Have you ever wanted to swipe on university students exclusively, but the best you could manage was to limit your search to one mile around campus? If so, you might appreciate Tinder’s new free feature:

Tinder U – University Boogaloo


It seems we have come full circle in a way. In 2003, Mark “The Zucc” Zuckerberg started Facebook to creep on and date his fellow students, allegedly. 15 years later, the whole world’s parents and grandparents are using the platform to share personal information with ad companies and governments.

Conversely, five years ago, Tinder launched and quickly became the (western) world’s favorite dating app. Now, they have announced Tinder U to finally realize The Zucc’s alleged vision: An app to make dating your fellow students easier. But how does it work and who can use it?


Tinder U fact sheet (F.A.Q.)

Who can use Tinder U?

  • Let’s get this one out of the way first. As you may be relieved (or disappointed) to read, only University students at 4-year, accredited U.S. schools are eligible to use the feature.
  • The ‘U’ in ‘Tinder U’ does not stand for ‘Underage’ so you still need to be 18 or older, just with regular Tinder. (Originally, Tinder was 16+).
  • Currently, only iOS users will get the update. Once that changes, this post will be updated.


How does it work?

  1. While using Tinder on campus, you may get invited to join Tinder U. There does not currently seem to be a way to actively join up.
  2. Provide you .edu email address and verify.

Now, you should notice switch with a red ‘U’ symbol atop your swipe interface, allowing you to toggle between Tinder U and regular old Tinder.

While using Tinder U, you will only see fellow students from your, and/or neighboring Universities.


Tinder U – Is It for YOU?

As I am not a University Student, I cannot review the feature myself. Assuming it all works as described tough, it really all comes down to whether you want to specifically target fellow students on Tinder. Just remember that contrary to other (premium) features, they will definitely know you chose to narrow your search, as they did the same.

If that all works for you, go nuts and come back to tell us about your experience!

On that note, if you have thoughts to share, please leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. See you there 🙂