Tinder Gold is not exactly cheap, so as a subscriber, it might come as a nasty surprise when you open the app and notice Tinder Gold has suddenly disappeared. Without a trace. It’s not just that the likes me feature is inaccessible, or that your subscription isn’t recognized. It’s that Gold and everything relating to it has just completely vanished.

If this has happened to you, and you are here looking for answers, then you are not alone. This new bug is being reported by many users and it appears to be completely random. It’s not following an update, it affects both android and iOS devices, and it even persists when installing an older version of Tinder.

Tinder Gold vanishes

So, what can you do to get Tinder Gold Back?

The bad news: The answer is… not much. You can contact Tinder support to complain, and you might demand a (partial) refund, as this paid service has stopped working. But as for getting it to work again, no successful tricks or workarounds are known so far.

The good news: The problem seems to usually resolve itself within a few hours. So if you can muster the patience, set Tinder aside and “check back later”. Ugh. Yes, I hate that type of answer to a tech problem too. But alas, there are no better (known) options at the moment.

Of course, you can continue using regular ol’ Tinder (Plus) in the meantime, and wait for the problem to disappear as inexplicably as it appeared within a few hours. Or, you could use this time to peruse the site and maybe find some tips to improve your profile. Have you read our guide on what kind of profile pictures to choose yet?


Are you also experiencing this bug? Have you found a solution, or reason? Feel free to leave a comment below, or visit the SwipeHelper Subreddit. We have cookies! And advice. And surveys. And stories (maybe yours?). See you there ?