1. I got banned out of the blue a month ago and today I tried to make a new account with a new phone number, no sim card, new WIFI IP address, logged out of Apple ID for good measure and NO likes or matches. My profile was not being shown at all. I was invisible. Before I got banned, I had thousands of likes and matches so I am obviously still banned in some form. It is strange that they would allow you to make a new account and just not show your profile. Is there any way around this?

    • Same happened to me. I tried it with 4 different phones, 4 different new SIM cards, new Apple IDs, and in one of them I even Created a new Facebook account which I made sure to have friends and likes first.
      Nothing works. My profile is not being shown. No matches at all and keep seeing the same people over and over abain

  2. I got banned months ago on my original account for posting a photo of myself as a child. Then made a new one and Got a complete shadow ban. Made an account with new Facebook and verified with a textnow number. I may have used old photos (do they really save these?). I never bought tinder gold any addon so I don’t think my old apple account is an issue. I got zero matches in two days and then it wouldn’t show me matches anymore at all. Does this mean my new phone can never make a new tinder? Or that I need a brand new SIM card? Can someone explain exactly what you need to do after being shadowbanned to start a new account?

  3. My account is %100 shadowbanned. How can i start over? Will
    new phone number, new email, new facebook,new pictures method work?

  4. Wow! I finally requested my Tinder data and my account went all the way back to 2015, despite many many deletes and remakes.

    What happens if you use a burner number to make a new account but eventually get hit with SMS and use an old (already associated with Tinder) number to verify? Is your account automatically no longer a “new” account?

    Whats the best method to make a new account? New Facebook or make an account with FB and use a new phone number?

  5. New phone. New number. New Apple ID, new email and new photos. I’m a female in a very touristic town. No matches. I keep saying the same 10-20 not very attractive men, and I haven’t had any matches yet (it’s been a couple of days and I did swipe right on a few)
    Before with my old account, I would get hundreds of matches with very attractive people.
    What could be happening? I’m puzzled 😕

  6. Hi swipe helper, I have a similar problem, when I reset the account, my matches stop loading after a few hours. A few hours later matches load again but it seems the matches previously acquired are somehow unreachable. Could it be tinder wipes those particular matches but still shows them in your list of matches?

  7. god i create new email, new number, new phone and perhaps same name and pictures
    got me to tinder but i believe still i got no matches for days
    and i feel like in a loop for swiping the same person over and over again
    tinder is major madness

  8. In the past I “rage liked” every time and get a three-digit count of matches after three days. Then I deleted all the girls I wouldn’t date and had fifty left – very good.

    This Monday I made a new Tinder-Gold account with brand new pictures I never used before. According to Photofeeler those new pictures are as great as my past ones. I was very selective this time, no more rage-liking. I used one boost. After three days I only had three matches. Horrible!

    I bought a new phone (no joke), received a new phone number, didn’t use my WIFI – nor my GooglePlay-Account. I cropped the photos and made them a little bit sharper. This time I only bought Tinder Plus. I didn’t install any apps on this new device (like facebook and so on). No browsing. After 48 hours I only had five matches. I didn’t use the boost this time, but anyway: Much to less matches, too.

    I am now very frustrated and think about to end the test, link my Instagram-account, upload some of the old pictures and set up my entire new phone with all apps I need. 🙁

    • Depending on how far in the past this was, it may just be the comparison between “good old tinder” before all the boost and gold crap, and modern day tinder where your visibility just feels crippled compared to how things used to be.

      • It was not that far in the past. I think, that the last experience with lots of matches while rage liking was in 2018.

        I have changed one Tinder Plus setting, so that now everyone can see my Tinder-Profile. And I will use my boost on this Tuesday and I am curious about what will happen.

  9. Here’s what we need to do in 2018 to get a FAIR shot:

    – New device (preferrably)
    – Burner phone number
    – Burner email
    – New photos, or altered photos with EXIF removed- you HAVE to remove the EXIF data
    – Spoof location of VPN
    – Slightly changed PII

    If you’re resetting consistency just jailbreak your device because it will be less of a headache. Treat these apps like you’re a hacker and bot, even though you aren’t. Use the same methods hackers and bots do but generate a real account.

