In our guides on how to take good pictures of yourself, and how to select the right pictures, we go over many points of advice on how to look better in your Tinder pictures. But we left out one detail: The best way to look better in your pictures is to actually look better in real life. And the first step towards that goal, whether it be to become fitter, or just more healthy in general, is a healthy, optimal nutrition.

If the only things that interest you more than perfect nutrition are spreadsheets, numbers, and data in general, then I had you in mind when I made FooDosage!

I spent the past few months on creating and polishing a nutrition calculator in Excel, because I wanted to figure out my own personal optimal nutrition and I wasn’t completely satisfied with any of the solutions I found online. At first, it was only supposed to be for me, but having licked blood with my first ever website SwipeHelper, and having found out I really enjoy writing articles, I decided to modify it so it can produce results for everybody, not just my own parameters. Hence, the FooDosage Nutrition Calculator was born. It now forms the basis and backbone of, as I’m using it to compile most of the data needed for the articles on nutrients and their food sources.

You can see this is my new passion project, but if you’re a fan of SwipeHelper, don’t worry. I still diligently keep the site and guides up to date, and we will likely soon feature our first of many guest posts. So there will be new content, and a reason to subscribe 😉

Meanwhile, I’m working hard on making FooDosage the number one source of information on healthy nutrition!

I’m looking forward to seeing you as a returning reader of both SwipeHelper, and FooDosage 🙂