• They do, but not in the way you’re thinking. They use amazon’s services to figure out what is going on in an image, not to search for one face in a billion other images.

  1. I deleted my account back in early January but haven’t deleted access from my Facebook until yesterday. When will the 3 months (where it’s safe to recreate your account) be over?

  2. Hi swipehelper,
    I think you are missing some information they dont admit they use on tinder.
    I have created a new tinder – I used phone that tinder has never been installed at , got new Apple ID, got new email, used my sister phone number to create new facebook, used VPN to prevent IP adress tracking, and still I am shadowbanned.
    I unfortunatelly assume they use image recognition, there is no other explanation for this 🙁

  3. My recent experience: I think I’m shadowbanned, superlikes are not working, 0 matches and something interesting, Tinder Places has dissapeared for me.

    Had a log-in problem in november 2018 (facebook + tinder issue), lost prosperous matches so I had to start over, saddly. Made a noob reset, matches where pretty low in quantity and quality and I barely found 1 of my previous matches. Send her superlike but didn’t work so I chose deleting the app and set my mind.

    January reinstalled the app and the results where the same, very poor, so noob-deleted again, reinstalled but this time using an one-month tinder gold suscription. First day I got 68 likes, matched with 3, 1 worth.

    1 week later done the same noob-restart, but this time I had a lot of trouble getting the code, so I deleted the account many times. Got the code, but now I’m not being able to use Places and even the likes are null.

    Will try the old share profile and like with a new account+number+phone acording to this guide.

  4. What happens if I reset my account with a brand new, Tinder untouched mobile number but from an IP that can be foun in their system?

  5. Restarting with new FB + new phone number will work even if I’m using the same Google account in the device?

    I’m confused about how far goes the Google account tracking… I did not add any payment method, not purchased anything, no IG linked…. Only that I donwloaded the app from play store

    However I would like to reuse my pictures, is it risky?

    Thanks for everything

    • If you were not explicitly banned, then it has to. They leave open a justification for law enforcement reasons to keep your data longer. It’s a bit fishy.

  6. He Swipehelper,

    Last time I got a new phone number and facebook it did track me down somehow. I suspect it was the google play store account, for all my previous purchaches where still there on my “new” account.

    I’ve went to the phone store to change my number, tomorrow I’m going to put my phone back to factory settings to avoid device ID detection and make a new google play store account. Obviously I will be using a new facebook and email adress with it. I will do all of this at my school library, where I have a different IP. Will this work?


    • I suspect so, but you can leave out the factory reset. What Tinder stores as “phone ID” is your phone number not device ID. Just don’t restore your purchase and keep logged out of the old google account.

      • I don’t think they automatically retrieve your phone number, only if you explicityly tell them.

        Because I checked the Android app permissions and it is not there.

        Can you confirm?

  7. I’ve been using a “fake” facebook account for my Tinder for the last 4 months or so. My matches have dried up, and I’m looking to potentially resetting with newer photos. I went to retrieve my tinder account data from my “real” facebook account using the link you provided, but when I tried getting data from my “real” facebook account it says that my account was deleted. Since I haven’t used my “real” facebook account for my tinder for over 3 months, do you think it be safe now to use it for the reset? I’m just using basic tinder, with no gold subscription (although I used to have a gold subscription when I was using my “real” facebook account). Thanks!

    • Should be safe if they don’t have any data on it and it’s been deleted for over three months. The problem is they will go by your phone number, not facebook account. So if you use the same number, the reset probably won’t work.

          • I’m confused. Why no? Isn’t that what you said above? I’ve been using a “fake” fb for tinder for about half a year now. So based on what you said above (unless im mistaken), I could now use my old/actual fb once again for tinder as long as I use a phone number that i haven’t used before on tinder. Am i missing something?

          • Sorry, I was missing the context of the question and thought you meant using the same FB account as before. Yeah that should work.

  8. Great guide thankyou! One question – if I do the entire new sign up on the desktop version with a new phone number, and then once the account is created I login to it on my phone, would I need to be using a new apple ID? Or would I only need to use a new ID if I was to make any purchases? (in this instance could I just make any purchases on the desktop version anyway rather than creating a new ID?) I am a previous tinder plus user. Thankyou!

    • To be safe, you should get a new ID if you had subscriptions in the past, but certainly if you have a running subscription. Creating the account in the browser version and switching to your phone does not offer any benefits, but be aware that Tinder has a tendency to spazz out when logging into a “browser-account” from your phone, for example pictures might not load or changes not stick, or the bio just vanishing.

  9. So how confirmed is it about whether or not they track your old photos ? And is anything more than a mild cropping needed to get around it, short of using new pictures.

    • It’s not confirmed at all. Imo it’s the result of grasping at straws, trying to find a reason for not getting matches. The next step is attributing it to facial recognition.

  10. I think Tinder must have shadowbanned my account from a long period of inactivity. I dont get matches anymore. Ive tried resetting using new FB accounts/google voice numbers, but they dont seem to be working (not getting nooboost matches). One weird thing is that I switched to both men and women just to see if id get matches from the other gender, and I got a bunch of matches. What can I do?

  11. I just signed up for Tinder again yesterday, swiped until i had to wait 12 hours, then 12 hours later I kept swiping and i wasn’t running out so I swiped right like crazy trying to hit the limit, until it said “check back later for new people.” I thought it there was a glitch so I deleted my account, uninstalled the app, reinstalled and remade my account using the same phone number, and I think I got shadowbanned. I’d see the heart and the X buttons, but no pictures would show. I deleted my account and uninstalled the app again, going to wait a couple days and see. Do you think that’ll work? I’ve had an account with the same phone number before, a few months ago.

  12. Hello and thanks for the guide. You recommend using a different device and phone # to create your the new account, but do you have to keep using it on this phone afterwards?. If I use a friend’s phone to create the new Tinder account, can I then log into the new Tinder account on my OLD phone (using the new FB account) without risking getting “caught” and making the reset fail? Also, if my friend has his own Tinder account linked to his phone number, will this pose a problem?

    Thank you and good luck with the site 🙂

    • Different device may be overkill. I would just go with a different number first. But no, you can log in from any device after that.

  13. So how is it realistic to suggest you get a new phone number for a tinder reset?
    how do you even do that?
    just basically start a new life, new phone plan and tell all your friends and family to add your new number? doesnt seem realistic to me.

    • New life may be a bit of a hyperbole, and you don’t actually have to use this new number i.e. make it “your new number”. One option is buying a burner sim, but before you get there, you cold use your work phone, or friend’s number, etc. As mentioned, actually.

  14. After a big break, I decided to try Tinder again and as a surprise, the game is working fine again, even using the same Facebook account and phone. I also tried to recreate my account, several times, and NoobBoost works as expected. But I’ve noticed “people who liked you”, after some time, acts weird… For example, when I start the app, I have 10+ “likes”. So I just give an X to one person and then, it goes to 3+. Anyway, now I have to figure out how to deal with the ones who match me and don’t talk… 🙂

    • And now Tinder has another issue… In the last few days, we’ve got “Loops” here in my country, also more photos fields and the photo size increased. Ok, so after a while, I decided to reset my profile, adding 2 “loops”. Perfect! But then, after closing and reopening the app, the new features are gone! My loops became static photos and I can’t see profiles with these anymore. Do you have the same behavior in your country?

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