1. I’ve created a fresh account following these instructions, but I didn’t get the NoobBost as usual. 24 hours and my “people who liked you” is empty. I think Tinder has another trick, maybe related to Google account…

      • Yes, both Facebook and phone number are new. And before the last update, even if I delete my profile and create a new one using the same FB and phone, NoobBost was there, with 25+ likes in just one day. Some users are complaim about it too in Google Play…

        • It does seem things are changing, especially for apple users. As for Android, I just cannot confirm. Still works as it should for me.

          • Tinder banned my old account for some reason. So I set up a whole new account, new phone number, new email, new google play account and tinder worked amazingly, I was getting lots of matches. Then after about 36 hours it banned me again on the new account. I’d got tinder gold on my old account and I even set that up on my new account with my new google play account. Stupidly though I paid for some super likes and it automatically took the payment from my old google play account, not my new one. So is this how tinder remembered me as being a blocked user do you think? Or is it because I linked my instagram again to my new tinder profile? I had linked them both before on my old account. Any help would be much appreciated please so I can create a new account properly and not get sussed out…

          • Did you link the Instagram account from the start? I would have said it could be both but the google account is definitely at least one of the culprits.

      • Does Tinder remember you if you restore your Apple purchases? I was getting matches until I restored my purchase – then it all dropped and I haven’t got a match in hours.

        • Since it’s only been a few hours, I’d give it a moment. But: Yes, it seems apple users are having problems doing a clean reset as of late. On android, the procedure in the article still works flawlessly for me. Out of curiosity, do you have Gold? I think I’m noticing getting fewer matches with Gold vs. Plus.

      • I followed all steps but when I created my new account it seems to have been shadow banned as I see the same profiles and have unlimited swipes without having plus or gold

    • Last month I was using Tinder with my own phone number and e-mail address. I then deleted my account and created a new one using a different phone number and e-mail address. I feel like I’ve been shadowbanned on this new account so can I go back to using my own phone number and e-mail address again or do I need a completely new phone number and e-mail address again?

    • I dont get any matches while im unironically a model. Used to get 99+ matches on reset.

      I bought a new simcard and reset again using a new number, also uninstalled tinder by switching google play account (but not deleting the old ehich has active subscription)

      Now i do not get any matches, another bug is i dont see the forst bubble woth a grey heart that is clickable which would lead to a buy boost button. It is completely empty and unclickable.
      When i go to google play i see an actove subscription under tinder, even though swapped accounts and the purchase cannot be restored.
      I suspect that the app still sees the other google play account even though you swapped before installing.

      • Yup tried another sim on another phone and deleted Google accounts in settings then reinstall. Also used vpn.
        Now I’m getting loads of matches.
        At least one of the following must thus also a problem in addition to your list:
        -Switching google account but not deleting the old
        -Same device
        -Same ip (use vpn)

        • Well leaving the old account inactive is part of it and to get a new IP all you have to do is restart your router, assuming you don’t have a static IP; which you most likely don’t if it’s a residential connection.

        • new phone(factory reset phone so it changes the android device ID), new email, new number, new FB.
          same pics
          same bio
          200 matches in 2/3 days(including gold swipes on me)
          Had been swiping right nonstop on old account for like a year. I had an app that did it for me. Must have destroyed my ELO or whatever it is called now. I only got matches when i used boosts.
          then i learned about the ELO thing and was like FML.

          • Same guy here, do you think i can move my tinder account to my main phone if don’t connect play store? or don’t risk it?

  2. Hi, after resetting my account, if I see profiles that I remember from swiping with my earlier account, does that mean the reset was succesful or is it possible that the ELO score remains while just the matches and swiped profiles reset? Thanks for your help!

    • Yes.

      The latter is possible and usually happens when not using a new facebook account and/or phone number. You should be getting more matches than usual the day of resetting, if successful.

  3. Hello. Somehow, i accidentally made a new account using the same phone number i used to login with my previous account. Will my previous account be deleted and replaced since i cannot login to my previous account anymore?

    • Did you create a phone number only account both times? If yes, you shouldn’t have been able to create a new one at all. It would’ve logged you in instead. If you used facebook last time but not this time, your old account will still be floating around, inactively.

      • I only use my phone number when logging in. When i tried to login using the same number, it displays like im starting a new account where i write my name, etc.

  4. Hey SwipeHelper

    I have depleted my swipes every 12h since Sunday night, so 5 times in total, and this morning I got “There’s no one new around you” after many swipes but well before depleting them. I am sure there are many more available profiles as I live in the second-largest city in Greece. Could it remember me via phone number (although not sure if I gave it when running my first profile) or just a temporary glitch?

