Maybe you matched with someone on Tinder or Bumble whose main picture you liked, and you’ve now opened their profile to go in for a closer look, or to find cues for your first message.

Or maybe you’re swiping and saw someone you might like, pending a closer inspection of the rest of their pictures and their bio.

Whatever the circumstance, you’re now faced with a blank space where their bio should be, and you’re contemplating how to proceed.

In this situation, many people just swipe left, or delete/ignore that match. Probably they would advise you to do the same thing, for any number of the following reasons. However, I feel they are wrong, and I’ll tell you why (and a bit later: what to do instead).

Reasons to ignore people with blank profiles (and why you should ignore those reasons instead)

They will probably put as much effort into the conversation as they did their profile

This may very well be true, and if you make the first step, you might find yourself bouncing witty banter off a wall. If they reply at all, that is.

However, I have not personally made this experience (often). Quite to the contrary, actually. In fact, many of my most stimulating and successful conversations and encounters have begun with staring at a blank bio. Often even featuring just one profile picture.

There is no way to start the conversation

Yes, it can be harder to come up with a first message if there is nothing relatable or interesting going on in their bio or pictures.

Or it can be easier, if you – like me – don’t believe referencing their profile to be the best way to start a conversation. What to do instead? I go into more detail on that in this guide on how to write the best first message. But the gist is: Don’t try so hard.

In any case, this just seems like a lazy excuse to me. Even a “Hi.” gives you a better chance than silence (usually).

They’re probably a bot

I’ve read this one often, though I never understood the reasoning. I guess it depends on location as much as anything, but in my experience, bots always have some sort of bio. Usually some silly “inspirational” quote.

Even if the bots where you live usually have blank bios, ignoring those profiles on that basis alone sounds like the recipe for a lot of false positives and missed opportunities to me.

Yes, there are definitely real people with empty bios. This is more true for women than men, to be frank, which is relevant because bots are more prevalent among female profiles as well.


So, if all those reasons are indeed invalid… what are some reasons to make the effort anyway?

What you should do when encountering a blank profile (in my opinion)

Obviously, you don’t want to swipe left on, or delete this person just because of their empty bio, or you wouldn’t be here.

As you know, I don’t think it’s a good idea to ignore these matches. It’s just wasted potential if you ask me. So what if they’re a bot, or a dud, or if you can’t compliment the cliff they’re doing yoga on top of, or the fact that they like [obscure band] too? You can still unmatch later, if they turn out like 99%* of your other matches (someone you’ll never meet).

* educated guess**

** made up number

But should you approach them the same way you would approach someone with a fully fleshed out bio, providing many insights and talking points? I think not. I mean, how could you? But also, I would not invest as much time into an opening message, or indeed thinking about whether it’s worth it. And you should not become emotionally invested in a match before meeting them anyway, if possible (exceptions apply).

My advice is to send them a low effort opener along the lines of “Hi [name], how’s it going?”, in the case of a match. Or, you may still employ what I advise in this guide about first messages. Definitely swipe right if in doubt. Maybe they’ll even message you first! Maybe the (following) message won’t even be about signing up for some communication method requiring credit cards!!

In any case, taking a few seconds to send such a message, or the exact same amount of time as swiping the other direction is a risk well worth taking, in my opinion and as mentioned, experience. Your mileage may vary.

What do you think? How do you usually react to blank bios? Do you have a differing opinion? Something to add? Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. We have cookies! And advice. And surveys. And stories (maybe yours?). See you there ?