Tinder Gold a.k.a. “See Who Likes You” – Details, Cost and Release Date of the New Subscription Plan (as They Unveil)

On June 28th 2017, Tinder announced its new subscription plan “Tinder Gold”, calling it…

“[…] a members-only service, offering our most exclusive features: Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per day, one Boost per month, and more profile controls—as well as our new Likes You feature, so that you can see who likes you before you swipe. […]”

…so basically Tinder Plus, plus the new “Likes You” feature. There is obviously a high interest in- and demand for such a feature, as can be gleaned by the number of tricks and workarounds being posted and requested on the Tinder subreddit /r/tinder for example, as well as the previous popularity of now defunct companion apps that would tell a user who already liked them.

At least now we know why those (free) apps no longer work with the new API. It’s a bit like a game dev/publisher noticing a popular mod, copying it and releasing it as a paid DLC, while breaking the free mod.

The service will soon be tested in Argentina, Australia, Canada and Mexico so we will have to wait for reports from users of those countries for more details on how it works and whether it’s worth paying for.

Update, July 17th 2017: Testing has begun.

Update, September 17th 2017: Tinder Gold has been officially released worldwide. Some users report still being unable to sign up (the regular way) though. For them, this workaround might be of use.

Personally, I don’t quite understand and never understood why you would go through any trouble, let alone pay to find out who already liked you, because:

  • a) Swiping and getting/discovering matches is half the fun of using the app for me.
  • b) Knowing if somebody already liked me shouldn’t influence my decision on whether I want to talk to- / meet them i.e. whether I swipe right or left, so what’s the point?

But that’s my personal opinion and you may have good reasons why this function is worth it to you. I do get that it’s more efficient, for starters. The system could possibly also be gamed to increase your score within Tinder’s matching algorithm, but we’ll have to see.

So, without further ado, this post will contain all the info we currently have on Tinder Gold and will be updated as new bits and pieces come to light, until the new subscription model is released, at which point the information will become part of the Tinder Plus Features & Paid Boosts guide, though that will probably have to be renamed (again).

Tinder Gold Brief: What we know so far

What is Tinder Gold?

It appears to be another, higher tier of paid membership, offering one additional function over Tinder Plus. The “Likes You” feature shows you who already liked you in a list or separate page, cutting out the guesswork and allowing you to instantly match with anyone you want (within that list).

Update, July 17th 2017: According to one tester, this is how it works (as expected):

“I’ve used it, basically next to your matches that you haven’t spoken to, appears a new icon with # of likes underneath. If you tap on it, it opens a grid showing them [the people who liked you, that you haven’t swiped on yet], and you can then tap on their profiles, or left/right swipe them. […]”

How much does Tinder Gold cost?

That is as of yet unknown. Due to the nature of Tinder Gold, you can expect it to be more expensive than Tinder Plus, though it’s hard to say by how much.

Update, July 11th 2017: According to one Reddit user from the UK, who strangely already got the option to subscribe, the pricing for him is:

  • 1 Month – £ 7.49
  • 6 Months – £ 27.99
  • 12 Months – £ 41.99

Update, July 17th 2017: According to one Reddit user from the US, the prices in iTunes for an under 30 year old male are:

  • 1 Month – $ 14.99
  • 6 Months – $ 52.99
  • 12 Months – $ 82.99

Of course, the cost of Tinder Plus already depends on your age and location, so the price of gold will probably be variable as well.

How can I get it?

Tinder Gold will soon be tested in Argentina, Australia, Canada and Mexico, so if you are in one of those countries you may soon notice the option. Perhaps for free, though probably not as such a function might break the system if everyone uses it and gets used to it. Plus, they have to gauge how much people are willing to pay.

Update, July 17th 2017: Tinder Gold is now being tested in Argentina, Australia, Canada and Mexico, so if you are in one of those countries you may notice the option in the app store, or see advertisement for it within the app.

Users in both the US and UK have also reported seeing the option to subscribe, but once subscribed, there are no changes in the app yet. It’s like pre-ordering a game at this point.

Update, July 18th 2017: It turns out if you live in the US or UK, and use an iPhone, there’s already a way to subscribe and actually use Tinder Gold.

If you don’t live in one of the testing countries you will have to wait for the full release.

