Not Getting any Tinder Matches? You May Not Just Be Ugly.

First off, it is important to differentiate whether you’re getting no matches at all, or getting few, or fewer matches than you used to. If your problem is the latter, I’ve got you covered in the linked post.

The second important distinction we have to make is whether you suddenly stopped getting matches, or you never got any from the start.

Possible reasons for why you aren’t getting any Tinder matches (anymore)

You’ve been right swiping every profile

This is a big one and applies whether you just started out or have been on Tinder for a long time. Swiping right on everyone is a major no-no and Tinder’s algorithm will severely lower your score, rendering you nigh invisible.

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If you haven’t gotten any matches since you first signed up for Tinder

Assuming you didn’t sign up today, there are basically two possibilities:

Your profile is unattractive

That doesn’t mean you are, but that you have presented yourself in an unattractive light. Try to improve your profile, especially your pictures, and see if things pick up. Here’s a complete guide. Alternatively, here’s just the ground rules on profile pictures.

Your account is bugged

Something went wrong during the account creation process and now your account is bugged. It happens sometimes, especially if you used a temporary burner number from an online service.

If this is the case and you’ve already tried sprucing things up with more attractive pictures, you may consider resetting your account.

You may be too picky

It is possible you’ve been swiping entirely out of your league and dismissing everyone who swiped right on you. If applicable, try lowering your standards but do not just spam swipe right on everybody.

If all the above fails…

…you may consider trying a different dating service like OkCupid, or eharmony for example.

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If you used to get matches and they suddenly stopped coming

It’s very likely you did something to piss off Tinder’s algorithm. Such as:

You tried to reset your account

Something went wrong, and you have been shadow-banned. I.e. The app seems usable to you, you can swipe and send messages to matches, but you have been rendered invisible to everyone else.

Tinder likes to do this if it thinks you’re a bot, and deleting your account to remake it a few minutes later is something bots like to do.

Recently, attempting to reset their account has resulted in a shadowban for many users, though it still works for others if certain steps are followed and one doesn’t overdo it.

You tried to spoof your location, or changed it too often

Using third party apps to change your GPS location to circumvent paying for that Plus feature is something Tinder doesn’t take kindly to, and it may net you a shadowban.

Users have also managed to brick their account by changing their location too often, for example once every few minutes (for whatever reason).

You have been reported (as a spammer) too often

Usually Tinder just deletes your account (and informs you as such) if you have been reported too often, but in some cases -such as suspected bots – they prefer the shadowban hammer.

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If you kept getting fewer and fewer matches until there were none

It’s likely you haven’t been shadowbanned per se, but rather your score has gotten so low you might as well be invisible. This could be due to unfortunate profile changes, or just not following Tinder’s rule book.

Generally the further possible reasons and advice from the “Getting Fewer Matches” post apply here, but the decline to zero is a special case.

What can you do to get yourself un-banned?

Whatever the reason may be that landed you in shadowban land, there is not all that much you can do to get out of it. You could try to contact Tinder support, but don’t expect a relevant, or even human answer.

If you are actually certain you don’t just have a low score, and you’ve tried everything feasible to improve your profile to no avail, all you can really still do (apart from giving up on Tinder) is to try to reset your account. Even though a failed attempt is one of the reasons you might be in this situation.


Not getting any matches at all usually means Tinder has punished you for something. Attractiveness in and of itself should only influence what kind of profiles you see and get shown to, and never just render you invisible.

On the other hand, Tinder seems to be doing everything in their power to saw off the branch they’re sitting on, so it might be a good idea to shop around for other dating apps anyway.

In any case, try not to take a lack of matches too personally. If it gets too frustrating, take a break from online dating and work on improving yourself. If you love your life, others will want to be a part of it

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What do you think? Have you stopped getting matches for a different reason? Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. See you there 🙂


  1. Something weird happened. A match sent me a very nice, actually considerate first message (a verified profile) and there was a notification below his message that the content had been flagged as potentially inappropriate – it was really the opposite. I replied to the guy and joked about the comment. Never got an answer from him and I had 3 other very active conversations going – suddenly stopped getting answers (well, I didn’t push it but none responded to my last message). I also stopped getting matches at all. It’s just been a couple days but I’d say every 3 or 4 swipes was an instant match before and now I’ve swiped a lot to test, nothing. What do you think could have caused that?