    • Tinder can remember you by your phone number now yes, but this could also be a glitch that’s usually fixed by resetting your account, or it could be that you got flagged for something, which would also be fixed by a (proper) reset.

    • Seems absolutely ridiculous that you can’t properly reset your ELO score from facebook without having to make a whole new Facebook account. Is this 100% confirmed that your ELO won’t be reset otherwise?

      I usually use two accounts (one using my phone number) so I can cheese the noob boost on the phone number account. Seems really stupid that they would remember my number specifically to restore the same ELO.

      • It’s confirmed in so far as reusing the same facebook account has always resulted in no perceivable boost, or change in matches for me and others.

  5. 2 days ago I deleted my profile because I wanted a fresh start with a much better photo and bio.

    But after I connect to my new FB account and confirm my email, Tinder goes “Oops! Something went wrong” and then when I press CONTINUE again it goes “Unfortunately, Tinder has stopped.”

    I don’t want to use phone numbers so I would appreciate your help.

    • I haven’t seen that error, so unfortunately I can’t give you a definitive solution. Did you use a new email address for the Facebook account (and Tinder)?

      • ProtonMail no less!

        Is it relevant that my new e-mail has 11 letters or that my new Facebook account has the same name and the same first 5 letters as surname (I cut it there) ?

        • That really should not matter. I’m kinda surprised it doesn’t ask for your phone number though, as recently most people seem to have to use it again.

    • Had this same issue! Sign up online on the tinder website first. Once logged in there it should now work on your mobile. Obviously make sure youre signed into your new Facebook etc! Quick question, can tinder now also remember you through your google account/gold subscription? Ie, if you make a completely new account with a new number/email but then restore your purchase?

      • Thanks for helping out 🙂

        No it won’t remember you from your subscription, though there seem to be some problems with apple IDs lately.

        • So if I make a new facebook account and use a new phone number, but my iphone still has the same apple ID, would I still not be able to get in? I was banned for absolutely no reason with no explanation (no nudes or asking for them, not selling anything, no threats, cant even remember being particularly rude to someone or anything) and when I emailed tinder support I got a generic email just saying that my account had been banned for violating community guidelines or terms of service, and I would not be able to create a new account with that same facebook or phone number. So as an iphone user, what all has to be different (facebook, number, apple id, etc) for me to make a new account now?

          • You should still be able to recreate your account, but you won’t be able to restore your purchase without Tinder remembering you. If at that point you would just regain your old ELO or get banned again remains to be seen.

      • Thanks Chris, although only “smartphone online” works, not “desktop online.” I appreciate your help.

        Swipehelper, it did ask for my phone number now that it worked via Chris’s method. Does it mean I can’t reset now because I can’t use the same number?

        I am grateful for your contribution and for providing a platform for us too, kudos!

        • You can still reset. It may or may not be less effective than with a new phone number, but if so, an unused phone number shouldn’t be too hard to come by the first few times. See above 😉

          And thank you, I’m glad if I could help.

          • 1) Does it matter whether you use all your swipes once or twice per day or per 12 hours, or you gradually swipe throughout the day so that you don’t run out?

            2) Any insight into Badoo? Does it work in a similar fashion, regarding ELO, visibility etc. or you need to pay to level the playing field? Or maybe encounters are not that popular there?

          • 1. If feasible, I try to space it out so I stay more recently active in decks.
            2. I have never used badoo, so I really couldn’t say,

  6. Hey, thanks for the guide. I was thinking of making a reset once a month, but what if I have a plus subscription? Can they find out it’s me through my credit card or something?

    • Up until now, the answer to that question has been “no”, as it never appeared Tinder actually cared if you reset or not. There have recently been comments that the usual reset procedure didn’t work anymore for some people though. As I’m investigating, these do appear to be isolated incidences. Everything still works the same for me and others I’ve asked.

      EDIT: Turns out at least one of those was a troll.

      I would say go for it, but don’t make it a once a month rule. Reset when you’re out of people in your area or something is wrong with your account, or if you’ve made great improvements to your pictures.

  7. It must know my IP address because I remade it several times and I am using good pictures but I’m getting no likes. Before it used to say 99+ liked me under matches. Now it doesn’t even say 1 person liked me. I think my profile is invisible to everyone because I’ve been shadow banned. I’m pissed. When does this go away?

    • Leann I have the same issue. I think they are IP banning now,, getting 0 matches. All because some idiot girl reported me, and tinder just deletes without checking the reason why.

        • Hi, I don’t give it my phone number, never have. I create separate facebook logins each time. Which is why I think they must know my IP now.

          I succeeded in making a new account by creating it on tinder.com, after that, I could log in via the app. However I got 5 matches quickly, and since then nothing. It seems suspicious, normally I’d get 30-40 matches in the first 48 hrs – which is where you get the “boost”.

