1. Question: a friend found my girlfriend on Tinder very recently and told me about her being on there with screen shots of her 4 photos which are very recent (the past month or so). She did have a Tinder account 3 years ago with about 5 pics on it. That’s how met. She claims when she updated her iPhone the other week that it must have reinstalled it. I don’t buy it. Even if it was possible, it wouldn’t pull in recent pics right? You have to manually put pics in. Please advise. Thanks.

    • [Disclaimer] To the best of my knowledge [/disclaimer] that story is… let’s say weak. No, I don’t believe an iOs update would reinstall a previously uninstalled non-standard app. Even if so, did she not delete her account, just the app? And as you said, Tinder does not automatically pull new pictures off of Facebook or your phone, or from anywhere. They have to be uploaded/replaced/updated manually.

      I’m very sorry, Ryan.

      Best case scenario in my mind: She’s “just” there for the attention/validation/ego-boost and doesn’t plan to meet anyone.

      • Thank you for the confirmation and the info. I’m just still in shock since it was the other day I found out about it. Been racking my brain trying to think of any possible scenario but I know all too well that there’s be no way Tinder would’ve imported the photos in. I was 99% sure, however that one percent I thought, “could it be?” Well, here’s to moving on and forgetting her. Her loss.

        • I can’t 100% confirm. But I was messing around with this process just last night, and when I reinstalled it pulled pictures I had never ever used on Tinder (I knew bc they weren’t good pictures of me). Some of them were recent too. Like I said, I can’t be positive, but it did stick out Ronnie at the time. Hope this helps

          • If the “smart photos” feature is on, tinder will update her photos automatically.

  2. Hello guys. I’ve done some tests and here are the results I got :
    – To fully reset your Tinder account, you have to find a second phone. Yes, you’ll have to use 2 phones : one for Facebook/Messenger and another one for Tinder. The best method I found to properly reset my first account after running out of profils was to return to the factory configuration onto my phone (yes, you’ll have to lose all your apps and settings), to change my phone number with another sim card, and indeed, to create a new Facebook account with a new disposable email. Once you have cleared your phone, Tinder cannot re-connect your real (old) Facebook account with your second Tinder account since you deleted the app and all settings from your phone. However, it will request to verify your new account by SMS confirmation, which will not be a problem as you use a new phone number. Thus, I now have my real (old) Facebook account onto a second phone with my old phone number, and Tinder alone onto my first phone which was reseted and now holds a new sim card with a new phone number. Now, I can reset my Tinder account as many times as I want since Tinder cannot connect the accounts with each others.
    – When I created my new account, I uploaded new and better pictures but I didn’t see any matches boost within the first 2 days. I only felt it when I got a beautiful looking girl matche and a tchat. After that, girls profils were better.

    • This has never been necessary for me, but thanks for your input. It may be an alternate method to try if you’re having trouble resetting your account.

      Just one detail: If you didn’t get a boost, it would seem to me that the reset did not work properly.

      • Thank you for your return. It is very strange because I have a different phone, a different number, a brand new iOS (factory configuration), a new Facebook account and a new email. I do not see why the reset would not have worked properly.

        • I don’t see a reason either. Maybe you did get the boost as you should, but didn’t notice a huge difference. It’s possible, I guess. But you never know with tinder. Could also be a bug. Or something went wrong.

          • I think I found a clue. I was not active the first day of the boost and not so much the second one. I thought that letting the app running some hours before starting to swipe would provide more matches. But, looking at your explanations about Tinder’s algorithm again, I probably was downgraded by my inactivity. Thank you for your help, I now understand that the noob boost is very short.

    • I had new phone. New sim.
      New account started with SMS not Facebook. First week..traveled from Melbourne to NZ. The app was buggy as shit. No matches while in nz for 4 days… back to Melbourne. Waited 5 more days. Zero matches.
      So in saying this, no noob boost. No new location boost. Zero matches. Delete.

      Would they somehow store pics from previous accounts to track users? Or face recognition?

      • I seriously doubt they store and compare pictures, let alone use facial recognition to “bust” resetters. Plus, all that is inconsistent with my own experiences (resetting always worked for me). Never forget how glitchy Tinder is. Chances are if something like this happens, it’s not on purpose.

  3. If I create a new Facebook associated with a new email but use the photos i’ve used on Tinder before and the same phone number as before, is Tinder smart enough to realize what I’m doing? Because it doesn’t seem like I’m getting the noob boost or anything really.

  4. This might be slightly long winded. I’ve been testing things for a while now with a few different accounts, and on two different accounts that I’m sure tinder knows are related, having logged into the same account on two different phones and vice versa. Basically, it seems like the device you’re using somehow related to ELO and how many accounts you’ve made, and all that jazz, despite being on a new facebook, itunes account, etc etc.

