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Testing for Tinder Gold has just begun in Argentina, Australia, Canada and Mexico a few days ago, so us users in other parts of the world didn’t expect to be able to subscribe any time soon, but as it turns out, you already can! At least if you’re an iPhone user in the US or UK, that is. Unfortunately, it looks like there is no such option for Android users yet.

There has not been any official word on a release and the last we heard from the good people of Tinder was the announcement for Tinder Gold, before testing began. So it is probably safe to say that the following method for signing up prematurely is likely either an oversight on Tinder’s behalf, or some sort of soft launch. Update: According to a customer support conversation, it is accidental. But for the moment it works, so here goes.

How to subscribe to Tinder Gold before the official release

You (probably) won’t see a prompt, or ad, or option to sign up in the app itself, but if you want to sign up before Tinder Gold is officially released in the USA or UK:

  1. If you downloaded Tinder through iTunes, go to your Apple ID.
  2. In the subscriptions section, you should see the option of subscribing to Tinder Gold, or to upgrade from Tinder Plus.
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

A couple of points:

  • If you already have a Plus subscription, you should get a refund on your remaining paid time and only pay the difference to Gold. This is not a guarantee, just what has been reported to me.
  • Tinder Gold is technically still in testing and some users report they see no change in their app after subscribing. Though in those cases, resetting their account and/or restoring the purchase actually fixed the problem. Again, this is no guarantee.
  • If you have a grandfathered in Plus subscription with 4 free boosts a month, you might lose that perk when switching to Gold and get knocked down to the now normal 1 free boost a month.

That is all for now. To stay up to date on Tinder Gold, check out this post, or keep an eye on the SwipeHelper Subreddit.

Do you have any news (or reviews) to share? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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Update, September 17th 2017: Tinder Gold has now been officially released, but I will leave this up as a workaround for those who cannot find a prompt to subscribe the normal way.