        • Okay something is definitely up. I have a match that I also can communicate with via other means. I asked her if she was getting my messages – she said no: i was not on her list anymore. Even though on my tinder, I was seeing my messages go unresponded. So I am shadow banned. I don’t know if they did it via IP or via Google account (used to pay for Plus).

          • Because you were getting matches initially, I’m beginning to suspect the reset actually worked, but then something happens that gets you banned. If they remembered you by your IP or Google account, and wanted to keep you banned, you’d be shadowbanned from the get go.

  8. Wow took too long to scroll down on mobile to comment..
    Anyway i made a new one with a new fb but i thought it required my number so i gave them it again. Is this account recognized as the same as my old one? Think i was shadowbanned for liking too many ppl at once on my old.

      • just fyi.

        Seems that Tinder has implemented some tracking methods.

        Even with new FB, it was able to assign the same Tinder ID to my new account, as the old accounts, therefore it’s either keeping track of the phone number, or Apple ID gives it away.

        However, considering when I contacted the support about purchase restore error, and they asked for the phone number associated with the account, I’m assuming to get a new and complete reset, one would need new FB AND new phone number.

        • Thank you. I’m getting more and more such reports, though so far they seem to be exclusively from Apple users, and I myself have been having no trouble resetting. I’ll update the reset post soon to reflect this.

  9. If you reset with a new facebook account but with a previous phone number will your ELO reset or do you need a new phone number as well as a new facebook account?

    • A new FB account has always been sufficient for me, but reports vary. To be safe, or if you don’t see the desired results, you can try to use a new phone number as well.

    • I’m noticing that the ELO reset no longer works on my iPhone. I’ve had the Tinder Gold or whatever it’s called, and usually reset my account every 2 weeks or so, I regularly get 20-30 likes within the first 30 minutes or so of creating .a new account.

      After some reports of Tinder changing the way your ELO is tied to your account, and some guesswork, it “looks” like ELO is now tied to your Apple ID at least on iPhones. I’ve tried recreating accounts 3 times in the last week, and over a 1.5 days on each and not one single like.

      So it appears as though they’re getting smarter in an effort to force people to purchase boosts.

      • Interesting, thanks for the report. I can say with confidence that the reset still works on (my) android.

        To test your theory, you could try to reset like you did before, but without restoring a purchase. If it’s tied to your apple ID now, you should get your noob boost as long as you don’t link Tinder to it.

  10. My problem with his reset is that when I use my real Facebook account I am not show to all my female friends since tinder doesn’t show you to people you friended on there. If I use a new account they will all be able to see me.

    • If that is a big concern for you, then yes, you’re gonna have to refrain from resetting.

      Or you could pay for tinder plus and use the option to only show your profile to people you’ve liked.

  11. Swipehelper, I turn to you once again. You probably know my story by now. 🙂

    Since I was not able to clear my swiping history (that’s all I care about) by recreating my Tinder account using the same Facebook account, what about creating a new Tinder account logging in with phone number? This feature is pretty new right? I’m scrolling through the comments but get the impression very few tried it out, and it is not mentioned in your 10 step procedure above. Have you tested that feature Swipehelper?

    If using for example my sister’s or father’s phone number, and completely removing Facebook from the equation, I can’t think of any way Tinder can recognize me, except maybe, but not likely, if I restore my purchase with same apple id.

    Any input on the above strategy?

    • I believe I have it in the reset procedure as an optional step? I didn’t mention the web version though, that’s true.

      Yes, I agree that should work. I have tried it, but for me the result has been the same (as the old method worked for me too).

      • Thanks for the reply! I will try it and report back within a couple of days.

        Ah, maybe I misunderstood step 9 above. I thought that step meant that Tinder was asking you to also provide a phone number when registering with facebook, and the optional part was whether to use a new phone number or not.

        • You didn’t misunderstand, I just thought it applied to the new options too, but I realize I should mention that explicitly.

  12. Hi
    I reset my account using a new fb, now I am seeing people which I was seeing 2-3 days back with my old account.
    does this mean my account\elo was properly reset or is tinder using my old elo/account.
    Although I am still not getting the noobboost

  13. “You’ve exceeded the number of times you can restore your purchase after recreating your account.”

    Just got this message with 5 months left, ended up getting a refund from apple but does any one know the limit?

    • Hm Strange, I have never gotten this message before. Has anyone else seen this?

      How many times did you reset?

    • I’m going through this now. When I try to contact Apple through settings, Apple ID, subscriptions etc.. they say to contact tinder. So far they e been no help. Do you recall how you contacted Apple?