  10. This is awful. These dating apps get worse and worse by the minute. On an unrelated note- people are talking about 20,30,100 likes, etc.

    I recently created a catfish female account to see what Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are like for women…. The findings?

    – Over 2,000 likes in 24 hours
    – Over 100 matches with attractive men
    – Messaged by 50+ men in the same day
    – Asked on 7 dates before dinner time

    Want to know why online dating is so difficult now? She can’t even see you, and, if she does, you’re lost among 300 SPAM emails in her inbox. I’m not sure how anyone is winning in this scenario other than the apps making some cash. They don’t care about the users anymore, and the shady behavior of shadow banning just makes it all the more apparent.

  11. My Tinder account was recently banned and I have NO clue why. I have been a customer since 2016 I think, I’ve probably spent 300$ canadian total, and they banned me.

    I am fairly respectful to women on Tinder, I havent had too many fights or even bad conversations with women in my opinion, and I certainly havent said anything crazy that one might expect a ban for.

    What the hell happened? Customer service will not give me a contact number or tell me why I was banned, is there anything I can do?

  12. First of all I would like to thank you a lot for all your efforts in doing research and writing guides for us! *thumbsup*
    Regarding the reset topic I have a general question: do you (or other visitors of this site) have any idea why Tinder is acting this way (shadowban…) these days? I mean: what is wrong from their perspective with resetting an account and why should that be punished in a way, that people don`t want to use Tinder anymore? They are losing tons of users every day because they are destroying the user experience totally and lost users means lost potential customers who will not invest anymore money into plus or even gold membership.

    Beside all the guys who frequently reset their account on a weekly basis to “cheat” with noob boost (which the company of course does not like) there might be millions of men or women who had some dates, tried a relationship with someone and deleted therefor their account, realized a month or so later that this wasn`t sustainable and they split up, then want to again go back to Tinder and in the last consequence find themselfes shadowbanned.
    Isn`t that totally ridiculous?
    I also deleted my account and started a new one some weeks later (that was 2 weeks ago) because I needed a break and found that even including noob boost I only got 20-30 likes (not even talking about matches) within one whole (!) week! That with a profile I got more than 100 matches (and I am really picky) with attractive woman before I deleted it. My photos are getting ratings of 8,0 to 9,5 of 10 on photofeeler.com in attractiveness so this is the proof that I got shadowbanned and that I am not being shown to women.


  13. I posted something similar to your subreddit but wanted to post here for the benefit of readers. I was banned from Tinder (not sure why. They wouldn’t tell me of course). So, after this, I decided to sign up using my phone number, rather than the old Facebook account they banned. I restored my Gold purchase and everything worked well for a few weeks, until a few week agos, when I noticed no matches. And, when I boosted, about 10 came in right away, and then disappeared within a minute…except two. And, I noticed those two were people I had matched with previously on that same account. So, my guess is that I was shadowbanned in some capacity, and that they allow old matches but not new ones. So, thinking it may just be a glitch, I logged out and when I tried to get back in, I was totally banned.

    So, I know for sure Tinder associated my phone number with my old, banned, account. No question there.

    Anyway, I started a new Tinder account under a Google Voice number I had. However, it is on *the same phone* and *same Google account.* I had an active Gold subscription and it would not even apply to my new account, saying my *subscription* was associated with another Tinder account (i.e. my old, banned one).

    So, what I did was start a new subscription for a month and applied it to my new Tinder. It allowed me to do this.

    So, over a week later, everything is fine. Gold is fine. I seemed to have gotten the newbie boost a week ago, and things have settled. However, I am *not* shadowbanned or banned. I am getting some consistent matches and messages are going through.

    Also, one trick I learned to check for a shadow ban is to switch my “seeking” to men as well as women. I notice the male likes come in super quickly. So, this might be a helpful way to test for a shadow ban, since when I was clearly shadow banned, no new likes would stick.

