are running into issues when they use the same device either due to device banning or IP banning.

        • Yes, it does seem some people are having problems resetting on the same device, though I have to say I am not one of them, so it seems to be hit and miss (that, or there are other factors at play). If you have access to a second device, I’d do it from there (or from a computer).

          • Sad to report that I just tried the reset procedure as I had described (with a new google voice number on a new computer that used a private home internet, even new pictures) and it appeared that the account was shadowbanned the moment it was live. Not sure if was because Tinder was able to detect that I had two accounts? I didn’t receive a single like in the first few hours even though I swiped through a ton of people so there was definitely no noobboost and when I tried to log out and back in the discovery was stuck on “searching” for people near me.

            I eventually caved and tried to look for myself using my old account that I had turned off temporarily (thank god I didn’t delete it permanently) and couldn’t find this new profile which I think just goes to prove that it was shadowbanned immediately upon creation and was never shown publicly on Tinder. In the end I just deleted this shadowbanned account because it seemed useless and I was afraid that if I left it up Tinder would eventually trace it back to me and ban my other real account. I only tried the desktop version of Tinder with this new account though, not sure if that makes a difference with anything.

            Any idea why this didn’t work? I thought I followed the reset procedure as well as I could (other than keeping a backup account). I even falsified my birthday so it wouldn’t be as if there were literally two people with identical information on Tinder as that might’ve tipped off some red flags. The only thing I can think of is maybe the home wifi network? But it’s a private IP address which shouldn’t be traceable and I made a new google account and email. Unless Tinder literally has facial recognition software or it matches information like name and and age with location and pictures.

          • It might be the wifi , though it shouldn’t, or device ID.

            I’m working on figuring out what exactly they use to remember you and I think I’m onto something. Stay tuned for a new article.

    • For me, it was enough to switch the active account in the play store app, but if that doesn’t suffice, you would have to remove the account in android’s accounts & sync options, yes.

  18. Hey man. I did everything you suggested here for a reset(I’m on android) I had tinder gold. I set up a new Google account, new Facebook, used a different number(same credit card for the Google account) but when I started up my tinder I clicked tinder gold by accident and it said “tinder gold unlocked” & went straight into it, no purchase….it must’ve remembered me somehow but how could it?

      • I was logged into my new one can it be logged into multiple at the same time? Because on Google chrome/gmail I have to do the log in procedure for my old Google accounts but on their Google play store I can switch to different accounts instantly would that do it? If so that must mean I’d have to remove the old accounts but would that get rid of my gmail etc? Thank you for the reply

        • Yes, unless you log out, you can be logged in with multiple simultaneously. You would have to log back into your old account for gmail etc.

          • Ah right I appreciate the response, my final question is I’ve found there’s older versions of tinder available for download for android on websites(other than the Google play store). Would it be better to download them as they’re not as strict on older versions in terms of remembering your account?

          • That is worth a try, though I am not sure if it doesn’t happen server side, in which case the app version won’t make a difference.

  19. Hey so I got banned from tinder for no real reason. Inappropriate messages, photos, bios, no harassing etc but anyway I tried to reset my account so I created a new fb, gave a new phone number but I think it doesn’t seem to work bc I haven’t gotten any matches in like a day which usually I get matches within the same day. Also the same people’s profile keep appearing over and over so definitely seems to be something wrong. Any suggestions?

  20. Hi,

    I feel like I’ve been shadowbanned by Tinder. Virtually the only matches I get are from super likes (I bought Tinder plus a month or so ago). I’ve just overhauled my pictures and feel a full reset is in order.

    I’ve got a new facebook account all set up, a new email attached to it, and I’ll ask a friend to use his phone number since he never plans on using the app. My only obstacle is this google account issue. First of all, does it only affect those who want to buy Tinder Plus? I do not want to have to lose all my apps, saved data etc from my google account. Does anyone know if there is a way to bypass this issue? Can I uninstall Tinder on one google account, and reinstall it on the other (while keeping the first google account on my phone as well)? I’m willing to re-purchase Tinder plus (my subscription was nearly done anyway) on the second google account, so there would be no trace of me having tinder plus on the first google account.

    The other option if anyone has tried this, but what if I buy Tinder Plus from Tinder web (www.Tinder.com), that way it isn’t attached to any google account. Would this bypass the issue altogether meaning I wouldn’t need a new google account at all?