  14. Hi! This is a great site!

    Question! Can I omit step 4 above and still reset matches? I do not care about resetting elo.

    There are two reasons why I am asking.
    1. I like seeing common friends and interests, and I do not want to risk being considered a bot for using a fake account.
    2. I think my elo rank is pretty good. I am picky, I write to all my matches, I have a full bio and work/education details, and I am and have been a paying member for years etc. If possible, I ideally want to reset all swipes and matches, but not the elo. But I can live with resetting the elo, as long as I kan use my same facebook account.

    Is this possible? I think that you Swiphelper wrote somewhere that there were different requirements to delete matches only compared to matches and elo. Thanks!

    • Hi Erik

      Thank you! Glad you like the site.

      I almost have a bad conscience to give you such a short answer, but: Yes. Yes, you can omit the whole Facebook reset and it should have the desired effect.

      Good luck out there

        • The reset seems to have worked fine! Your site has been of great help.

          The only strange thing was that although I deleted the account, I was not asked to create a new one after unlinking in facebook and reinstalling Tinder. The account was just there when signing in with facebook, although all matches gone and settings back to default values etc. Match history seems to have been reset, which was the purpose of my Tinder reset. Old matches appeared again and also I was not able to swipe until end of deck which normally happens if I swipe for 20 minutes every day, which suggests that the deck is now filled with tons of users again.

          • Gah! It not work after all. I have reached the end of the deck again, only after two weeks of moderate use. I live in a big city and did not expect this to happen in a couple of months at least. The reset of matching history did not work.

            Probably because I was never asked to create a new account. Despite having deleted my old account Tinder just reactivated it when I logged in with facebook.

            Is a fake facebook account a mandatory part of the reset after all, even if I just care about resetting matching history and not care about elo rank? Any experience, suggestions?

      • Hi Swipehelper, great site

        I’ve been shadowbanned and it sucks, it’s borderline false advertising as I was paying for the gold service..I got a new phone and Facebook and did a reset as per the instructions and still nothing. Even with two boosts I got no matches and when ‘someone new likes you,’ I’d check it out and the person is no longer there.

        I actually think tinder might think I’m a bot as I’ve reset so many times it’s probably too late. Anyway, this confirms that ip addresses must be crucial for some resetters..how do I deal with this for my next reset? Would buying a new router do the job?


  15. If you have the Plus sub from the google play store can tinder recognize that and link your old ELO rating? It’d be nice if you could still use the subscription but still be able to legitimately reset your Tinder account.

    • In my experience, you can keep your subscription and still reset properly. This leads me to believe Tinder isn’t actively trying to hinder you from resetting your score, it’s just a byproduct of something else that it remembers you by your FB account.

      • That makes sense, thanks. I just sync’d my google play account to the new FB account I used on Tinder. That makes me think that as long as I do a fresh install of tinder on my device anyone can link their Tinder/FB account and reap the benefits of my google play Tinder plus. That also leads me to believe you are right in that Tinder may only track your FB account and not necessarily the device or IP as the rumor mill seems to think.

        • To me it seems like Tinder maps your new Account with your old score. This Is very easy now as you always need a mobile number to activate your Account. Using my old mobile number to activate did not help increasing my matches. Using another mobile number worked. But as soon as I restored my purchase to get tinder Gold back, my likes and matches went down to nearly zero….

  16. I unmatched someone recently. Her profile returned five days later. Same pictures, same biography. I have no doubt that she’s genuine and not a BOT.

    What’s the most likely reason? I was under the impression an unmatch is permanent.

  17. How could you be sure that just deleting and creating a new tinder account doesn’t rest also your ELO? did you take tests? and if yes, does deleting my actual account ( tied to Facebook) and creating a new one with my phone number should reset the score?

    • Yes, in the beginning I just deleted and recreated my account, but it didn’t have any effects. Still the same match rate, and didn’t come across the people I already swiped on again either.

      Until I learned Tinder remembers you by your Facebook account (and/or phone number now.)

      So if you didn’t use that number before, it should work.

  18. To achieve a proper reset do you have to use new pics? Sounds like some users are being tied to an old account even when they use a new number / Facebook, new device, new IP address. What about using the same bio?

  19. Do you think resetting also requires a new Apple ID, phone and/or phone number as well? I’ve tried the resetting method every few months and I seem to get far less matches now even though I’ve followed the procedure and it seems like Tinder still recognises my old profile because I’m still on the same devices and Apple ID

    • I’m sorry it didn’t work. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t. But may I ask: In what way did it not work? What made you certain it didn’t?

  20. I just renewed my tinder account two days ago, this morning I tried to access and it is asking me to log in again, and I’ve lost the phone number I used to sign up the first time. What can I do to recover my account back?