  14. Is there any chance Tinder uses facial recognition for flagging an account? I made a new account with a new phone number, email address, on a new IP address, with pictures that I’d used previously but altered them a little bit so they weren’t the exact same pictures, and again am finding my ELO is extremely low. The first picture has 78% attractive on photofeeler, the second 79%, and the third is a group shot. Nothing controversial in both pics and bio so I really don’t understand what’s happening. I live in a big metropolis too.

    • Did you use a new google/apple account too? Did you alter the pictures’ file names too?

      Do you see mostly not very attractive people, or is it that you don’t get many matches?

      • I made the account on the desktop version. I emailed myself the pictures but I’m not sure if they’re different file names or not. I don’t believe those pictures were on that computer in the first place but I’ll have to double check.

      • Sorry missed answering the second question. It’s that I get very few matches, like 1 after 600 swipes and the icon where it shows the number of right swipes people made on you stays at either 3+ or 0.

        • Well that speaks to your visibility being lowered was opposed to your score. I know this doesn’t help you out much. I’m trying to make some sense of the new situation too.

          • I think it’s tied to ELO though. Multiple times I’ve uploaded pictures of a male model to boost ELO by setting the age range to a different one I normally do and sure enough I’ll get 99+ likes in 48 hours. This is what’s leading me to believe that maybe they use facial recognition.

  15. No, I would say that most of them are not very attractive (and not just in terms of looks, or what I’d personally find attractive, I’m trying to think objectively). However, I have no way to know if perhaps it’s just that most men on Tinder in my area are not very attractive! I would hazard a guess that my elo was probably not good before resetting, because I was very inconsistent about using Tinder and when I was using it I was being very picky and swiping a lot but swiping right to very few people, and I would never message someone first. My number of matches is increasing now. I’ve been very liberal with the right swipes since resetting and following your advice for how to have a good elo. Thanks.

    • Cool, I’m glad things are picking up again. That should also serve to give others hope that they can actually improve their tanked score 🙂

  16. So does all of this mean that anyone that has purchased Gold and goes to restore purchase will be remembered and shadowbanned even with a new Tinder account?

    • It does, though not necessarily shadowbanned. Might be *just* reduced visibility. Not everyone has the same experience.

  17. I tried everything you an possibly think of. new phone,new number,new facebook account,new email address !! nothing works !!! THIS HAS TO BE A BUG on their side although i asked a friend of mine who works with app development and he said that sometimes it can be a bug in the operating system of the phone we use that makes an app misbehave and hence why so many iphone users are having problems as the new IOS12 is shit !!! last week with the new updated i created a new acount (linked with old facebook and old number) and it worked for TWO days and then back to being invisible and not getting any matches !!

  18. Is there any clear evidence Tinder tracks by Google Account? I have seen some people say it does and others say it doesn’t. I have an alternate phone number but would love to restore my gold purchase rather than having to install tinder via a new google account and buy Gold again there.

    • It does seem that way to me, based on being able to reset, get more matches than usual as expected, then restore purchase, followed by complete silence, no more matches.

  19. I noticed something interesting. I signed up with a phone number associated with a Facebook profile Tinder account that had been banned previously because of TOS violations (supposedly…I didn’t do anything I that recall).

    Anyway, it let me sign up. I got a few matches. About a week later, I bought some boosts and notice about 10 matches came in. Then, in about 5 minutes, they all disappeared except two profiles. And I realized that I had matched with those two profiles in the past, a few months ago when I was on Tinder before being banned.

    So, it looks to me like I was kind of shadowbanned because those matches disappeared. Then I logged out and tried to log back in using the same phone number, and it told me I was banned. It was very odd.

    I disputed the charges for boosts with my credit card company. Tinder should not be charging for boosts if they literally will not work because of their own secret policies, and the customer has no way of knowing that they won’t work.