    I appreciate your help!!!

    • You can still keep your old google account and just switch to the new one for using Tinder. Buying online with your CC directly should also work. Once.

      • How do i switch to the new google account? I tried reinstalling tinder with the new google account, but tinder automatically reinstated my tinder plus from my old google account.

  21. If sign up for Tinder in my country, and start changing my location to pipeline for foreign girls, but if i sign up with my countries number and then go abroad and use a local sim card where i cant receive an sms from my old number, will there still be some problems for me using tinder?

  22. In the past few weeks I have tinkered around and found a method (for iphone) that works to reset your account and receive the noob boost ad infinitum while maintaining a single tinder gold account – which in my case is the subscription that I purchased on my original apple ID, years prior to any of this resetting nonsense, which has caused several accounts to receive no noob boost when resetting and restoring by different means.

    Follow these steps:
    1.) Create new Google account, with email address and phone number via google voice – which works for tinder sms verification
    2.) Use that email to make a new apple ID. Not sure if you need to use a different card, but I really doubt it – I don’t see how tinder could access that information.
    3.) On your iphone, delete the old tinder profile and app (and remove it from its FB account if linked).
    4.) Sign out of your old apple ID on your iphone and restart it. If you’re really paranoid about the IP address being tracked, you can change it however you like.
    5.) Sign into the new apple ID, and download tinder – you MUST download the tinder app on your iphone, and not try to do the next step on desktop
    6.) Make a new tinder account, within the new app, with the new email address and phone number. Set up your profile and swipe a bit.
    7,) Switch apple ID’s back to the original account, go to the app, and select “restore purchases”

    You will now have your original gold subscription on a new account which has the noob boost. You can also log in using the phone number on desktop as you please.

    This method relies on downloading an *entirely new app* tied to a different apple ID, so I dont think that making the new account on desktop will not work, and I haven’t tried it out with google play. It seems like you can even use the same phone number for all your apple accounts – it isn’t causing me any issues.

    I got the idea for this when I was looking at my purchases between two apple accounts on my desktop. The old apple account showed the tinder app as ‘not on this iphone’, the new account showed it as ‘on the iphone’, despite being logged into – and using the gold subscription of – the old account. The new account had received the noob boost and was functioning well. I then repeated the procedure two more times over two days. Both repeats yielded new accounts that obviously had the noob boost.

    My guess is that any tracking of your activity is done through literally every mean except the subscription – facebook/email/spotify/instagram/phone number. But I really doubt pictures.

    Hope this helps.

    • This seems like basically the same procedure as described above, but without sticking to the new apple ID. Thing is, that’s what did many users in (drop in matches after restoring purchase), which is why it’s part of the guide.

    • Hey! Thanks man this definitely worked but it only works if you log in with a new number and don’t link it to a Facebook account. I got a new number from Google voice with a new Gmail created also created a new apple ID and stuff and it’s working so far.

  23. hi swipehelper): i changed phone numbers and got automatically logged out of tinder, and now can’t log back into acct. I remember when setting it up it asked for a recovery email and password. But don’t see any spot on desktop version or mobile version to login in via email lol! so what gives lol?

    • You wouldn’t be able to log in via mail. I’ve never had to do this but I imagine you should be able to recover your account by mail. Have you checked Tinder support?

  24. Here is my experience with Tinder:
    Like many of you I didn’t know how Tinder worked when I joined for the first time. Never heard about ELO score and made stupid decisions that lowered my score big time.
    After not getting any matches anymore, I decided to reset my account and just use the same FB account again. WRONG! (did this a few times actually)
    I could swipe a lot of the same girls I saw before resetting, but the match rate was minimal to none. I found out that a lot of accounts had no description anymore in their profile (before reset they did), so it looked like they were a bunch of bot accounts just to keep you swiping. Don’t know if it is true, but it looked to me that my swipes were going nowhere and I was shadowbanned.

    Then I read more about resetting online and did the following:
    -create new email account
    -create new FB account
    -install tinder and FB on second phone
    -login with new accounts
    -use same phone number
    -restore tinder plus
    So far I have seen a lot of new girls passing by that I have never seen before resetting the right way. Also I saw more profiles with descriptions and got more matches immediately. I think it is pretty shady of Tinder to make people (especially guys) go through so much trouble just te reset their account. They make it seem that just using their ‘delete button’ will reset your account, when in fact it does nothing at all!