    • You can log back into your real Facebook account. Just remember to always use your “fake” FB to log in to Tinder (and that Tinder sometimes logs you out).

  21. This is a long one, but if you can help me you’d be the soundest geezer going.

    So I had tinder for a few months, a few months back, had hundreds of matches but I took it for granted. For some stupid reason I deleted my account and started again on the same Facebook. I’m sure it still worked but less matches. I kept deleting and redoing it, probably with same pictures and bio, if I had one.

    I then deleted tinder and unlinking it from my genuine Facebook account and made a side one just to use tinder on. Then I’m sure I got next to no matches (this was a few months ago). So I thought I’d forget it for a while.

    I live in a city and I’m 19, freshers are now here, this is like Christmas for tinder. So I thought l’d try it again, I seriously wanted it to work so this is what I did..

    Got a spare iPhone laying around, brought a new SIM card from Poundland, created the account with my wifi but with a VPN on, used different pictures, bio etc.

    That should bloody work right? Wrong. Absolutely NO matches. Without trying to sound big headed or doing it for my ego I’d say I am a decent looking lad, no model haha but decent enough to get matches. With well thought pictures too.

    But.. I might have found the reason. When I signed up I signed up with just my number, no Facebook. I feel like that could be the reason?

    A few weeks ago I made another Facebook account, with a new email address, everything is legit like fresh and new. No traces for Facebook or tinder. I now want to make tinder again with this.

    Here is my plan, please advise if there is any mistakes.

    Different phone, new sim, new email, new Facebook, create account at another wifi point, different pictures.

    Surely there is absolutely nothing there that would trigger tinder to give me a terrible ELO again?

    If you could help me with this I would be so grateful as I’ve near enough give up and accepted I’m like person banned from tinder haha.


  22. My first account was under review,I had no choice than creating a new email address, new Facebook account and logged in to tinder,but surprised me how my new account was deleted… how do i get back on tinder? please do help.

  23. Does this method still work? Does Tinder not recognize I’m using the same device or the same IP? If I use my number for registration, can I not reset by just deleting the account and creating a new one? Thanks

  24. What about connecting the same Instagram and Spotify profiles from previous tinder account after resetting? Is that a bad idea and will it make it recognise who I am and give me my old score?

  25. This doesn’t seem to work, as Tinder also asks you for your phone# as you first log in, so if it’s the same, you’ll still end up with swipe status.
    Or am I wrong?

  26. I followed this guide exactly and I have gotten 1 match in the last day. Is it possible that Tinder shadow bans an account if the FB account is newly created or has no friends?

  27. I did this, liked about 60 interest on facebook and my facebook account then got banned then disabled and now im stuck with an active tinder profile that i cant get access too cause my facebook doesnt work, what can i do? I now see u can sign up with a phone number but I think they clocked it as I’ve had the app for 2 days and got no matches at all…

  28. Does this still work as of July 2017?
    This procedure seemed to reduce the number of matches I had before to almost zero. I’ve followed the process religiously, including reseting the apple advertising id, phone number, email address, facebook account etc.

    When was the last time you tested it? Are you sure that new checks haven’t been implemented that this process fails to subvert?

    • Yeah, as far as I know this doesn’t work, same exact thing happened to me. I had sent tinder a couple of really bad “rate this app” things after being frustrated for a while, so I’m pretty sure they blacklisted my phone number or something. It’s really too bad, I previously got tons of matches and my current profile gets good reviews online. As far as I know nobody has ever reported me, I haven’t been inappropriate, I’ve just always tried playing the system by resetting, sending Tinder passive aggressive messages etc. haha. You can tell Tinder has started down this awful path of pay to match, 10 percentile dating. Aside from my personal blacklist issue, they’re ruining the dating scene. Dudes don’t want to talk approach attractive women in real life anymore because they know they have the pick of the litter on Tinder, and attractive women will shatter your confidence so quickly in real life because of it. Whether on tinder or in real life, making moves has become a game of trying to get the stars all aligned to an impossible precision, all because dating has become a casual day of window shopping for most. My poor friend, who is definitely not bad looking but pretty average, is going through a really rough time, and Tinder is pushing him lower and lower despite my efforts to assure him that it’s not what it first was. People have become cold, cliquey and insulated like in high school, and far less likely to venture outside of their comfort zone anymore. Everyone only cares about themselves and boosting their likes on facebook and instagram; if you don’t have either of these things to prove you live a good life, people who do have them won’t want to associate with you. The boomer generation may have been awful, but as a millennial, I can honestly say our generation has some pretty huge downsides as well. That one episode of black mirror illustrated this so perfectly it’s scary.