Update, September 17th 2017: Tinder Gold has been officially released worldwide. Some users report still being unable to sign up (the regular way) though. For them, this workaround might be of use.

Everyone else should see an option to upgrade within the app, much like the option to upgrade to Tinder Plus.

When will Tinder Gold be released?

That, along with whether it will ever be released at all, is also unclear at this time. It will depend on how the tests go, i.e. how popular it is and how well it works technically. Though at this moment, it looks like it’s already in a soft launch phase despite testing only just having begun.

See above.


As soon as more details surface, as well as user experiences from the testing countries come in, this post will be updated. Subscribe now to be notified, bookmark this page and check back later, or keep an eye on the SwipeHelper Subreddit for updates!

What is your opinion on this new feature? Do you live in a testing country and have new intel to share? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Don’t have Tinder (anymore)? Download the app from Google Play or iTunes! Unless of course the reason you don’t have it anymore is that you already found for whom you were looking, in which case congrats but what are you doing here? Shoo.

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  1. “According to newer information that I am currently testing, it appears that Tinder likes actually last about a month (now). This means the girls disappear from your gold queue after a month, but you can still match. You just have to swipe right on each other (again).” Thanks for the reply. So you said “You just have to swipe right on each other (again)” do you think she has to right swipe on me again? or since she already swiped right. i have to swipe right for us to match? thanks

    • okay….. thats kinda strange. kinda dumb if thats the way it is. because i still match to girls that are not on my likes list. Also i notice when they take the girls off the like list after 30 or so days. they still keep popping up when im swiping and we match. i almost never see the same girl pop up after i swipe no or yes. so i dont see how we could swipe to each other again.

  2. Hey tinder sent me a message at the beginnig of 2018 that said i had 3000+ plus girls right swipe for me in 2017. the tinder gold button always said i had 99+ likes. I had been contemplating on buying tinder gold for months and one day the tinder gold button said i had 25+ likes. So i bought tinder gold and i had like 50 something matches and i was kinda bummed that all my potential matches were gone. So after having it a month i started noticing the girls at the very bottom of my likes list were dissapearing one by one. day by day. why is this? these girls still show up when im swiping. they just are no longer on my likes list and i even match to girls while i’m swiping but there not on my likes list? is it possible all my matches are still out there and i just dont get to see them with tinder gold after a certain time goes by. thanks for any awnsers

    • According to newer information that I am currently testing, it appears that Tinder likes actually last about a month (now). This means the girls disappear from your gold queue after a month, but you can still match. You just have to swipe right on each other (again).

  3. Wthell 13.99 for 1month and 8.55 if buy for 6months.
    Is this for real. Greedy mtfckas.!
    No way normal person would cover this.
    Hope they will get hacked and deleted.

  4. There is no way in hell that I, or many other Tinder users, will pay for this shitload of unecessary features. The price they’re asking is astronomical – I doubt many dedicated users will pay for it. Tinder’s ease of use and straightforward approach was great, but no dating site is worth the price they’re asking. I guess nothing good lasts forever.

  5. Am I missing something? I have the free tinder, and when I go in the app, it shows a match, but they have the picture obscured so I can’t see the face. When I touch the pic/icon, I am immediately taken to the screen to buy the gold option. So, again, what am I missing? I assume the “tease” they show me is someone that swiped right on my pic/profile. Right?

  6. I’ve been using Tinder Gold for 2 weeks. I was in a different country and got about 3000 likes. That is very overwhelming and most got not swiped on. Neither like or nope. Now 2 weeks later, within a day the likes count went down by one thousand! My question, is there an expiration to the tinder gold dispay of likes? I’m going back in a few months and do not want to “loose” all those likes! I do not like to match that far ahead either. Has anyone experienced the same thing?

  7. Any word on an Android version? I saw that they had included some of the Tinder Gold wordage in an update on the Play Store. Then a later update which removed the group match feature and also removed the mention of Gold on the Play Store.

    • Unfortunately not so far, but Tinder’s android updates always lag behind, and then come out buggier than their favorite child.

  8. So, question.
    Do people who you match with through Tinder plus, see the same gold logo as you do?
    I mean, do they know you’re matched because of the Tinder plus service?
    Don’t think girls like a guy who pays a monthly fee for an online dating service?:p

  9. Well.. I won’t stop swiping. But to see who already has swiped the right way om me, may lead to that I see people I would have missed in my swipingprosess.