  2. Does anyone know if other dating websites follow the same algorithms? Because it seems like they all do the same thing. I’ve tried a tonne of different dating sites over the years (Blendr, Are You Interested, Plenty of Fish, Bumble, Badoo, Zoosk, RSVP etc) and after a brief promising period where I might get 1 or 2 matches, I then get absolutely nothing for the entire rest of the time. And then they’ll ask you to pay to sign up. I’ve paid premium membership with a few of these apps, and nothing changes. Never met anyone.

  3. Tbh their system is rather stupid imo. I was in a bad mood while swiping the other day so basically everyone went left. And then my suggestions kept getting “worse” (lack of a better word) and “worse”. I’m not exactly keen to start swiping left on random people just to raise my score and to see better matches. It’s just a bad spiral.

  4. The reason you dont get any matches on here if you’re a guy – the women on here are stuck up. Plain and simple. Ive been using this app for well over 5 years now and i havent met anyone. I’ve swiped thousands upon thousands of profiles and i dont get any matches. The 3 or 4 matches i have gotten over 5 years didnt even want to talk to me. They just aren’t interested and that actually makes me quite sad. 🙁

      • Mate, if I could count the amount of profiles I’ve started up on this thing and still get no matches after about a week, I’d be here all fricken day. And I’ve even tried paying for the damn thing! This thing is a joke, and the women on there are stuck up, shallow and excessively picky. They only want the very best of the best. And that is exactly why they’re single.

          • You are right. Very true! And also I’ve tried a bunch of dating websites over the years (more than I can count). And I just cant understand why i dont get any matches, replies or anything on these dating sites. I dont know what the hell i have to do. Maybe they are all the same as Tinder.

          • I see a good number of women on this crap just advertising and trying to get followers on Instagram.

          • I’ve tried so many websites over the years, and I get absolutely no interest on any of them. I’m not even that bad looking as far as I know. I’ve made tonnes of profiles on all different websites – adult matchmaker, zoosk, tinder, bumble, blendr, Are you interested,, eharmony, oasisactive, I’ve lost count of the amount of websites I’ve tried. And these women just aren’t interested. Now that I’m 34 I not only can’t find someone younger, I can’t even find anyone around my age group. I get no interest from women and it just really sucks!

        • Omg cee you are so right, they want a david beckam or a tom cruise in their life they are so stuck in their own fantasies its actually quite sad, ive been on here for 2 weeks swiped hundreds but to no avail, i really think its a scam

          • Yeah exactly. I’ve been on there for years. Been off it for a while, came back to it, went off it again for a while, came back to it again. Absolutely nothing. Not a single soul. I’ve even swiping women I have no attraction to whatsoever thinking maybe I’ll get a match with those. But, nope, nothing. What a load of crap!

          • What I’ve been doing is swiping everyone. I don’t want to go through each profile thinking whether or not I like this person only to realize I won’t receive a match from them anyway. It takes too long. So I’ve been swiping everyone. Eventually it gets to a point where it just says “we found no new people in your area” and then you’re like “woohoo! I’ve officially been rejected by everyone”. And then it asks you to pay to buy superboosts to improve your chances. I tried that once as well. They must give you like 1 or 2 superboosts and that didn’t help me either. lol

          • What you’re doing by swiping right on everyone is lowering your score and making sure you get no matches.

  5. I truly believe the app is broken. I had an account for about a year and then deleted it in December 2018. Since May I always make a new account and after about 4 hours Tinder deletes the aacount as if it never existed. Today I managed to keep the acount alive but still have 0 likes, even though I used to have a lot of matches. I believe once you delete your first account, they give you intentionally hell unless you pay. All the reviews on Google Play for my country say the same. I have no idea what they’ve done with it but it’s pretty infuriating. Tinder support doesn’t help either, they always just say accounts get bugged if their system detects duplicate profile. Can’t believe people are paying money to this company.