      • This is mainly in the US (and possibly UK as well). You do not want to delete your tinder, however, if you do travel frequently to other countries and cultures that are typically more open minded, kind and accepting. Also, consider where you live, because certain regions are harder to make friends or date than others in the US… And the east coast, especially northeast, is typically difficult because people are more closed off to anyone outside of family and anyone they don’t know. The west coast, not including California, is easier.

        Other countries, however, tend to have better results for men. Poland, Australia, Romania, Manila Philippines, etc. are just a few examples.

        If you can, try to focus on obtaining a lifestyle that enables you to travel internationally more often and consider seeking women in other countries.

  29. hello please, is it possible to retrieve my tinder account? as i was logged out and i cannot sign back in because the Facebook i used to sign up has been deactivated

    • In that case no, sorry. You need to be able to log in to the facebook account you used to create your tinder account.

  30. I don’t think creating a new FB account is necessary. I simply deleted the app data from my FB account and Tinder account. When I signed up again and restored my purchases, I was able to swipe on a lot of girls I remember seeing when I first signed up. Also I matched with a bunch of my previous matches.

    • It’s not necessary to reset your matches, but it’s necessary (in almost all tests) to reset your score and get the noob boost.

  31. If you were spamming right… not knowing there was an elo, is there anyway to fix it by being more picky from now on? Or is resetting the only answer?

    • I believe you can slowly increase your score again, but progress takes so long, it makes more sense to just reset. Plus, you’ll get a second chance with new pictures maybe.

  32. ive gotten my profile reviewed on tinder and they say its good. I have reset using these procedures but still no luck. Can anyone confirm if using a different number when creating a new tinder for sms verification works? I was going to try using a friends number and see if it works. Thanks.

    • Am in UK. Does anyone know why when i swipe a yes like, tinder does not allow my chosen like anymore and now immediately directs me to the page were it says ” Get tinder plus” now i cant choose any more likes on the tinder app i downloaded from google playstore unless i sign up an pay for tinder plus, Any help please from anyone what am able to do or why tinder has done this? How can i now keep on tinder without having to pay to sign up onto tinder plus?

  33. Do you think that if I reset my account using this procedure with Tinder Plus, it will use my old elo because of my subscription?

    Because I did just that, and ‘m not sure if it’s a coincidence, but after doing the reset and restoring purchase, I haven’t been getting many matches, whereas before I reset, I was getting quite a bit. Mind you, yes, it’s only been a few hours, but I still find it weird. Only difference between my new and old account is that on the old one, I was swiping non-stop and actually hit the 2000 swipe cap one time and had my visibility set to recently active. Now I’m swiping much more modestly with balanced recommendations turned on.

    • It doesn’t remember you by your subscription. Most likely because it’s not actively trying to remember you. Remembering by facebook login is likely just a side effect of something else.

      I’d say your amount of swiping and the different settings have more to do with your changed match count.

  34. I’ve used tinder in the past, around a year ago. Had very few matchs, removed the app in frustration and unlinked from facebook.

    Only after I realized I was using the worst possible pictures imaginable, breaking every rule of what should be done.

    Well, Now I’m working on new photos and I in the got a new phone, but my number and facebook are still the same.

    Should I be concerned about reseting my account? I don’t wanna burn my new phone by using the same facebook/number since my elo is horrible.

    • I would just get a new (throwaway) facebook account. A few extra minutes, but you should get a fresh start.

      • I’ve tried pretty much everything but I think that a new device, new number and new Apple ID with a new Facebook should be overkill and definitely work unless Tinder uses facial recognition software. Can anyone confirm to me that it would work? Thanks.

        • I can only confirm that the steps in the guide have always been enough for me. I cannot guarantee your plan will work. But I do agree that it’s overkill and SHOULD work. Unless there is another, overlooked factor.

          • Thank you sir. I really can’t think of any other way that they could tie the account to me. Wifi? But I could download and create over AT&T network? The new line is part of a family plan, so that shouldn’t be an issue I wouldn’t think. Short of facial recognition software, I think this plan is full proof besides the Facebook with 50 friends, but my SMS verification should alleviate that concern. I’ll keep everyone posted.

    • I’ve tried it all, but it hasn’t worked. I think I’ve really messed up my tinder account. I’ve gotten around 1400 matches before and it’s been good, but after deleting my account for the 15th or so time,I think I really messed it up.

      Here’s my plan to outsmart (and outspend lol) Tinder. Get:

      New phone
      New phone number (non burner, adding a new line to my plan)
      New Apple ID
      New email address

      Any other suggestions to beat the system?
      New fake Facebook

  35. Question: a friend found my girlfriend on Tinder very recently and told me about her being on there with screen shots of her 4 photos which are very recent (the past month or so). She did have a Tinder account 3 years ago with about 5 pics on it. That’s how met. She claims when she updated her iPhone the other week that it must have reinstalled it. I don’t buy it. Even if it was possible, it wouldn’t pull in recent pics right? You have to manually put pics in. Please advise. Thanks.