  25. Does OkCupid need to be reset like this too? I don’t think there is a noob boost like tinder but I had and account a year ago and deleted it. Then I came back and its been radio silent. Just curious.

  26. Can I just buy a cheep phone for the new number, but still load tinder on my main phone with a new google play account. Just use the new phone and number for signup/login? am I missing anything? I don’t want to miss out on all the girls that swiped left on me with my old account.

  27. I don’t really get what is the difference between resetting your account and creating a new one. Am I correct that in both situations you need to use a different SIM-card and in both situations you won’t be having all your previous matches and chat history? What is the difference then?

    • There is no difference, they are just two terms for the same thing. I apologize if I gave you a wrong impression, but could you point me to where I implied these are different things?

      • Well because it is called “Reset account”, not “Delete old and create another” :P. And at the beginning of the guide we delete old account and unlink facebook as if we will be able to use them after reset. But in reality we create a completly new account with completely new facebook or SIM card. Why do we even delete the old ones?

        • Because otherwise your subscription, and linked social accounts will be bound to an account already and can’t be used on the new one. Also, I wouldn’t want countless old ghost accounts of mine floating around.

  28. I made a new tinder account with new phone no at a different location than where I live and after 2 days returned to my orignal place of residence. would that have any impact as I made my account at a location different than my residing place?

  29. Hello Sir. I read on Tinder Privacy policy that they will delete users data after three months since an account deletion. Does anyone know how this can relate with the reset procedure?

  30. I signed up for tinder 2 weeks ago for the first time ever. I just used my phone number but didn’t link it to my FB. Just trying it out and had no idea about ELO. I know it has dropped. I plan on overhauling my profile with professional photos. Is it worth resetting? Does the score drop if I stop swiping? How hard is it to raise your score once its dropped? Remember I’m only 2 weeks in so far. But I’m getting a lot of ugly girls to swipe on.

    • With how much harder it is to reset nowadays, I would recommend trying to improve your score “organically” while you still can. Meaning as long as you aren’t currently shadowbanned, I’d try with the new pictures first for a week or so before considering a reset.

  31. The noob boost appears to be gone in 9.5 version. I’ve used a new fresh SIM phone number, new Google Play Account(with app reinstall) and no Facebook. The same photos and bio would net me ~40-70matches in the first 2 days and now barely ~10.

  32. I signed in on tinder with my cell number. Today I tried to reset it as I don’t get any like. I deleted my account, I removed the app on Facebook (I opened an account with FB 1 year ago), I unsuscribed from Tinder Gold on Google Play (i did it before deleting the account. Still, they adviced me the service would be in force 20 more days). I deleted the app. Then i downloaded again, created a new account with my landline phone number, and after some minutes I realized i had again Tinder Gold, without pressing the restore purchase button… I guess i’ill keep my low ELO 🙁

    • Yes, that’s because it tries to restore automatically now. Which is why you need to use a new google account.

  33. Thanks for the thorough account reset information.

    I’m an iPhone user and have reregistered on Tinder (twice in the past week) using a new phone number, apple id, with data/no wifi, etc. Nothing. 0 likes. In my old account I’d normally get 15-25+ likes from the noob boost. Several days and no likes.

    It looks like I’m shadow banned and Tinder has found another way to track you.

        • Well that is strange then because Tinder doesn’t check your apple or google account until it tries to restore a purchase.

          • Maybe Tinder has a way of reading your device (phone, computer, etc)??
            I also set up my new account with a text app phone number. Although I got a code to register for tinder, do you think that could be an issue?

          • Maybe, but then everyone would be having these issues. Sorry, at this point I really don’t know.

            If you tried it from a friend’s device (who never had Tinder) you could find out for sure.

  34. Hello SH, do you need to be logged into your new Tinder-Facebook + Google Play account on your phone all the time or only at the time of creating your new account (and then you can go back to your old Fb/Google)?

    Also do you think Android version matters? My phone still uses Marshmallow.

