I’m proud to announce that the SwipeHelper subreddit is now officially open for business! The community age may be confusing. The subreddit was set to private for a long time because after creating it, I didn’t have the time to actually manage a subreddit, so the opening was put on hold. After some inquiries about joining, I decided to open it up to the public after all.


This is the place for you if…

  • you have something to say about an article/guide on www.swipehelper.com, be it praise, criticism, or a typo report
  • you have questions about Tinder that aren’t answered in our unofficial F.A.Q. yet
  • you are looking for (online) dating advice, or have some to share
  • you want to share and/or read stories about online dating

This is not the place for you if…

  • you are looking to read or share PUA (pick up artist) material.
  • you want to share screenshots of tinder profiles or conversations. That’s what /r/tinder is all about.

Looking forward to your contributions. Be positive 🙂