    • [Disclaimer] To the best of my knowledge [/disclaimer] that story is… let’s say weak. No, I don’t believe an iOs update would reinstall a previously uninstalled non-standard app. Even if so, did she not delete her account, just the app? And as you said, Tinder does not automatically pull new pictures off of Facebook or your phone, or from anywhere. They have to be uploaded/replaced/updated manually.

      I’m very sorry, Ryan.

      Best case scenario in my mind: She’s “just” there for the attention/validation/ego-boost and doesn’t plan to meet anyone.

      • Thank you for the confirmation and the info. I’m just still in shock since it was the other day I found out about it. Been racking my brain trying to think of any possible scenario but I know all too well that there’s be no way Tinder would’ve imported the photos in. I was 99% sure, however that one percent I thought, “could it be?” Well, here’s to moving on and forgetting her. Her loss.

        • I can’t 100% confirm. But I was messing around with this process just last night, and when I reinstalled it pulled pictures I had never ever used on Tinder (I knew bc they weren’t good pictures of me). Some of them were recent too. Like I said, I can’t be positive, but it did stick out Ronnie at the time. Hope this helps

          • If the “smart photos” feature is on, tinder will update her photos automatically.

  36. Hello guys. I’ve done some tests and here are the results I got :
    – To fully reset your Tinder account, you have to find a second phone. Yes, you’ll have to use 2 phones : one for Facebook/Messenger and another one for Tinder. The best method I found to properly reset my first account after running out of profils was to return to the factory configuration onto my phone (yes, you’ll have to lose all your apps and settings), to change my phone number with another sim card, and indeed, to create a new Facebook account with a new disposable email. Once you have cleared your phone, Tinder cannot re-connect your real (old) Facebook account with your second Tinder account since you deleted the app and all settings from your phone. However, it will request to verify your new account by SMS confirmation, which will not be a problem as you use a new phone number. Thus, I now have my real (old) Facebook account onto a second phone with my old phone number, and Tinder alone onto my first phone which was reseted and now holds a new sim card with a new phone number. Now, I can reset my Tinder account as many times as I want since Tinder cannot connect the accounts with each others.
    – When I created my new account, I uploaded new and better pictures but I didn’t see any matches boost within the first 2 days. I only felt it when I got a beautiful looking girl matche and a tchat. After that, girls profils were better.

    • This has never been necessary for me, but thanks for your input. It may be an alternate method to try if you’re having trouble resetting your account.

      Just one detail: If you didn’t get a boost, it would seem to me that the reset did not work properly.

      • Thank you for your return. It is very strange because I have a different phone, a different number, a brand new iOS (factory configuration), a new Facebook account and a new email. I do not see why the reset would not have worked properly.

        • I don’t see a reason either. Maybe you did get the boost as you should, but didn’t notice a huge difference. It’s possible, I guess. But you never know with tinder. Could also be a bug. Or something went wrong.

          • I think I found a clue. I was not active the first day of the boost and not so much the second one. I thought that letting the app running some hours before starting to swipe would provide more matches. But, looking at your explanations about Tinder’s algorithm again, I probably was downgraded by my inactivity. Thank you for your help, I now understand that the noob boost is very short.

    • I had new phone. New sim.
      New account started with SMS not Facebook. First week..traveled from Melbourne to NZ. The app was buggy as shit. No matches while in nz for 4 days… back to Melbourne. Waited 5 more days. Zero matches.
      So in saying this, no noob boost. No new location boost. Zero matches. Delete.

      Would they somehow store pics from previous accounts to track users? Or face recognition?

      • I seriously doubt they store and compare pictures, let alone use facial recognition to “bust” resetters. Plus, all that is inconsistent with my own experiences (resetting always worked for me). Never forget how glitchy Tinder is. Chances are if something like this happens, it’s not on purpose.

  37. If I create a new Facebook associated with a new email but use the photos i’ve used on Tinder before and the same phone number as before, is Tinder smart enough to realize what I’m doing? Because it doesn’t seem like I’m getting the noob boost or anything really.

  38. This might be slightly long winded. I’ve been testing things for a while now with a few different accounts, and on two different accounts that I’m sure tinder knows are related, having logged into the same account on two different phones and vice versa. Basically, it seems like the device you’re using somehow related to ELO and how many accounts you’ve made, and all that jazz, despite being on a new facebook, itunes account, etc etc.