    When I use Protect My Privacy on a jailbroken iPhone, it says Tinder only accesses the advertising identifier and device name. Even normal iOS lets you reset your Advertising ID. Theoretically, couldn’t you trick Tinder into thinking it’s a totally separate device if you use a new iCloud account, iTunes account, and reset your advertising identifier? Honestly I’ve done so much experimenting, Ive like tanked my ELO and I’m having major issues now even with new accounts, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way for me to actively start fresh without getting a new device.

    I know that’s a lot, but I’m curious if you guys have done any research on anything related to this, or have any info.


    • No, and no.

      Having an active subscription is no problem, and you’ll get to keep it with your new account. You just have to select “Restore Purchase” in the settings.

  5. Upon activating Tinder, I immediately bought Tinder + and turned on the “Control Who Sees You” to “Only People I’ve Liked” to avoid certain people. I went about my business swiping and I generally swipe right about 5 – 10% of the time. Long story short, I think I wrecked my ELO score.

    I recently changed my “Control Who Sees You” back to “Standard” (even though I still am not exactly comfortable with that). I only keep that setting while I’m boosting. All friends have loved my profile FYI and I don’t have any stupid pictures.

    I’m not getting matches. Is there any way to boost my ELO score? I don’t want to nuke my profile because I want to keep my original Facebook linked since I like seeing mutual friends, etc.

    • Well for one thing, you could be less picky.

      Apart from that, getting better pictures and/or and resetting, there’s not much you can do. But the few factors I know of are listed here.

      Thank you for your comment.

  6. I’ve done everything you suggested but my profile is still not being shown regularly. I feel like even when I create a fake facebook Tinder still assigns me the same horrible score that I ruined by swiping right on everyone in the past. I feel like two potential things are getting picked up by Tinder and that’s my phone number and Tinder account that I pay for Tinder Plus on. I don’t want to change my phone number just for a dating app. I tried using Text Plus but those fake phone numbers don’t make it past SMS verification. Contacting the support team is no help either all they did was give me free Boost which didn’t work either. What do you suggest I do?

    • A new phone number or phone, or google/apple account has never been necessary before to make it work.

      It may sound insensitive, but maybe it’s just your profile. Have you put it up for review on r/tinder for example? Or asked friends for their honest opinion?

      • Lol no offense taken and yes I have and I’ve matched with attractive females in the past and every now and then I get an attractive match who’s not a robot. Furthermore, I know it’s my account because I’ve swiped right on over 800 girls while using Tinder Boost when I passported to New York City and I barely got 5 matches. Now that’s just impossible unless Tinder wasn’t showing my profile.

        • Well if it was a new location for you, the noob boost alone should have made your profile a lot more visible. The only thing left I can think of without actually seeing and using your account myself to check is whether or not you were spamming right. But that was covered already.

          At this point I can only assume that I’m either missing a critical piece of information, your perception of what constitutes getting enough matches is different from mine, or yours is somehow else a special case. Oh, and also Tinder seems to have picked up some more bugs recently. I’m reading a lot about “No one new around you” being shown in cases where that’s impossible, and plummeting match rates in general. If this is a relatively recent issue for you, you may just be suffering from one of the common Tinder malfunctions de jour.

          Sorry All this didn’t help.

          If you wanna be completely sure you could always ask a friend for help, and create a new profile with a new FB account on their phone. That should help zero in on the culprit.

  7. What do you mean by a right swipe quota of 30 to 70%? How many girls should I be swiping right on to be seen more? My problem is that my profile is not being shown enough so I barely get any matches no matter how many girls I swipe on. Furthermore, how do I improve my score so that my profile is seen by more women? By the way, I’ve swiped right on hundreds of girls while using Tinder Boost and that still didn’t work.

  8. I followed your instructions for a proper reset exactly, but when I redownload tinder, it still asks me to login with my old facebook password. I unlinked tinder from my primary facebook account, and yet it still wants me to login with that account. It doesn’t even give me a option to login with a different account. Am I missing a step or has tinder removed the ability to login with a different account?

    • This seems very weird, and I have to admit, I can’t really imagine what you mean by it wants you to log in with the old account.

      Do you have the Facebook app running on your phone? If you’re logged into your new account on the FB app, Tinder should automatically use that login.

      • After some troubleshooting, I found out that signing out of my Apple ID allowed me to sign into Tinder under my new account. My only guess this happened is because prior to signing out of iCloud, while unlinked, my data from my tinder account and facebook account was still saved in the Cloud. But this is only my best guess as to why I was running into that issue and don’t have any real way of being 100% sure.

        But yeah, before signing out of iCloud, even after deleting tinder, unlinking the account, and then reinstalling, it still told me “Sign is as (my name)” without any option to log into a different account.

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