1. If I connect my tinder account trough phone number without FB, and now i want to buy a new device, all the matches will be their when I will install the app at the new device?

  2. Hi,

    My account just logged me out and when I’ve tried to log back in using the same phone number it’s asking me to create a new account? I have not linked my Facebook account and only my phone number so why is it asking me to create a new account when I’m just trying to log back in?


  3. 1. Is there any difference by signing up for a new account via browser or via mobile App?

    2. I never receive a confirmation/registration Email, no matter which Emailprovider (like ProtonMail..).
    I can edit the address, but and it says that the confirmation message is on the way but never arrive). Is that normal?

  4. Hey, I logged into Tinder online on my old account. Succesfully reset my account, and logged into tinder on my PC again but I’ve got the idea that it remembers my old account? New likes skyrocketed after the reset but now after a day, nobody seems to be liking me. Could this be a thing or is this just me?

  5. Hi. I recently lost my Tinder account – error 40303. Apparently this means I’ve been banned for ‘misuse’. I guess everyone must plead their innocence in these scenarios, but I’ve genuinely never written anything even possibly offensive to anyone.

    I’ve had the account for over three years, and it’s linked to my Facebook account and my phone number, but a couple of days ago I made a stupid mistake, and I think that might be what has resulted in my ban. I tried to set up a secondary Facebook account to keep my personal artwork separate. With hindsight, a bad idea, I know, especially as I attached my phone number when asked to verify this new Facebook account (a phone number already attached to both my existing Facebook account and my Tinder account). Later, when I tried to log in to Tinder (web), I was asked to verify my account with my phone number – I did so, without thinking that my phone number, and probably my IP too, are now attached to this (still pending) secondary Facebook account. Needless to say, Tinder kicked me out and won’t let me back in. This goes for the app on my phone too.

    I’ve emailed Tinder support and get nothing but the standard template response, so I’m wondering what I can do to get Tinder back. I accept that I can probably kiss my existing matches goodbye.

    Is the ban likely only linked to my current phone number? If so, will changing my phone number and creating a new Tinder account using only that phone number work? Will there still be some crossover with my actual iPhone handset, or am I just being paranoid… 🙂

    Any advice/assistance would be massively appreciated – and thanks for reading!

    • If you cannot log in at all anymore, that means you can’t delete your old account. This in itself should be a violation of data privacy law on Tinder’s end (you have to be able to delete your account and data), but that doesn’t help us at the moment.

      Yes, I think creating anew account with a new number is the only option, but at the moment resets aren’t working for a lot of people. You can read the relevant guide to give yourself the best chance.

      • Thanks for the reply. So, I’ve bought a second SIM card to create a new account with a new number, but I’m worried that my old Tinder account will cause problems down the line – especially as I can’t even log into it anymore to delete it. Is there anything I can do about that? Anything that I should delete from my iPhone or existing Facebook account before attempting to create a new Tinder account (obviously not linked to Facebook)? Maybe I should remind Tinder about their possible violation of data privacy law? 🙂 Or maybe it’s just a case of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best…

        Thanks again for you help!

        • Still having your old account up and running could actually be beneficial in ensuring your new account is seen as separate. If you followed all the precautions in the reset guide, all you can do is cross your fingers.

  6. I deleted my profile/Android App two days ago. Today I could log in through my same email address but it showed two different pictures of mine that weren’t the ones I was using. How can my profile still be live with different pictures if I deleted the app/account/profile day before yesterday. Any help would be mush appreciated considering that my relationship is on the brink of a breakdown. Gf thinks that I am such a low life that I actually created a new profile yesterday and accessed Tinder on a browser after deleting the account day before yesterday. I am genuinely helpless and can not explain this.

    • Well did you delete the app, or the profile? That’s a big difference. As for the different pictures, I cannot offer an explanation.

  7. Hi, when I log in with phone number, which recently happens very often (dont know why it asks for my number like 4 times a week) it says that there is a fee I have to pay for the message with a code which I receive from them. Do you know how much it is please?? I feel like they do this to get money for there messages from people:-/

  8. How to log out and delete the app? I cannot log in in tinder to get all my info deleted, as I am being asked to provide my phone number, which I refused to do. Anyone managed to do it? I’d rather be on bumble since they do not require phone number.