    • Facebook: Only when logging in. Google play: Theoretically only when interacting with Tinder Plus/Gold subscriptions, but there’s a danger it will “update subscription” from the wrong account upon interaction with the menu. Safer to stay logged in while using Tinder. No, I don’t think Android version matters.

  35. Hi Swipehelper. I have historically reset my account once or twice per week to benefit from the Noob Boost as well as rekindle moribund conversations following a rematch. This strategy worked flawlessly until roughly March or April this year; however, I have recently observed that frequent resets seems to cause a protracted period of no matches immediately following the reset. I generally receive ~50 potential matches during the first day of the Noob Boost, so I found it curious that I hadn’t received a single possible match after a number of hours following a recent reset (I have Tinder Gold, so I can see if there are any potential matches in queue). As a test, I had one of my female neighbors set her radius to 1 mile, and my profile did not appear prior to her running out of prospects. In my experience, the penalty for “serial resetting” seems to be inconsistent and can range from three hours to multiple days of no possible matches. Do you have any insights or commentary on the duration of the penalties or how to avoid them (assuming I want to continue using the same Facebook account, since my Gold subscription is linked).

    • Hey Roger.

      Yes, what you’re describing is the experience of many a long time user. I can’t comment on duration as apparently I never reset often enough to get this kind of ban, but the only thing that seems to work now is the complete above procedure. There shouldn’t be any negative repercussions from resetting that way.

  36. Yesterday I made an account on Tinder desktop using a phone number through the Burner app and email address from Protonmail. Neither had been used for Tinder before. And still, zero matches and zero people that liked me after multiple hours using pictures that I’ve used before that got many matches. Can Tinder tell the phone number is not legit?

    Another thing: it seems when I make an account with a Burner number, I can swipe endlessly even though I didn’t upgrade to plus or gold. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Sean, as stated in the guide, you can’t use burner numbers. Not in the sense of free online throwaway numbers.

  37. If one is using an iphone and wants to use the phone number/email address option, do they need to uninstall and reinstall the app? And if so, using a new apple account or not?

    I recently remade an account with a new phone number and new email address and it seemed my ELO was the same as before. However I did not uninstall and reinstall the app.

    • You’ll have to consult you memory. Most likely though, you provided a phone number. There was only a brief period of a few months this year where Tinder somehow didn’t require one anymore.

  38. I have a new i phone that I bought today. Set up Tinder with new phone number(accidentally used to log in from my old phone and restored my earlier Tinder Gold purchase. Immediately realized Tinder knows I am the same person, since apple id was old one , since it told me my free boost was used 8 days ago. In this case apple id was a giveaway.

    So set up new Apple id on my new iphone and used new sim card and cellphone number(to get a new ELO). Then I linked my instagram account(which was linked to old Tinder several times).
    Will Tinder track me because of Instagram link..

    • Well, do you notice inferior reset results when linking Instagram?

      If Tinder is really “cracking down” on resetting, I’d imagine they’d use Instagram and spotify accounts to identify you, yes.

  39. Hi! Great site. For a few days I wondered why my matches arent replying so I asked from one of my old matches whos number I got that did u receive my message and she said that got a notification but didn`t see my text and I was also disappeared from her matches. What is this sorcery? I had tinder gold so too many location switches got me shadow banned or?

    • Hi, thanks! That does sound like you were shadowbanned (or your account is bugged (never discount the possibility of it being a bug with Tinder)), but I doubt it’s from switching locations too often. If it were, I’d constantly get shadowbanned ^^

  40. Quick question, wouldn’t creating a new facebook account lead to tinder flagging it and send your ELO to the abyss? Since this account would have just been created, have no friends, no activity, etc, I’m just skeptical.

    Also, does anyone know if tinder remembers your phone ( the hardware itself, not the number), between resets? I’m thinking new everything ( including new google store account, gift card to pay for gold, so no linking back to a credit card) should work, but buying a new phone just for that seems to be a pita.

    It’s really kinda ridiculous the BS one has to go through just to reset his ELO, I wish Tinder would read this and offer a paid ”clean slate” reset, I’m sure it would have a lot of success, and make a ton of money for Tinder. anyway…

    • In the beginning your FB account needed 30 (i believe) friends to be valid, but that requirement is long gone and the above procedure has worked as intended up until Tinder 9.0. Now I’ll have to rewrite it because to answer your second question, yes you now need a new phone number and google play/apple account. I don’t believe device IDs or credit card numbers matter here, but I’ll soon find out and put it in the updated guide when I write it.