    When I use Protect My Privacy on a jailbroken iPhone, it says Tinder only accesses the advertising identifier and device name. Even normal iOS lets you reset your Advertising ID. Theoretically, couldn’t you trick Tinder into thinking it’s a totally separate device if you use a new iCloud account, iTunes account, and reset your advertising identifier? Honestly I’ve done so much experimenting, Ive like tanked my ELO and I’m having major issues now even with new accounts, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way for me to actively start fresh without getting a new device.

    I know that’s a lot, but I’m curious if you guys have done any research on anything related to this, or have any info.


    • No, and no.

      Having an active subscription is no problem, and you’ll get to keep it with your new account. You just have to select “Restore Purchase” in the settings.

  39. Upon activating Tinder, I immediately bought Tinder + and turned on the “Control Who Sees You” to “Only People I’ve Liked” to avoid certain people. I went about my business swiping and I generally swipe right about 5 – 10% of the time. Long story short, I think I wrecked my ELO score.

    I recently changed my “Control Who Sees You” back to “Standard” (even though I still am not exactly comfortable with that). I only keep that setting while I’m boosting. All friends have loved my profile FYI and I don’t have any stupid pictures.

    I’m not getting matches. Is there any way to boost my ELO score? I don’t want to nuke my profile because I want to keep my original Facebook linked since I like seeing mutual friends, etc.

    • Well for one thing, you could be less picky.

      Apart from that, getting better pictures and/or and resetting, there’s not much you can do. But the few factors I know of are listed here.

      Thank you for your comment.

  40. I’ve done everything you suggested but my profile is still not being shown regularly. I feel like even when I create a fake facebook Tinder still assigns me the same horrible score that I ruined by swiping right on everyone in the past. I feel like two potential things are getting picked up by Tinder and that’s my phone number and Tinder account that I pay for Tinder Plus on. I don’t want to change my phone number just for a dating app. I tried using Text Plus but those fake phone numbers don’t make it past SMS verification. Contacting the support team is no help either all they did was give me free Boost which didn’t work either. What do you suggest I do?

    • A new phone number or phone, or google/apple account has never been necessary before to make it work.

      It may sound insensitive, but maybe it’s just your profile. Have you put it up for review on r/tinder for example? Or asked friends for their honest opinion?

      • Lol no offense taken and yes I have and I’ve matched with attractive females in the past and every now and then I get an attractive match who’s not a robot. Furthermore, I know it’s my account because I’ve swiped right on over 800 girls while using Tinder Boost when I passported to New York City and I barely got 5 matches. Now that’s just impossible unless Tinder wasn’t showing my profile.

        • Well if it was a new location for you, the noob boost alone should have made your profile a lot more visible. The only thing left I can think of without actually seeing and using your account myself to check is whether or not you were spamming right. But that was covered already.

          At this point I can only assume that I’m either missing a critical piece of information, your perception of what constitutes getting enough matches is different from mine, or yours is somehow else a special case. Oh, and also Tinder seems to have picked up some more bugs recently. I’m reading a lot about “No one new around you” being shown in cases where that’s impossible, and plummeting match rates in general. If this is a relatively recent issue for you, you may just be suffering from one of the common Tinder malfunctions de jour.

          Sorry All this didn’t help.

          If you wanna be completely sure you could always ask a friend for help, and create a new profile with a new FB account on their phone. That should help zero in on the culprit.

  41. What do you mean by a right swipe quota of 30 to 70%? How many girls should I be swiping right on to be seen more? My problem is that my profile is not being shown enough so I barely get any matches no matter how many girls I swipe on. Furthermore, how do I improve my score so that my profile is seen by more women? By the way, I’ve swiped right on hundreds of girls while using Tinder Boost and that still didn’t work.

  42. I followed your instructions for a proper reset exactly, but when I redownload tinder, it still asks me to login with my old facebook password. I unlinked tinder from my primary facebook account, and yet it still wants me to login with that account. It doesn’t even give me a option to login with a different account. Am I missing a step or has tinder removed the ability to login with a different account?

    • This seems very weird, and I have to admit, I can’t really imagine what you mean by it wants you to log in with the old account.

      Do you have the Facebook app running on your phone? If you’re logged into your new account on the FB app, Tinder should automatically use that login.

      • After some troubleshooting, I found out that signing out of my Apple ID allowed me to sign into Tinder under my new account. My only guess this happened is because prior to signing out of iCloud, while unlinked, my data from my tinder account and facebook account was still saved in the Cloud. But this is only my best guess as to why I was running into that issue and don’t have any real way of being 100% sure.

        But yeah, before signing out of iCloud, even after deleting tinder, unlinking the account, and then reinstalling, it still told me “Sign is as (my name)” without any option to log into a different account.

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