  6. My ex-boyfriend keeps deleting his tinder account and creating a new account so that he will appear in my deck at least twice a week. Is there anyway to block/ stop or report this kind of behaviour?

  7. Hi, so I paid for Tinder Gold a couple weeks back and was getting tons of likes, got some new pictures and decided to reset my account. Ive been getting a lot less likes now and have reseted several more times to try to fix it. I would get like 10-12 likes a lot of the times is the same girls not very good quality and then 1 or 2 a day when i was getting 20-40 a day before. How can I fix this? Should I create a new account with a new phone number? What about my Tinder Gold Subscription for 6 months, will I be able to restore it to the new account and treat it as a new one or will it go back to thinking its my previous account? Thank you for the help!

    • Boss So many questions yet no answer ? I bought tinder plus and I got matches rapidly same day for about 9 hours of that day. But after 9 hours I have not seen any match even though I swipe unlimitedly . What could be going on? Is my account active or dormant?

  8. I made an account with the same phone number and device that I previously used with someone else’s pics and let it run for one month.

    I ended up getting around 75 likes and decided to buy Tinder Gold. I put my pictures up and swiped right on about 35 ppl in the gold queue. I messaged all these people at the same time as well. Its been a few days now and I have only got 2 responses. I think I was shadowbanned as I did this all within an hour.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    • Good, stop catfishing people wtf, probly banned you for that. No wonder probly got little to no replys (which is uusally the case for most)

      • I had 45 matches on my old account and tinder deleted it… bottom line the app is broken and unless your a 9-10/10, you won’t have success

  9. I try to remake an account after shadowbanned for resetting 2 times.

    New sim card, phone to factory settings, new Google play account.
    Not connecting any insta or spotify.

    But I still do not get any matches, while I used to get 8-15 a day with the same pics and bio.

    I got SMS verification with a weird code string after the verification code.
    Maybe tinder logs the phone imei?

  10. Hi, thanks for this valuable information. I’m still not sure what I have done wrong (If I have…). I opened a new account last week (a couple of months since I cancelled my older one). At the begining everything seemed pretty cool. I matched 12 women in the first two days… But after that, like 4 days in a row with zero matches. I haven’t been the most picky guy, nor I have swipped right on anyone, so I don’t get what I’m being punished.

  11. Tinder should be making you more aware of the “swiping right too much” thing. Especially if you are paying £14.99 a month for it like I am! Wasn’t aware of that at all…doesn’t seem like good business to be secretly cutting off some of your customers for breaking rules they didn’t know existed.

  12. Hmmm… it seems like I was being (unintentionally) too picky. I say unintentionally because I wasn’t exactly right swiping out of my league – I think. I just decided to rswipe on girls who actually have bios. And where I live that’s more than 90% of the profiles. Most of them either have nothing or just their instagram handle. Even a lot of really ugly girls didn’t put anything on their bio.
    Is this common or it seems like something from where I live?

    Anyways, guess I’ll try to take better pictures and a new phone number…

      • Yeah, it’s common nowadays. And as we cannot see the Instagram username anymore, people are filling the bio with it, and only it. Hope Facebook Dating opens Tinder’s eyes.

  13. Between 2016- 2017, 2018 (Not that bad) I had so many genuine matches, it was overwhelming, however end of 2018 and all of 2019, I dont seem to get matches as much, lets say 1 match per 2 weeks, that too seems fake and doesnt respond. I can say im a solid 7 or 8 out of 10 at looks and got heaps of matches last few years. Its getting kinda frustrating and I am wondering should I legit purchase tinder gold? Is tinder gold worth the bucks? Can anyone please suggest?