    Looking forward to find out if it starts from the Hold release-date, or Tinder is saving our likes from early stages of Tinderlife haha If so – I’ll never will drink and Tinder again haha

  10. As always tinder favoring the ups more and leaving android behind

    As for tinder gold, as always I’ve usually use a tinder comparing apps, and some usually come with the feature of auto liking, and checking out who already likes you, but did noticed there barely any on the google play store.(not surprising because Google’s been declaring tons of malware apps, even safe apps)

    There’s one I use atm , Its called ‘Spoofy- find love on tinder’ for android. it’s from the same developer that created tindr fire before google play dealeated for no reason.

    I’ve been using it for some weeks now,it’s alright

    Best not to share it on the official tinder reddit forum as tinder don’t allow/like third party services.

  11. Obiously, it doesnt make sense if everyone has tinder gold. But most people will stick to the free version. Those who pay will have an unknown advantage that allows them to get more matches. Tinder plus alone is a huge advantage with unlimited likes. But being able to see who liked you would be an even greater advantage. Because while everyone else has to swipe. You can just check in on you leisure and see if anyone you might be interested has swiped on you. Why go through countless profiles of people you are not interested in, to hopefully result in a match. When you could just check in and have guaranteed matches. If everyone had this option, the app would definitely suck. But most wont, making it much more convienient to those who do.

    • Hmm, I’d still swipe myself, because if you don’t you miss out on those who would only see your profile once you swipe right on them because otherwise you would be too far down their queue.

  12. The question I have is (and I’m amazed no one else seems to be asking this): Will people who I’ve swiped right on (before release of Tinder Gold) be able to see my like once they have become a ‘Gold’ user?

    This is serious as I’ve liked people I know whom I wouldn’t want to be informed unless we ‘match’ and then therefore am safe knowing that the feeling (or at least curiosity) is mutual. These can be people who I work with, friends of ex’s etc.

    That security of knowing you aren’t revealed unless you match is a fundamental aspect of Tinder and it seems strange that little thought has been made in potentially doing away with it.

    • That’s a great question, Jackson, and one that slipped my mind as well.

      It’s one of the things we will have to find out once testing starts, but I’ll keep it in mind. Should be relatively easy to find out.

      I’ll keep you posted!

  13. I agree with you, Fabio. Whether anyone else takes tinder seriously or not, I do. If there’s any way to make the process easier to match, then I’m all for it. I don’t think the brains at tinder would make such a thing if it was irrrelvant or useless.

    • *cough* Tinder Social *cough*

      Jokes aside, help me understand something: Are you going to stop swiping normally and just wait for “pre-approved” matches to show up? If not, how does it really make matching any easier? Will you swipe right on people you’re not really interested in just to get a match you might have otherwise not gotten? If yes, well you’ll be missing out on all the people who only see your profile after you’ve swiped right on them and been placed in their deck.

      I value efficiency very highly, but I guess my completionist nature is even stronger. Yes I purposely didn’t use the term FOMO.

  14. Haha you can tell whoever wrote this is a female user “I don’t see how seeing who liked you would influence your decision! That’s the fun of it!” No…the fun is to get matched quickly, it’s a dating app, not a video game. Why waste time unless you absolutely have to? I get it girls use it when they’re bored just to see “what’s out there” but majority of guys I know only date girls off Tinder and if we can save time and effort, hell, name the price and I will pay!

    If nothing really stood out from her profile or pictures and I just feel like hooking up, I might swipe right instead of left knowing it is a more solid lead.

    In other words, I won’t put in WORK to get a 6, but if it’s a freebie, I might take it.

    • Well that’s just like… your opinion, man. No, but seriously, thanks for your input. We are always quick to assume our personal opinion makes sense to the majority, so it’s good to get some different perspectives.

      But your intuition was wrong. I’m male and I actually always enjoyed the swiping process, judging whether or not I would want to talk to and maybe meet this person or not. Granted, I was never looking for hookups, but I still maintain that either I find someone attractive or not, and whether or not I know they find me attractive too doesn’t influence my desire to match with them.

      But I can see where you’re coming from.

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