This archived post represents the original Tinder Account Reset guide, one of the founding posts of SwipeHelper. It is being preserved for sentimental reasons. To see how simple things used to be way back when, read on. See here for the up to date version.

Why would you want to reset (delete and recreate) your Tinder account?

  • Maybe you’ve thought of a vastly improved bio…

  • Maybe you’ve acquired superior photos of yourself…

  • Maybe you believe your account is malfunctioning, or you’ve been shadowbanned…

  • Maybe you’ve run out of people to swipe on in your area…

…and you want to try again. Recreating your account gives you another shot with the people who previously swiped left on you, and if you’re using a different main picture, chances are 99.9% won’t remember you. Also, you get about two days worth of NoobBoost while Tinder sets your ELO score (more on that later).


Proper procedure, to ensure Tinder itself doesn’t remember you from your last round (in which case you’ll be stuck with your old score and resulting visibility):

  1. In Tinder’s Settings page, select “Delete Account” and confirm.

  2. Uninstall the Tinder App.

  3. Go to your relevant Facebook Account’s Apps page, and remove (unlink) Tinder.

  4. Log out of Facebook and create a new Facebook account, using a new throwaway E-Mail address.

  5. Optional: Hand pick 100 likes you’d be happy about sharing with a match. Keep in mind some interests, especially activities such as “watching TV” or “driving” are not imported by Tinder.

  6. Reinstall Tinder.

  7. Make sure you’re logged into your new Tinder-Facebook account on your phone, or if you don’t use Facebook’s app, remember your new login details.

  8. Using your new Facebook account, open Tinder and create an account.

  9. Enjoy all the matches, but remember the count will drop severely again within the next few days.