    Thanks in advance

    • Tinder Gold will not increase your matches unless seeing who liked you makes you lower your standards enough to match with people on whom you would have previously swiped left.

  14. Hello, could you do a dedicated post about paid boosts? They are my bread & butter and would like to learn how to use them better.

    What happens if i don’t swipe anyone during boost? (i still do get matches)

    Basically during a boost am i better off swiping no-one or every-one? (i have a reason for “everyone”).

    • You seem to be using paid boosts a lot more often than me (0 times) so you would probably benefit more from doing your own testing. But in general you’d get more matches from swiping (not everyone) while using boost, as you’ll be placed higher in the decks of the people you swipe on, vs. only randomly discovered by people you didn’t swipe on.

      • Hello, i use about 2 swipes per day..8-9 PM. I tested by swiping everyone and the number of matches increase 3-4 times vs not swiping anyone.

        For a long time i didn’t swipe anyone, are the potential matches i lost permanent (as in do i need to reset in order for them to see me again?).


        • Okay, so, why only 2 swipes? I guess with that low number, you could right swipe all you want and the system wouldn’t register it as spamming. But ah, if by swiping you mean right swiping and by not swiping you mean swiping left, then yes those that you swiped left are lost forever, or until one of you recreates their account.

          • Sorry, i meant i use 2 paid boosts per day, at 8 and at 8:30. I was wondering since the vast, vast amounts of paid boosts i did in my area in the past, i didn’t swipe anyone (inaction), are those people i didn’t swipe on while boosting lost? As in will future paid boosts show me to them again if they didn’t see me those times (say i was in their deck but lower priority)?

            Also i noticed that the people icons floating are the people who actually seeing your profile while swiping at that moment.

          • Ah, that clears things up. No, I don’t believe those profiles are lost. Boosting just makes your profile more visible to current users, while placing you higher in the decks of those on whom you swipe right. So swiping while boosting is encouraged to get more out of it.

  15. I tried using Textnow numbers and everytime I can’t register a new account, but there’s a bug that allows it using the iOS app. Still I will not be able to use the (free) account due to unlimited swipes and getting the same women again and again. Also it’s impossible to log into the account once it has been created, using a PC. It will only work in the app.

    Bottom line: Textnow fake US numbers are banned from Tinder.

  16. My Old Account With A Phone Number Got Banned. I Am Using A New Number Now But With The Same Phone, Same IP, & same Pics(Mosty). Still, I Feel Like I Am in Shadow-Ban Land. Plz, Help Me On What I Should Do?

  17. Hi,

    I have never reset my account before, neither been banned, but I’m thinking about getting a reset, now the thing is, even if the reset wouldn’t be successful and I get shadowbanned and invisible, will I see the profile of someone that has unmatched me on my current account? will it be still in the pool of people being shown to me?

    thank you.

    p.s: is there a difference between shadowbanned and banned? and do people just guess if they’re banned or they’ll be told by the app?

    • If they are still active and Tinder still pools you in the same attractiveness region, it’s possible you will see them again.

      And they just guess if they’re shadowbanned, while an actual ban that doesn’t let you log in anymore will inform you thusly.

  18. My tinder has been hanging on “None Matches in Your Area” for days. I live in a MAJOR metro area. I’ve tried expanding ranges and logging off to no avail. Any ideas?

  19. Hi! First of all, thank you for this amazing blog!

    According to your last updates about reseting Tinder, I have a doubt, hope you could help me:

    I started using a Facebook account, and then my phone number: im both cases I didn’t know how Tinder worked, so I swept right sistematically: my score must be completely f**** up, so I don’t think it’s worth it to re-use these acounts.
    Then, I created two more accounts with two phone numbers: the first one worked reasonably (let’s call it A), but then I decided to create the second one (B), which has not been working very well: I’m afraid that Tinder caught me and detected the reset.

    So, I’m thinking to reuse the first one (A), with new photos and info. What do you think?
    Thank you!

    • I think reusing the account that is doing reasonably well with new improved pictures is the best way to go 🙂

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