    • I am having the exact same problem. At this point, I don’t even care. I just want my information and account deleted, but I can’t do that because when I log in (on web page or app) it won’t let me do ANYTHING without first providing a phone number- which I am not willing to do.

  9. I’ve had an existing account for several months that was attached to a Facebook page. Now, when I open the app, it doesn’t take me to my account but rather to a page that says “Verify your phone”. I thought the whole phone number thing only applies if you are making a new account. Why are they forcing me to give them my number now if my page is already associated with Facebook?

  10. I can’t log in into tinder as I am being asked to provide a phone. There’s no way on earth I’ll be giving out my phone number when I logged in using my real facebook (what a stupid thing I’ve done), They collect enough information on people and make enough money out of misusing people info. SO is there a way on how to use tinder without giving out my phone? Otherwise, this app becomes worthless.

    • Facebook disabled my account because I dodn’t have a phone and tried to use an online sms receiver to verify my account. These sites have no right to my phone, location, contacts, or ID. You can fight this. I urge everyone to talk to your local congress and government about GDPR regulation. Now enforced across Europe, this regulation has stopped faceless corporate entities frim collecting, sharing and witholding user’s info. It’s a game changer for privacy, the end of “you must give us consent if you wish to use our services” and instead enforces site to allow you to opt out of sharing info. The fines for companies and sites that retain users personal information are in the millions of dollars.

      • I think this is a little misleading. Under the GDPR, they can still collect all info you provide to them freely. They just have to delete or provide it at your request. Nobody is forcing you to use Tinder, and they may demand a phone number for registering if they so choose.

  11. Are there no cons to logging in from your phone number? I have an anonymous FB, so will I retain anonymity if I put my number? No accessing contacts? Other people won’t be able to see my number?

    • Well you don’t really have a choice (anymore). You must provide your number anyway, you can just provide a FB account on top of it. But no, other people won’t see your number.

  12. I created a tinder account using my number only. Then one day it suddenly logged out my account. When I tried to login back, I can’t. Is there any possibilities for me to get back my old account? Help me 🙁

  13. Hi SH!:
    I’ve gotten in some sort of “death loop” with Tinder. When I hit “Log in with FB” it pops up “Tinder wants to use FB to sign in and when I hit continue it just pops up the same thing over and over. Trying to hit “log in with Phone Number” just takes me back to the same place! I e-mailed Tinder and they sent me a boiler-plate that was no help. is this common?? Isn’t there a way I can log in without FB? I can still access Tinder on my computer OK. Thanks!

    • Hi Gary

      Sorry, I have never encountered this particular bug. Maybe someone in the community can help? Try the subreddit too 🙂

  14. Hey!
    I created a profile via phone number and then another one in the same way unfortunately,just wanted to check what girls guys see there but now whatever I do can t go back to my original account.Does my original profile still exist and can o sign in somehow?

  15. Hi – I’ve encountered a new thing today whilst resetting my account. I receive the account kit code fine, then enter it only to receive the message ‘Oops! An error occurred while validating the token for text validation. Please try again.’.

    No amount of trying again yields different results. Any ideas?

  16. Even with a Facebook Fake Account I am ask for verification with my mobile number.

    So the infos here are outdated. You always need a mobile number

    • Yes, you are correct. For a while there you didn’t have to provide a mobile number anymore, now apparently it’s required again. The relevant sections will be updated shortly.

      • I have a real Facebook account connected to Tinder so the account is already created. But now when I open the app it asks me to verify my number and I really don’t want to do that.
        According to their help site, Tinder doesn’t currently allow for account recovery or changing the number associated with your account. They said they are working on it.
        But the problem with having a phone number associated with my account, personally, is that I’ve had to change numbers or cancel accounts if I’m spending time abroad and I won’t need it. I don’t want to have to create a new Tinder profile each time that happens.

        • Well I’m sorry Leena, but that is just the reality of things. You need a phone number to sign up and log in. Maybe that will change (again) in the future, but for now, it is what it is.

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