1. Tinder now (from my point of view ) is just a total scam. Im getting zero matches after weeks and weeks with new profile resets.. (Except the token fake match in the first 2 hours, every time, over and over). What is written here is an accurate model of how this company now works. The more frustrated people get with this app the more they will use it and the more chances they will give in and pay money. They do not give one shit about “connecting” people. They stop the connections. Would the pharmaceutical companies make mony from healthy people? No. They want your cold cash.

    Read the reviews on the app store or play store. This company has a real integral problems. Also so obviously faking 5 star reviews. I even read threats on employees family members.

    This app is about sex. Its a difficult thing to shake. That is at the very center of human nature. With that in mind tinder manipulate their users psychologicaly and emotionaly to gain a buck. Some call it business, I call it abuse. Worse then Mcdonalds, worse than the tabaco giants. This company is cancer to millions of people and it eats them.

    I also find it hard to digest that after so many complaints about customers losing money after paying for subscriptions then being banned for no reason that Apple or Google dont do a thing about it.

    • I agree that some of their practices can appear shady, but I do think you’re going a bit overboard with the analogies.

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