  20. After my experience today I would strongly advise people not attempt a reset! I followed all your instructions to do a reset, using a fresh Facebook account, phone number and photos. I did not use a new device, and some of the time I’ve been connected to my home wifi. I am guessing those last 2 things are more important than believed. At first I kept getting stuck on the SMS verification part as I just wouldn’t receive the text, even though it said it had been sent. A warning to anyone thinking of using their landline: there was no option to have it call me and give me the code by voice; I don’t know if perhaps that’s new, because the reset guide says that you can do that. I then tried setting up my account on my computer on the Tinder website, getting an error message at the SMS verification point initially, then it finally worked. I went and logged in on my phone and so far I have not gotten a single match. I will post an update if that changes. I am an attractive woman and normally match with a high percentage of men I swipe right on, now nothing. I can only conclude that I am not being shown to them. The reason I reset my account was that I had been on Tinder for years and wanted to be able to go through everyone I’d noped in the past, but at this point I think it’s done more harm than good. I wish Tinder would at least be transparent about their no reset rule and give you a message rather than secretly punishing you. It would also be nice if they warned you in advance, how hard would that be? Say, when you are deleting the app?

    • Hi Jennifer. Sorry to hear resetting didn’t work for you. Yes, it’s not easy anymore.

      It might be the device and home wifi, though I doubt that for the moment (more on why later). Did you also use a new google or apple account (and log off the old one)? That’s the main culprit I believe.

      I just did another reset yesterday and though I’ve seen better results in the past, I am still getting matches. What’s true though is that the “call me” option doesn’t work anymore and thereby landlines are no longer an option. At least for now. Knowing Tinder, this may as well be a bug.

      And I agree Tinder should just make their rules public if they want people to follow them. Unless they want to weed out the part of the population that might otherwise be inclined to act improperly in their eyes, that is.

      • Thank you. It’s so frustrating because by the time you realize you would’ve been better off sticking with the old account, it’s not like you can go backwards. And now I’ve sacrificed my second phone number.

        I didn’t get a new Apple ID because I thought you meant I only needed to do that if I subscribed to Tinder Plus/Gold. I’ve only ever had the free version.

        I can’t help but think that covertly weeding out someone like me, who reset their Tinder once in a period of years, is more about trying to get people to pay for Tinder than keeping out spammers. I bet a paid reset feature is coming soon like you predicted. But yes, I do also think they keep some rules secret because if they were transparent then some people would just get better at circumventing them.

        • I understand your frustration. I do get the feeling resets are harder for apple users for some reason. At least for android, using a new google account was only necessary if you subscribed. That, or it really is down to the wifi or device (which would also appear to be an apple-only issue).

          • Update: I now have a couple matches, so I’m not completely invisible. I suspect maybe I just have a very low elo and didn’t get the usual noob boost.

          • Are the people you’re seeing generally attractive? because that would indicate a normal (or good) score, but reduced visibility (as punishment).

    • If you only care about the boosts, it’s not worth it, no. To me, however, boosts are the least Plus has to offer. I don’t want to use Tinder without Rewind and Passport, for example.

  21. Thanks for the reply

    I will be doing this tomorrow, fingers crossed!, hoping for the best and expecting the worst

    Last question, so lets assume somehow this reset method didn’t work, and i decided to log into my original tinder account with my original Facebook account using my new apple ID

    Will tinder Ban me or something?

    • That’s a healthy attitude. Let us know how it turned out 🙂

      Honestly, I don’t know what would happen. No, I highly doubt you’d get banned. If you don’t have a running subscription, Tinder probably won’t even notice. If you do, maybe your score would get ported and/or lowered.

  22. Hello SwipeHelper

    Regarding the reset procedure for Apple users

    1) I made a new facebook account with a new outlook email

    2) I got a new number from a new sim card interested in another phone which has never been used with tinder before, so will be using that new number when asked to provide a number

    3) I got a new iPhone and created a new Apple ID (will tinder remember me if I buy Tinder gold through my old bank card details?)

    4) When creating a new tinder profile I will be using a public Wifi like a campus or work Wifi (does that mean I always have to be using a different wifi everytime I use Tinder?)

    5) I will not link my Instagram or Spotify, only mention it in my Bio

    Am I doing all the steps correctly here?


    • Yes, I believe with all these precautions, the reset should work. If not, something eerie is going on. Though I would try to use new pictures too.

      3) Only with the desktop version, where you have to provide card details directly

      4) No, only when you create a new account.

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