When I created my first website ever (this one), it was born of a desire to spread my technical knowledge of Tinder in a better way than the reddit post I wrote first. After the unofficial Tinder F.A.Q., the posts on how the algorithm works and how to properly reset an account, and some additional guides on taking and selecting profile pictures, I had written everything I set out to write. It’s now been five months since I published my last post.

I have been working on my second website about nutrition data since then (FooDosage), and I planned to put most of my efforts into that one, as there is a massive amount of content I have in mind for it, whereas I don’t have any new (quality) ideas for SwipeHelper.

Meanwhile, SwipeHelper has become more popular than I imagined/hoped, and it seems foolish to “abandon” a booming site in favor of a new passion project. I had always planned to keep the guides up to date if things change, but now I’m thinking I also want to add new content. This is where you come in as a guest contributor.


Breakdown of Swipehelper.com as of September 17th 2017

Topic: Online Dating Advice. Currently very Tinder-centric, but advice for other apps/sites is very welcome, as are stories.

Established: November 2016.

Traffic: Currently ca. 80’000 to 100’000 views per month, about 95% of which originate from organic google traffic, about 80% from English speaking countries, and about 50% from the US. This is up from about 45’000 views in May.

What kind of content I’m looking for: F.A.Q.s for other dating sites and apps, such as OkCupid or Bumble. Articles, guides, or stories related to online dating. Preferably of a similar tone as the existing ones. I’m imagining guides on creating great profiles, on texting or the early stages of dating, or great stories that resulted from using dating websites and apps. Or maybe you have a great idea I haven’t considered yet.

What kind of content I’m NOT looking for: PUA material; “Tricks/hacks/exploits” that could be called unethical, against an app’s TOS, etc.; Any kind of content that would go against amazon affiliate or adsense guidelines; Offensive content etc. (The usual).

Desired Post length: Depending on the type of post (technical guide vs. story for example), a minimum of 300 words should do. Quality over quantity.

Frequency of posts: One-off, for starters. If my readers (and search engines) love your writing, an ongoing arrangement with weekly or monthly contributions is an option.

Deadline: There’s no real rush, and the offer/request stands indefinitely, but once we’ve reached an agreement, I’d be happy to receive the piece within roughly a week.

Remuneration: Due to SwipeHelper’s rising popularity, I am now in a position to offer a small fee for your writing up front, should I decide to publish. Depending on how well your article performs, we can discuss fees of 100 dollars or above per future post. Of course you will be free to include a backlink to your own site. Maybe in a little “about the author” box.

Originality: Ideally, this would be something you are going to write especially and exclusively for SwipeHelper. But if you have already written something you think would be a great fit, that is also an option. Caveat: Before publishing on my site, it would have to be deleted everywhere else. I don’t want google to think I’m plagiarizing content.

Next Steps

If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you either in the comments or in an email. Please tell me in brief about the piece you’d like to write/submit, and about the website you’d like to link to. If both are in line with the direction I’d like SwipeHelper to take, we’ll take it from there and discuss details.

If you are not interested, but have some suggestions (or criticism) for me, I’d love to hear those as well 🙂