Is Tinder Using Image Recognition Software? Yes (AWS), But Maybe Not in The Way You Thought.

Last updated on 2019-10-13

As we found out towards the end of last year, Tinder has licensed Amazon’s AWS image recognition software to facilitate their Top Picks feature and improve their matching algorithm, at least in theory.

This has added fuel to the recently circulating conspiracy theory that Tinder is using facial recognition to prevent users from resetting their accounts. I.e. that even if you use all new phone numbers, IPs, social accounts, and pictures, they’ll “catch you” by identifying you in your new pictures. Apart from the ridiculousness of the notion that a dating app should be using government intelligence grade technology to make sure users can’t trick their score system and get a fresh start (thus getting more matches again), AWS is just not that kind of recognition software.


How does Tinder use Amazon’s AWS?

AWS is an image recognition software that (supposedly) recognizes what is happening in a picture, originally in order to sort and filter your gallery automatically. Tinder is (by all appearances) using this software to get a clue of what you are doing or portraying in your profile pictures. This is data that they can then use to determine what kind of pictures, and by extension, personality you like, to eventually show you more of that type of profile.

They also pretty clearly appear to use image recognition in tandem with text recognition to serve you your daily “Top Picks” and generate the little blurbs such as “Athlete”, “Scholar” etc. Failing at it, but obviously trying to.

Now whether or not this is a good thing is a different discussion, though my money is on “No.” as it appears to have further limited the average user’s matches. Presumably because their supposed target audience doesn’t feel the same way about them, or just because of further limiting the pool of potential matches.

Tinder Algorithm Update

The algorithm has changed and prefers to show you people you should like based on whom other people who have historically liked the people you have historically liked as well also like now.

AWS image recognition likely plays a role in this new system, as it potentially provides information about what kind of activities are being showcased in profile pictures, and whether you seem to like people who like these activities, for example.


And on that terrible disappointment, it’s time to refer you to the comment section below and the SwipeHelper Subreddit for anything you wish to add. See you there 🙂


  1. What’s a successful method for tricking the recognition if you want to re-use the same pictures after a reset? Could it be as simple as adding a black 1 pixel border?

  2. I’ve done the hard reset with no success. I got 10 matches the first 2 days and nothing since. I have 30 matches in que but can never find them. I used a new phone #, Apple ID, & didn’t connect Fbook, etc. I have used some of the same pics. Is there a way to reset my ELO or am I screwed from the facial recognition software? I’d be willing to wait 3 months if that would guarantee an ELO reset. I used to get way more matches while having worse pics so I feel like something is off.

  3. Hi I was banned a few months ago and I’ve read the reset guide. But I was wondering if it’s necessary to use a new first and last name ? And if I took new pictures on the banned device would that still get me banned ? And last question do I have to use my new account in a different WiFi location than my banned device ? Thanks for the help

  4. Hi,
    I got banned from tinder for no actual reason.
    So if I get a new phone and new SIM card and use new photos,is tinder gonna recognize me and ban me again?
    Thank you in advance.

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