      You may be onto something with your last point, because up until recently it didn’t seem like Tinder cared if we reset and suddenly it has become harder. Reminds me of the “see who likes you” companion apps no longer working with the new API before they introduced Tinder Gold. We’ll see.

  41. Just experienced a fail with an android gold restore. Brand new number and throwaway email, got I huge amount of likes in the first few days but they all seem to be lower quality girls. Match rate then immediately flatlined and I’ve already run out of people to swipe on even though I was passporting in a large city. I will get a new number and try again soon without restoring my purchase and see what happens, but it definitely seems like android restores can trigger a re-creation of your old account. Might also be worth experimenting with a late restore. Ie, waiting a few days for Tinder to set your ELO score before restoring your purchase. But anyway, creating a new Google account might well be the next step now guys.

    • Hi Chris. Yes it seems the reset procedure will need to be rewritten to include setting up a new google account. Do let us know what your tests yield 🙂

  42. Followed all the instructions 1-10 (new fb account with a protonmail + used a free online phone number for registration) but have had 0 matches or 0 people “who liked you” in the last 17 hours. I even bought tinder gold and used boost (first time ever buying anything tinder related) which should boost my ELO score even more besides the noob boost.

    I downloaded tinder again a week ago on my old account and got 22 matches in 5 days (with 6 matches in the first 12 hours or so). However since ive trolled away on this account over the years i know my ELO score is way lower than it could be if i kept it serious. I used the exact same photos and everything. Basically copy pasted my old account but injected it with steroids, by resetting and buying tinder gold.

    Something is definitely wrong. I dont know if Tinder shadowbanned me for using the free online number or saw through my scheme somehow but this doesnt make sense whatsoever.

  43. Hello, i have a new phone number and tinder logged me out and i want to get back my last account! The old Number exists no more, please help me. I had my account only with old Phone Number and email, but i cannot find, how to reactivate it?


  44. Hello, I’ve followed all these instructions, but after 1 day i’ve got 0 likes. I used to get about 1.500 likes in the first day with the noob boost (i can see with tinder gold how many people liked me) . Now, 24 hours later, absolutely nobody liked me. And, yes, I created a new facebook account with a new email adress, and I used a new phone number. I honestly can’t understand.

      • Hi! I have made many accounts on my phone because I just can’t get a match anymore. How would I know if I am out of tries on my SIM card? Additionally, does tinder track IP? I’ve tried different phone #s and different emails, all of it. Do I need to switch my Apple ID? That’s the next thing I plan to try to switch.

        • Out of tries on your SIM card? You just need a new number every time.

          As mentioned above, yes, you should use a new Apple ID (payment method, if subscribing to Plus.)

          But you need to switch everything at once. All new.

          • If i use a new phone number/simcard and a new apple id and download tinder again with the same pictures, will this reset the elo?

            I used to get hot girls but i’ve resetted so much that i’m getting goblins now.

            Does tinder also look at your pictures?

          • As far as I can tell, reusing pictures shouldn’t matter. If in doubt, crop it slightly differently as even one pixel difference will throw image recognition software (they suck).

            DId you try the complete procedure as described above?

          • Bought a new sim card, new apple id(done this multiple times) yet i keep seeing the same girls and my elo is extremly low now matching with the bottem of tinder.
            I used to get a lot of good looking girls daily but now its just sad how bad it got.
            I have no idea what to do now, maybe i’m resetting too much?
            Somehow tinder keeps recognizing no matter if i have a new sim or apple ID. I know this because i always start with the same profiles.. and end up with the ugliest when i used to get very hot ones( 2 months ago)

          • I don’t really know the exact circumstances of your situation, and I unfortunately can’t offer a solution. It does seem that mostly iphone users are having issues since the new Tinder version. What I can tell you is that resetting the way described above still works like a charm for me and everyone I know (and I think most readers here). For reference, I never rest more often than once every 1-2 months.

    • I am having the same problem. I made a new account using a new fb and phone number and connected with tinder plus and I am not getting any match. I dont know what to do. Maybe I should cancel my tinder plus and purchase a new one?
      I’m an apple user.

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